Best Garmin Watch 2019 – GPS, Running, Triathlon, Cycling & More

➡ Fenix 5 Plus: (No Tax, excl. FL)
➡ Forerunner 935: (No Tax, excl. FL)

➡ FR 735XT (Amazon):

➡ FR 25 (Amazon):

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Best Garmin Watch 2019 – GPS, Running, Triathlon, Cycling & More. In this video, Jeff covers the Best Garmin GPS Watches on the market. Specifically, he discusses the best Garmin multisport watch for triathlons, the best Garmin watch for running and the best budget Garmin watch. Overall, he likes the Garmin Fenix 5 plus series of watches the best. It just provides the most flexibility. It’s a running watch, it’s a outdoor watch, a smartwatch and an activity tracker. Additionally, Jeff also likes the Garmin Forerunner 935, Forerunner 735 XT and Forerunner 25. Thanks for watching.

Best Garmin Watches 2019:

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Review:

Garmin Forerunner 935 Review:

Garmin Forerunner 735XT Review:

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus vs Apple Watch 3 Review:

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Vs 5X Vs 5S Review:

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Jude Rischpater says:

Love that t-shirt! What’s your favorite office episode? Also great video! Really helpful.

TheQuikMix says:

Tom Cooke?

Frederick Portillo says:

I got the fenix 5x plus… worth every penny!

Edgars Briedis says:

I’m looking for FR645. Is it true that its the best combination of smart and running watch? Tnx!

Te Toka says:

4 or 5 hundred dollars. Not much of a difference just 100 dollars lol

King Yurt says:

Legit think there’s no difference between 735 and 935 had 735 for years moved on to 935 in last few months and don’t think much of a difference

Himanshu Patel says:

Thank you very much @Rizknows, planning to get Forerunner 935 next week. Cheers

Sherri Andrews says:

One more question, can you use spotify with the Fenix 5 plus?

Álvaro Enríquez says:

Make a review of the polar vantage v

Sandy Murray says:

Vivoactiv 3

Matteo Ferrando says:

Review the Instiiiiinct

Adrian T. says:

FR 935 is the best for triathletes, runners and others too, especially if you don’t have a huge wrist. I tried Fenix 3 and also Fenix 5, but they are ten times less comfortable, both weight wise as well as the band that comes with it.
What I would totally not like on the 735xt is the heart rate sensor that just sticks out too much.
The FR935 /Fenix 5 on one’s have a flat profile.
Thanks me later. 😉

Anthonyf says:

Best for cycling and mountain biking?

audrey elsa says:

the cheapest watch is good for me lol)

Michael Park says:

Still using the 920xt here, don’t do triathlons anymore so use it just for running, still love it!

Donald Cutler says:

I’d probably go with the Garmin 735. Looks like a nice running watch that is affordable, plus it has wrist-based heart rate and it has more features than the 235 or the 35.

Ryguy83088 says:

The 935 lasts wayyyyy longer than 24 hours on a charge. With multiple workouts a week, mine will last 10-14 days with ease. Best watch around for the price.

Kevin J. Black says:

Nice shirt, I have the exact on in red that I bought at the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Airport !

Travis Silcox says:

Are you going to review the Garmin Tactix Charlie?

Aaron Avison says:

Is the forerunner 645 music worth the extra money than the vivoactive 3 music?

Ali Helmy says:

When are we getting a Garmin Instinct review? come on

Shah Rc says:

among the watches you reviewed, which ones do you think are the best displays, in the sense of clarity brightness

Alex W. E. says:

5s plus… Dudes wear it also. The plus is massive, doesn’t fit nicely under a shirt. Just saying

rendi paska says:

Is this plastic?

Jeff Selkowitz says:

I need a watch that tracks sea kayaking and pickleball is there one watch that can accurately track those activities. Any ideas?

Baguz Ariyanto W says:

I am use garmin fenix 5x plus… I like it.. and rigth now i want have garmin instinct… 🙁

Jayesh Gamit says:

Hello riz , I do only running cycling and swimming regularly. Do one half marathon in two months, weekly one to two km swimming and minimum 15 km cycling..
So I am confused between Garmin forerunner 645 without music and Garmin 735 xt??
Please help me. Should I go for sunnto ??
My budget is 400$

Baogar says:

I just got a good deal in my country. I ordered the orange band titanium fenix 5 plus for about $600. (Converted from euros)

Roopesh R says:


If possible can you have a short talk on the new Garmin instinct model. I am very much excited to hear the reviews about this model.


Llain McNamara says:

Do you get notifications from phone and ability to view and reply to texts?

Anhad Singha says:

Can you recommend the best simple watch for triathletes under 2000rs or 30$?
I just need maximum water resistance and need to look at time

Jake Sparrow says:

The video I’ve been looking for for ages! Great advice and reviews.

Angel Naranjo says:

Love the shirt

Olaf Does says:

I just got a vivoactive 3 and I’m nor sure whether to believe it: You can get from your phone either ‚All notifications‘, ‚Only Phonecalls‘ or ‚none‘. Can anyone please confirm this is a feature not a bug?

Simon Robin says:

I really liked the format of the video! Do you think you can do the same with Suunto? Or Polar? 🙂 Regards from Brussels, Belgium!

fahmi katab says:

Hi im new. What do you think about the garmin instinct?

Sherri Andrews says:

Hello, what is the difference between Glass and Sapphire options with the 5 Plus? Thank you for these reviews it is extremely helpful!

John jsmit says:

Question …. Im in the market for a new Garmin , whats the difference in Hardware between the 5X plus and the D2 Delta PX ?

Tracy Krznar says:

Love my Descent Mk1

DR. Music says:


Randy The Macho Man Savage says:

Does the mentioned battery life mean while using gps or is it the max battery life for any purpose?

Khathutshelo Nelukalo says:

Which watch will be good for a marathon runner between Garmin Instinct, Forerunner 735 xt and Polar Vantage M? I will appreciate your guidance.

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