Apple Watch Series 3 Review: Why I Left FitBit & got GPS over Cellular

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Lets talk about why I left FitBit and bought the Apple Watch Series 3. More importantly, why I thought the Cellular version was not worth the extra money. In this video i will break down the new features of the apple watch series 3 including:
1) Cellular connectivity 2) Biometric data: Resting Heart Rate 3) Elevation Altimeter, 4) Extended Battery Life 5) Increased Speed

Music by: Joakim Karud


Chicken Skit says:

7:04 is that a baby crying ?

dimdull says:

I like the LTE version because of the RED dot on the bezel…

DerekFizzey says:

That’s not true, watch can hear you perfectly with your hands down.

Maniac With Mop says:

I find the Apple Watch Series 3 non LTE charges pretty fast.

jalepeno89 says:

I went through 4 Fitbit Charge HR units in just over a year. When they said that I was “past warranty” even though 1 unit never lasted more than 4 months, I vowed to never again give Fitbit one cent of my money. This video spoke to me. Well done. I’ll be getting the Apple Watch 3 next week.

Thru Art says:

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Nike Band Dark Grey:
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Carl Matlock says:

The reason I got the LTE watch. So I can leave my phone in the truck. When I’m 30’-40’ in the air welding. Yeah I have dropped 2 iPhones plus. I have even melted the screen.

keishia mclendon says:

do you miss the challenges of the fitbit. i have the series 3 and i love it so far but cant seem to let go of my fitbit….wearing both 🙁

Akilleus says:

The ionic is not anywhere worth $300. I’ve returned the second one and am going with the Apple Watch. The software problems are a nightmare. I’ll pay $30 dollars more for a product that’s actually worth the price. The ionic, if it did what it’s actually supposed to do, without tedious resets/factory restets/bugs and flat out just not working, would still not be worth $300, no way.

Rosetta Malvese says:

I’ve had the Apple Watch since generation 0….I was an early adopter …. have also had the FitBit blaze which I loved and gave to a friend when I pre ordered the ionic…. the Apple Watch iOS 4 has finally caught up in the fitness capabilities . I always had to have a FitBit if I wanted detailed workout feedback. Now that I have the Apple series 3 GPS I really don’t feel the need for a FitBit . I do miss the sleep tracking and long battery life. The ionic I do not feel is worth it at the current price point!!! It’s a beta Watch at best with its App Store which is non existent. I’m going to be sending back my ionic for a refund . If you like FitBit the Blaze is still a great Watch and gives great smart watch notifications .

Sabrina Hill says:

I really like my s.3. It’s my first one. Not perfect, but better than I had expected.

Jack Estacio says:

I have the original Apple Watch (not to be confused with series 1), stainless steel, and I have not found a solid reason to upgrade even to the series 2. No real speed issue for me, I just don’t see myself leaving my phone even on runs (just in case of camera worthy moments) which means I bring gps with the phone.

When I do get money just lying around then yes I’ll consider getting a space gray nike + series 2 as my second pair just for aesthetics (casing color and Nike Watch faces) AND waterproofing is a huge bonus so I can track swims. Otherwise, I’m satisfied with just the OG watch

GeorgeValkenburg says:

Two big reasons for me and especially women to get cellular connectivity. 1) 911 with the push of a button! In todays crazy world, that’s huge. And the GPS will resend location every time your position changes. 2) 16 GB over 8GB. Double the space to laod alll my music and playlists…… ON THE WATCH!! 3) You don’t HAVE to turn on the LTE and you still get double the space for music, pics and apps!!

Marissa Reyes says:

I’m thinking about buying one but no one makes it clear enough for me , it’s possible to send texts WITHOUT getting the LTE version correct???? As long as I have my phone in my pocket or in close proximity, correct? But I cannot make calls unless I have LTE but text is on both GPS & GPS/cellular

Daniel Johns says:

Laster was pretty funny man but some of your puns are annoying lol. Calm down.

Samtaplet says:

Thinking of doing the same thing.

geek mee says:

Nice. Currently have series 1. Practical review. All the questions I had.

Storm Rider says:

I upgraded from the first gen (pre series 1), and the difference feels like going from iPhone 6 to the 8. One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s designed to do all these tasks and have all these features, in order to appeal to a much broader spectrum of consumer. Not all features are for everyone, and that’s the good part. You choose what features are important to you, and turn off the rest. I don’t use any of the heart monitor stuff, but the turn by turn directions are amazing when riding a motorcycle. Same with notifications, calls, Siri, complications, and utility. Stay frosty.

0 1 says:

I didn’t see it in the comments or the watch bands that you suggested. What is the watch band you are wearing in the video. I want that! lol thanks in advance.

John Ruggiero says:

does anyone know how accurate hr is when swimming? and is it viewable

Flameghost says:

This guy is going to be famous one day

Sandy Scott says:

Here’s why I left Fibit:  My first Surge started running out of battery power in a couple of days.  Replaced by the factory.  The Second simply died, they sent me a third.  The third one died.  They offered me a discount on one of the old watches, but would not offer me a discount on the new Ionic.  Also, rather than starting the warranty of the third watch from when they shipped it, they considered the warranty expiring when the warranty would have expired on the original purchase of the first Surge.

My Apple Series 3 Nike version arrives today according to tracking!  As an aside, I have also gone through to Garmin VivoSmart Plus watches.  Hopefully, things will be different with the Apple watch.

Sigor Ezz says:

This video is literally the only review where I have aha moments and agree with the subjective facts he says. It’s not bashing or anything but genuine feelings you can actually tell he experienced them with either product.

The last part “it could be a fashion statement, fitness tracker, or watch” is so true LOL

My Real Life Hobbies says:

Thanks for this video. Great work and now I know that I definatly wait for the next Apple watch 4.

reece casciano says:

I went through 10 Fitbit Until I finally gave up and got a G-Shock now I’m getting an Apple Watch.

Ruben Mancha says:

First video I have watched, and I already respect you bc of that old navy long sleeve

Donnell Battle says:

Great review learned a lot

Primetime Media says:

Thank you

Eric labar says:

So if you have the airbudz in can you answer the call through the airbudz

Jon Fuller Web Design says:

Can you sync blutooth headphones not just the Apple pods

Greg Carlisle says:

Me and my wife just bought the series 3 stainless steel 42mm and 38mm respectively! I also agree that it should be more of an informational tool! It seems like the progress on the watch for development is very slow and could be for good reason to keep people buying them and waiting! I find it aggravating that you cannot add more things to the Apple Watch face but I get it! It has to pull info from each app you specify for those particular sections and so not only will it suck more battery but takes up more resources! I would love to have a stock ticker with endless RSS feeds running on the same screen! Amuse me with all this money I just spent haha!

Michael Johnson says:

I’m an Apple Watch virgin, myself, having bought the 2 for a quarter of the retail price. I love the fitness and heart rate monitors as well as having a watch to tell time, instead of pulling my iPhone from my pocket all the time. I like it.

Chris. H says:

6:50 I just got my Apple Watch and I was worried but it didn’t do that? It’s on the latest watchOS

MDawn Z says:

Hey this video is every informative, but i have a question, I run a lot and I want to be able to listen to music while running with my watch. Would I be able to do that with just the gps or would I have to get the cellular version?

Caleb Bryant says:

Super entertaining video. Some good comedy here and there. Good stuff! *subscribed*

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