Apple Watch Series 3 Follow-Up Review (GPS, Non-LTE)

Wow do I love this thing! I didn’t even realize how much until I started working on this video. As a follow up to my initial Apple Watch Series 3 review (GPS, Non-LTE) I’ll take you through a day of use and how I interact with it starting with then I wake up, hit the treadmill and on from there.

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS:

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My camera:
My favorite prime lens:
My favorite zoom lens:
My drone:
My slider:
My main gimbal:
My phone gimbal:
My goto mic:
My XLR mic adapter:
My tripod:
My video head:
My travel video head:
My travel tripod:
My monopod:
My flexible tripod:
My mini tripod:
My studio lights:

My reclaimed wood desk:
My mango wood TV stand:
My bookcases:
My coffee table:
My white end table:
My Rug #1:
My Rug #2:
My smart lights:
My kinetic sculpture:
My standing desk:

My gaming TV:
My exact Xbox model:
My favorite Xbox controller:
My gaming headset:
My gaming chair:


amit gupta says:

Can u imsg with non cellular

Tom says:

Great video

Jose Palacios says:

Gear s3.way Better

David J Partida says:

LTE is the only way to go honestly.

Apple Watch World says:

When are we gonna collab man? Great video!

Mansur Nazarli says:

You can buy the LTE version and not activate it. So you can get any watch u want and not use LTE

César Manuel Mérida says:

loving the sticky animation full of color in the background! great video!

Richard Villarreal says:

Love all the music shown in the video social club!! KB!!!

Gio says:

Only reason I’m still holding back on one is the design, just not a huge fan of how thick it is, I’m waiting for Apple to reengineer the design and flatten the watch a bit, also not a fan of those huge bezels, they make the watch resemble those cheap Amazon “Apple watches” with those low resolution screens. Hopefully next year!

Andy Espinosa says:

I had a quick question sometimes when I use dictation it takes about 20 seconds to type the whole message is that common or is my watch faulty?

Yilun Lao says:

The speed of series 3 makes first generation feels so slow

Frank Saragoza says:

Misfits Social Club…Andy Mineo…great choice of music bro!

Rodney_Frm_1978 says:

My Starbucks takes able pay.

Michael’s Wild Life says:

Great video and great taste in music. Keep spreading the love brother.

don cross says:

The screen changing colors is mesmerizing. Didn’t hear half of what you said.. lol

irchili says:

Just watched your video to know that it unlocks your macbook and pings your phone. That is something I would definitely look forward too. It’s weird how i’ve been binge watching reviews and no one really mentions these little perks. +1sub. Thanks to your mentions, I might pick one up tomorrow but first I need to see if I’ll ever adapt the interface first since it seems abit…complicated

Arvind Singh Chauhan says:

Is it 38mm or 42mm watch you are using?

Orincy Whyte says:

Im getting one for Christmas, my mom wanted to get me the cellular version, I said it’s a huge waste of money. I ALWAYS have my phone and O dont use bluetooth headphones. Cant wait to get it, I’ve wanted one for some time now

Paris Rome says:

What is that spining thing in the background ???

Rishabh kadkol says:

Have you tried iMac Pro

Whatdoes that Does says:

Help! I just got the series 1 but can exchange it to the 3 in the next 6 days . Should I change it to the Series 3??? I seriously don’t know what to do?

Shaq Jones says:

I love your music choices!!!

vjfajardo0728 says:

Just bought an Apple Watch Non-LTE.

Add the AirPods, and it is perfect. Pairing everything just takes literally 5seconds!

FBI spy gadgets says:

Great video

BrentMil says:

Any luck on an apple watch sleep tracking app?

Daniel Ayon says:

Can you get txt message and send txt messages from your watch for only the gps???

Mr. Reanu Keeves says:

Hey man! Can you do a video of how the google maps updates with the series 3? And can it play Spotify?

Derek Jones says:

I upgraded from the series 1 to 3, I wear my Apple Watch Religiously

nycbike73 says:

Odd Starbucks in NYC takes apple pay

srbell67 says:

Do you regret not getting a stainless steel version bc of cost?

Jake B says:

Hi, potential Apple Watch buyer, I’ve read some reviews on the Apple Watch series 3 with lte when it first launched. I saw that people were very upset that the lte wasn’t working as it should. It was supposedly dropping calls or not even finding a signal or a very weak signal. Does anyone know if Apple has resolved these problems? Seems like Apple can never meet their release dates and end up releasing unfinished product lmao. Any help is appreciated!

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