Apple Watch 4 vs Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Review 2018 (Best GPS Watch Comparison)

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Apple Watch 4 vs Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Review 2018 (Best GPS Watch Comparison). In this video, Jeff covers the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus vs Apple Watch 4 comparison. In short, Jeff thinks the Garmin fenix 5 Plus is the better sport watch, while the Apple Watch 4 is the better smartwatch. In Jeff’s opinion, the Garmin fenix 5 gps watch is more rugged, has better battery life and has more performance features such as advanced running dynamics, physiological measurements and training effects. Lastly, the Garmin fenix 5 sportwatch has a native mapping system as well as a native golf app. The Apple Watch Series 4 smartwatch on the other hand is cheaper, has a cellular option and is better in terms of notifications, widgets and apps. We’ll see where these two fitness watches land on the list for the Best Smartwatch 2018 or Best GPS Watch 2018.

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TestAcc Solutions says:

hey rizknows, where’s your video of the new Garmin’s Instinct?

ron davis says:

I have to say I’m extremely disappointed with battery life from Series 4. I’m charging 2 times a day for 60-90 minutes of exercise a day. Fenix would handle that and I’d maybe charge it on the 4th or 5th day. The other factor for many will be the screen. Apple is crisp and vibrant and easy to read inside. The Fenix is not so easy to read inside almost forcing you to have backlight on with the wrist to wake backlight feature on.

Armand Suzette Muller says:

Like fitness tracking of wheelchair users ( I’am quad)

Brian Lancaster says:

Hands down apple all the way for its smart watch features!!

woogied2 says:

Great job very informttvf

Kadir Şen says:

I think Apple has more accurate sensors (heart rate, GPS etc), more comfortable and more smart features of course. But the battery life, not having always on display and disgusting design makes the fenix preferred device.

And i think Apple watch threatens Garmin because although fenix is a sport watch and Garmin is famous for it’s sport watches, Apple has more accurate heart rate sensor. The new sensor which is used on Vivosmart 4 has terrible heart rate performance. If Garmin doesn’t improve it, they will be the new Mio Global !

tha_realness says:

@RIZKNOWS: have you tried WorkOutDoors app for Apple Watch? It offers maps etc from the “fitness perspective” that you mention in your video — with LOTS of data.

macallandrinker says:

Fenix series has triathlon mode to track all 3 disciples and the transitions. So it’s easy for me. Fenix!

himanshu agnihotri says:

It’s not even worth comparing. Apple Watch for kids.. for better and serious business Garmin is the way.

Sidd Realz says:

You don’t know enough about the Apple Watch! Your info falls short. Sleep app do track REM sleep.

iman zaman says:

Apple it’s shit

Tsz Wang Chan says:

thanks RIZKNOWS! I have a fenix 5s plus and u know I thought the battery is quiet bad but now I see the AW is a lot worse.
Can you do a video of how to use the data collected for your training??

Matt Wingert says:

Sold my Apple Watch Series 2 for the Fenix 5 when it came out. Had the Fenix 5 for a year until the Apple Watch Series 4 came out. Sold the Fenix 5 and have had the Series 4 Nike + for a month or so. No regrets at all. The only thing I miss is the battery life. For me, everything else about the Apple Watch is superior from the looks and feel on my wrist to the beautiful color display. Fenix 5 looked so outdated with the display right out of the box. The Fenix 5 plus looks slightly better, but still no where close to the Apple Watch display.

Johnny knows says:

All your videos are the same. Always same watches. We get it you like garmin.

Quang Trần says:

Hey there! I watch your video regularly about smart watch and fitness tracker. Recently I’ve heard there’s a smart watch named Apex Coros, can you do a video about this smart watch?

dewey2007a says:

You should be comparing Nike + Apple watch 4 to Garmin

Ronan Griffin says:

I like fenix 5 because in my opinion its the best sport watch out there

charles lee says:

The Garmin Fenix 5 has all the needs of an athlete and has many functions. Garmin has come a long way in fitness trackers!!!

Mario Alfaro says:

I went with the Apple watch and regretted it. Here’s why: I run marathons, and if you’re playing music and running the Nike run app to track your pace and stats, the battery will only last about 4 hours or so. Second, the iWatch is touch screen. If you’re sweating and your fingers are wet, the screen is unresponsive. It’s a great everyday watch, not so much for serious running.

pmapires says:

This is a good review but very subjective to your personal taste. I would like your review to also focus on the quality and accuracy of both devices for running, cycling, swimming, thriatlon, and strenght training. Which watch has the best software, GPS and optical heart rate accuracy in each sport? This would help people to get to know both watches before taking the decision on which one to buy.

For example, I saw some reviews where the Apple watch simply crushes the super expensive Garmin watches on wrist heart rate accuracy and on gps accuracy in open water swimming. For pool swimming, Apple looks pretty solid even even with wrist heart rate monitoring. Conversely, GPS accuracy for running doesn’t look that great in the Apple watch while the Garmin watch looks pretty solid.

kiks ta says:

The app comparison just sticking to what it comes with is kind of bias and generalizing that 3rd party apps are trash pretty weak argument, the possibility of better apps are endless.example a 300 dolar premium for garmin i think dishing some bucks for a golf app to match garmins is fine.

SoCalDaveL says:

I’m sure I’d love the Apple Watch, BUT (and that’s a big but)… needing to take the watch off and charge it each night is a no-go. I have a Garmin Fenix 5X and charge it once a week. I could probably go longer, but it’s still maybe has 25% after a week’s use. Heading out for longer hikes w/ the scouts in the backcountry I don’t want to carry an additional battery charger to be sure my watch/GPS device is working. The Garmin just works. I’m in the minority though.

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