2018 Garmin Drivesmart 61 vs Tomtom GO 6200 on Motorway.

Garmin vs Tomtom


Marcus Bunce says:

Damn music too loud…

Yaniv Zion says:

Man was driving slow as hell in the left lane in the begining of the video

Robert Ely says:

I just purchased the Garmin 61 and so far working great however I’m noticing every time I speak a house number through the voice command for example (641 Smith Rd) it’ll come up 5743641 Smith Rd??? You run into this at all? Thank you

Justin Smith says:

I used a tom tom 100 . years ago and really liked it I have recently used a garmin and don’t like the fact you can’t have current time, eta, miles to destination all on at the same time where as on the tom tom you can that alone is a winner for me.

kosar mustafa says:

Why would you put such loud background music on otherwise great comparison !

Ray 1525 says:

There is a reason Garmin the the leader in the market. Will stick with Garmin until that changes.

Khoa Pham says:

At 1:57 you asked Tomtom to do a “2D view” for the route overview. Can you do that with Garmin ?

Águia Azul says:

– Para SEMPRE TomTom! (To FOREVER TomTom) 😉 o_

Bhaveash Manoraj says:

I’ve always been a TomTom user and did consider switching to a Garmin. one thing that really irritates me about the TomTom is there’s no information displayed for your next turn until one and a half miles from you turn. what road am I turning on to next which exit am I taking off the motorway this information should be displayed straight away like on the garmin. lots of useful information on the Garmin but doesnt display your arrival time. prefer the maps of the TomTom. thanks for the uploads how about a video of the Garmin in built-up areas.Garmin all the way….In real world scenario military,marine,helicopters,automotive,hiking trekking ALL used garmin ……Tom Tom is used only in auto industry and garmin is a yardstick to measure against ANY other sat nav devices…

Andy Garcia says:


Andy Garcia says:

Im getting a tomtom go 40 S tommorrow

Karina Cordair says:

Music, why??? Cannot hear the voice of GPS.

Maj G says:

You should review INRIX on app store free app store

Dan R says:

We had a TomTom that was fine until it changed the voice. No longer can pick one. The new one is awful. It keeps telling you to “keep left” at every off ramp. Doesn’t tell you to turn soon enough when you are going over 30mph. The reason we got a new one (Garmin) was it no longer took updates. It’s only a couple of years old.

Karim Sumar says:

Garmin wins. The clarity of the signpost resembles the ones in a real motorway. See 7mins and 40 seconds! It also clearly displays A20 Tonbridge, whilst TomTom err displays nothing! See at 8:00mins!
The display on Garmin is more modern and almost borderless than TomTom which is big bezels!

Ahmed Syed says:

I like and use Garmin DriveSmart 61 LMT-S
Thanks for the review.

☀️ Sunny Days ☀️ says:

TomTom because it’s colours are more vivid and sharper picture altogether.

Ben world says:

Garmin better than Tom tom

Jay Dee says:

Does the Garmin have automatic zoom in mode when nearing a junction or when slowing down? The Garmin is jerky.

Andi Leito says:

definetly tomtom wins

PC Gameplay says:

TomTom seems to run a lot smoother and looks cleaner. More polished looking. That’s one of the reasons i’m upgrading my 1340. Very laggy maps. Was gonna get one of those fast sd cards to see if that improved it but i’m getting this 61 instead. I hoped laggy maps were a thing of the past with these newer ones but it looks like they aren’t. Well except for TomTom that is by the looks of it. TomTom must have a better CPU. How smooth the TomTom looks is what i was expecting to get upgrading to this 61. Suppose maybe settings can be tweaked but i’d also expect it to run full detail with no lag by now like the TomTom is.

1ray234 says:

Has Garmin drivesmart 61 3D view?

The Hacks-By-Jack Channel says:

TomTom less jerky as others have said. Also it’s slightly faster with directions and route info and realtime info and distance. His makes all the difference in a real world situation where you only have very little time to change lanes or make a turn and every second count. Making it beng the difference of nice to use or a headache and frustration. I like the Garmin realview of exit signs and bigger screen but the color is awful and makes it look outdated. If the TomTom had a bigger screen and was edge to edge plus have realview that would be the best hands down. To me speed of unit is most important. What the point in good graphics or directions if they’re too slow to do any good and you constantly miss your turns and exits.

David Brocato says:

OH MY that Tom Tom looks really crappy! I have tried Tom Tom a couple of times and I’v always returned them in favor of a Garmin.

Raffaa Khalid says:

Garmin GPS device is the best. Thanks

dazzsa says:

I like the look and design of the Garmin

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Peter Goodger says:

If the music was just a little louder your voice would all be gone. I want the story not to listen to music, your loosing the message.

William Van Der Vleut says:

I had 3x Navman forget about it they are rubbish,  then I had 2 x Tomtom (G0 600 and G0 5200) which are great but only seem to last 1yr battery and other issues seem to happen after 1yr and in my opinion isn’t worth getting them fixed.  Just bought a Garmin to see what its like, I just would like to get more than 1yr out of it!

indrekpoiss says:

tomtom is simpler, better looking. garmin has too much information imo.

Perma Sylvester says:

Please stop the annoying background music.

Robert Ely says:

Oh wow. That was quick response I am running latest version but will check out that link. Thank you very much

bill2526 bill2526 says:

Garmin sucks asshole

Jessee Rousel says:

so basically Garmin has a better system and is more reliable but tomtom looks better? Lol it’s honestly a tough choice, cause I hate all the colors Garmin uses but I could see myself getting a bit turned around with tomtom

Ryteu Lopki says:

Which sat nav has better traffic/road info updates? How reliable are they?

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