2018 Garmin Drivesmart 61 review after 1 month 6000 miles

Review after one month of use.
Over 6000 miles done on road.

If you have any questions please comment.


MustangTogunner says:

Does the traffic feature work on battery mode or needs cable?

TheExStig says:

6000 miles in a month? It’s taken me 9 years to do 26,000 in my Mini R56

lacika1010 says:

What is the difference betwen Garmin DriveSmart 61 LMT-D and LMT-S ?? Witch one is better? Witch one to buy?

Chengmou Zhao says:

dude, u drive 6000+ mile for a month? that’s pretty crazy

BellipotensNYC says:

Thank you for this!

Юрий Давыдов says:

Your English is so bad… you must learn language before posting some here

Samina Jaffery says:

Can I use this navigation system in europe?

Batfox Babe says:

Why do people have to use a fake ironic accent to do these informational videos? Just talk intelligently, if you’re capable.

Tony S says:

Can I use voice commands WITHOUT a smart phone? Thanks

Malcom Quisumbing says:

Hi, I wonder if there is an option to avoid toll when finding route? thanks.

Zoya Spencer says:

Google maps. Free updates for life.

AlternativeDesign100 says:

when I say an address in “Exeter” on my Garmin voice command the damn thing EXITS!!!!! It cannot distinguish between the UK city of Exeter and Exit… so you cannot tell it to go to Exeter or anywhere in Exeter.

Raffaa Khalid says:

thanks 4 your short reviews. (:

Strepsiades14945 says:

Does it tell you if there is speed cameras on the route?

vasonar says:

Thanks for the nitty gritty info on Drivesmart 61

Carol Retz says:

How many destinations can you add to the trip planner?

Alain F. says:

Does it has a battery? How long does it last?

kottlu215 says:

I had a garmin before, but it wasn’t for me then. I tried to detour one of the flooding street on my route, but there’s no option for me to do so. I can’t manually omit the flooding street. It would only let me select the best other alternative route. Can you tell me if this Garmin allow you to omit the street that you don’t want to go to?

Ala'a Sparky says:

I like the big screen. And also I like it when it shows you almost a real time picture of the exit you are supposed to take. But honestly I feel like tomtom is a bit smoother as a software. What do you thing? I mean you can see in garmin that it lags a little bit on turns….

robin Hooper says:

vry good review again

ar ga says:

I have bought this satnav and it is rrubish. It will take you to dead ends, foot paths, private roads, not be able to catch up with you in town, loose your possition for minutes at a time. Have a blank screen with no maps on it. Make you drive 5 miles to your destination despite you being 300 yards from it. Make you drive on to a service road then join the main road again. This satnav can not be trusted. It is not ready yet and should not be sold.

mike h says:

So now in your own opinion which truck sat nav is best one ;)?

Amr Al Khalili says:

If I buy this navigation ( GARMIN DRIVESMART EUROPE 61 ) and I want to add other Lifetime maps ( america , or middle east ) is it possible ?

Thank You for the video

mark richardson says:

Great review, does this Sat Nav have “3D buildings” when your driving on the map? Thanks.

Cosetta Frola says:

Hi there! I appreciate your videos and reviews about sat nav very much. thank you!! i am trying to decide which one to buy and i like very much the tomtom go 520/620, however after having watched all your videos I am appreciating the garmin drivesmart much more than before. Could you give me an advice? I would like to take the drivesmart because it has a lot of options and the possibility to have the POI displayed on the map during the route is really great, and all the features you’ve shown…but i am not sure if the drivesmart 51 is big enough or the 61 too big..i will use it for holiday trips but also once or twice a week for my job, and I live in Italy. however maybe if you don’t use it almost everyday the garmin 61 is too big.. Sorry for my english and thanks a lot Cosetta

မ်ိုးျကိး Huawel says:


Israa Ashi says:

thank you

Drone Views says:

Build-in Vee-Fee…

Jhon Gia says:

nice video!

Warren Malone says:

Thank you for your videos of TomTom and Garmin. Can you get Traffic updates without the Traffic USB cable. I want to use via bluetooth/WiFI. I want this SatNAV but I want to use a Hardline USB cable directly to my car for always on changing.

Khaled Al Khodier says:

What’s the difference between DriveSmart 61 LMT-S and DriveSmart 61 LMT-D?

mopic312 says:

Im sorry dude, you aren’t giving a very accurate review on the product. as with all products it has it limits., you go over the basics but leave out the draw backs ; You are correct about the Phone bluetooth via the unit its really bad., Another problem wish if you only drive maybe 3 hours per day max, Might not show up. But for me who usually drives 7 plus hours a day., On very hot days the unit will heat up mainly due to the sun beating down on it., This will cause the unit to loose it mine. You will really noticed this when you use the 6.9″ screen since there is more area for the sun to hit. I’ve had the unit, loose it mind or just simply stop working unit I put it away and let it cool down., Like you, I’ve purchased mine about 1.5 months again and been using it since then.,

NOW let me not rain on your parade as the unit is outstanding with some drawbacks, I for one wouldn’t want to say I was unhappy I purchased it. NO, exactly the opposite. It does need a sunscreen shield to
throw off those rays however, but that’s with all GPS’s. My tomtom740xl does the same thing, the 61 LMT-6.69″ screen I’ve had a while did it also, thought it was broken until I realize it was the heat from the sun frying the back of the unit causing it to overheat.

The “UPAHEAD” feature is really nice as it will tell you what’s in the area in terms of things on your poi, like gas stations, ATMS, Food, Banks. etc.

The top of the unit as it displays a text of your next following objective., if you click on that you can get a text listing of each process in the route. At the end of the route it also tells you what side of the street your location is on, left or right.,

The one thing I’ve really liked about the 61 with wifi connections is its ability to keep the map update if you own that one, the drawback is you to have a car with wifi you really don’t drive around searching for unknown or unprotected wifi…

All in it NO matter which one you get from Garmin does a wonderful job depending on what features you want., Anyone who drives constantly for hours at a time or you UBER type drivers might want a unit that gives you as much hands free and useful information as possible., If you just need something to get you there correctly (mostly) then don’t get all those bells and whistles as you will never use it
even getting your text from your phone displayed on the screen is not wise in city/heavy traffic its a distraction especially if you receive sensitive text..

Just my thoughts, enjoy…


Jens Jensen says:

There is some product defect with bluetooth audio on this unit. I tested with two different units (thought the first one was defective) against two different iphones (6 and 7 plus). Remote caller hears lots of cutout and popping noises (sounds like intermittant snare drum in the background.)
The bluetooth audio quality is absolutely unusable. Such a shame – both units will be going back. Guess we’ll be keeping our old nuvi 2595, which still works ok.

Nelson Pereira says:

H20L Tech Which brand do you find to be more reliable, TomTom or Garmin? The reason I ask is because I had two TomTom Go 930’s fail on me many years ago and I haven’t bought another TomTom since. I have never had a problem with Garmin devices, but the TomTom’s are a little cheaper.

sue harmes says:

hi love your reviews,want to ask you how is Garmin re taking you down narrow country lanes as opposed to keeping to main roads,reason I guess all these roads have national speed limit which is impossible.Tom Tom 6100 keeps taking me down these roads even on fastest ,good luck

Meiszter Marius says:

Does it have truck navigation?

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