2018 Garmin Drivesmart 61 LMT-D review


mohammed oppal says:

Recently got one from Halfords- Lovely but its hates Motorways and always leads to to the side roads /country lanes. Very annoying. Did everything to cure this without luck

iamavery longpig says:

Hi Is that a truck sat nav where you can enter the truck details like height weight and width for low bridges and weight restrictions

Konrad Korus says:

Hey, does this nav supports polish language?

James Pitt says:

Why not install a sat Nav inside your car ? Also a reverse parking camera ? Much better then buying an expensive sat Nav and having it dangle from your windscreen. Not very beautiful.

sinan bagdad says:

Hi i have bought garmin and I think I have a problem, the battery is fully charged, and it only takes half an hour until the battery is empty again…..is that normally?? Thanks

searchlight22 says:

Hi H20LPALI,Great run-through, thank you.I have a DriveAssist50LMT. It does not record audio, something which disappointed me. In the event of a crash, recorded sounds may very well be important in many cases.I was also not happy that the Voice Command function will not work here in Eastern Canada. The Voice Control feature works but, that is not as useful as the Command function.Other than those two major complaints, I do admire the unit. The 5″ screen is an ideal size and the operation of the various features is quite intuitive. One more small issue; the camera lens is actually mounted on a gimbal, so, you can have the screen biased toward your line of sight but have the camera itself stay at 90 deg. That’s  a useful advantage. Yet, nowhere in the manual is this fact mentioned. I’m sure there will be a large percentage of owners that will never realize the camera can swing left and right.I’d also like to be able to choose the length of the record segments. My last Garmin let me set the clips in three lengths. It’s far easier to locate a section your looking for when the files are, say, three minutes long compared to 30 minutes long.Good luck with your travels

apollo13fly says:

is this navigator for camion (lorry)


Can we use it in India? Garmin is selling the old 5” models here(2014) I would prefer the the bigger screen….

JULIUS K says:

Oh god accent and the pronounciation… Killing me.

Hollanda1975 says:

I’ve had this navigation and it’s not bad. Really nice high res screen, good voice command and good maps. What I didn’t like is the cheap mounting kit. This really doesn’t work anymore after a few days, it becomes very difficult to take it off. Eventually went for TomTom Go 5200 with great mounting and built in sim for Traffic

Mike Mans says:

does it show one way streets ?

Bernardas Žičkus says:

it is car satnav/isnt it?

Shaun Moore says:

Wi fi not wiffy

Hi All says:

hi whats the diffrence with LMT61-D and LMT61-S ?

Vasiq Shair says:

My Garmin 2699 has an issue that it would always route through the backroads and avoid highways. It was so frustrating. Does this one have that problem too?

Bartłomiej Bugno says:

Kupiłem Garmin drivesmart 61LMT-D WiFi Europa. Było to moje trzecie z kolei urządzenie. Radość moja trwała jednak bardzo krótko. Po aktualizacji i po przetestowaniu trzeciego dnia urządzenie wróciło do sklepu. Jest to śmieć owinięty złotą folią. Tylko na odcinku tylko 6 km zaliczył aż 6 poważnych błędów! W sklepie dowiedziałem się, że jest coraz więcej reklamacji na nawigacje firmy Garmin, Komunikaty głosowe podaje z dużym opóźnieniem a nawet po przejechaniu np. skrzyżowania, na którym należało skręcić w prawo lub w lewo. Odległości podawane np.do skrzyżowania lub zjazdu z autostrady to koszmar. Do skrzyżowania miałem ok. 800 m a komunikat głosowy podaje, że za 1.500 m mam skręcić w lewo. Informacja o zjeździe z autostrady podawana jest na 20 – 50 m przed zjazdem gdy już nie ma możliwości zjazdu. Nawigacja wyznaczyła mi trasę przez skrzyżowanie, które jest rozkopane bo od ponad pół roku trwa na nim budowa ronda (wątpię w kilkukrotną aktualizację map w ciągu roku). Zaznaczyłem opcję o informowaniu strefy przy szkołach i przedszkolach. Pierwszy komunikat otrzymałem po ok. 1.200 m od minięcia szkoły a drugi ok. 800 m po minięciu przedszkola. Informacja o przekroczeniu dopuszczalnej prędkości pojawia się tylko na wyświetlaczu, bez komunikatu głosowego pomimo, że w opcjach zaznaczyłem 0 km przekroczenia.
Nie polecam urządzenia tej firmy.

Ameen Alaameri says:

Would you please tell if middle east maps included

tony edwards says:

Is this for truck use ?

Andy grove says:

Pile of crap only has a cigarette lighter power lead all 7 new vehicles we have do not have them only usb bout time they caught up with the times like TomTom who use USB and an adaptor to plug into the cigarette plug if you have one as most new cars do not have them

Aquaman says:

hello how not to have worry with your truck, because it is a GPS car ???
this answer can be very helpful, thanks

Criss Istrate says:

But this navigator its not for lorry its for smal car…

mopic312 says:

My thoughts on the NEW Garmin 61-6.9 screen LMT-S; $ 269.00 as of now as its a new release.

1) Got it from BEST buy, its now Tuesday, I purchased it on Wednesday Night., It has a lot of bells and whistles., But, let me get down to fact.,

1) Wifi MAP UPDATE, only good if your call has wifi that can be hooked/connected to the unit. At home, I use wifi and didn’t noticed anything when I had it on, it didn’t download any addition to the map, but that could be because I already updated it when I connected it to my computer.
2) As will all Garmin’s of this type 50/51/61 Turning the unit off is a pain as the only time I’ve noticed it charging was when I connected it while on or to my computer. When you turn it off while connected to the computer it goes to a black screen, instead of charging mode. When I turn it on and don’t go into the software on the computer, it go into charging mode. (silly)
3) After lets say, 5 days of using the until it started going crazy and dropping connections, then re connecting then point to places from hell. I figured something broke inside the until..
4) The smartlink is probably the biggest joke of them all as it allows their app to connect via blue tooth to your phone, either as a communication device or data device where as it send traffic data and other items to the until, but the COST is your data usage on the phone. If you’re not on a unlimited plan don’t use it often. As it will burn into your data, also by using it for 8 hours as I use it on the road it drains your phone unless you have it charging at the same time. The traffic report or conditions ahead is usually too late to be of any good anyway, by the time it tells you, you’re heading for trouble you are already in it..:) NOT too helpful.
5) the trip advisor should be remove as it offers nothing important or helpful waste of space
6) trip planner also is a waste of space as it won’t allow you to save routes as a selectable options. Based on how it works, you give it a continues route from one point to the next ; 1 to 2 to 3 to 4. in one move., Instead of I want to start here and go to 1, then I want to to from 1 to 2, 2 to 3, or 3 to 4 or 2 to 4.

I felt that the big screen was awesome, but didn’t need alot of the features in my line of work, and then when it went crazy on me, I decided to take it back and get 51 but ended up getting the 61 LM much cheaper.

Александр Блинов says:

А по городу проехать и показать не судьба !?


Słaby ten angielski 🙁 Lepiej po polsku jakbyś to zrobił.

Hasan Ejaz says:

Have you been able to get a case for this?

Kelvin Harrison says:

Thank you for showing this, I have just put my tom tom go 820 in for repair, I dont think it can be repaired, but we shall see, and if not, this Garmin is likely to be on my shopping list

Roger Diaz says:

Awesome GPS, and awesome accent lol.

Charles Fiero says:

This unit could be really good, but it takes up to 5 minutes to get a satellite lock and I live out of town where there are no tall buildings or mountains.

Grzegorz Jankowski says:

hi, can you tell me if it is possible to display more parameters than only speed and distance? In old garmin it was possible to change “cockpit” and have even 4 placeholders (and use it for example for attitude, arrival time) Thank in advance!

Eric Tobias says:

Thanks for sharing, you provided some great info here. Do you know if its possible to drop a pin on the map and get directions to it?

goran popovic says:

I have the same device but I can not choose Spain, France, Italy, Serbia, Croatia ….
Does anyone know why?

Khaled Al Khodier says:

What’s the difference between DriveSmart 61 LMT-S and DriveSmart 61 LMT-D?

Jason Baskerville says:

Do you have bad sun glare since its a glass display?

Linda Every says:

Hi, I have just bought Garmin Drivesmart 60 and I have been looking for vlogs like yours.. can you tell me if there is much difference between mine and your 61. If there isn’t then I can watch yours.

Fouad Al Hammal says:

Das Gerät geht für die Autos oder nur für LKW?!!!
hab gerade einen bestellt aber ich bin nicht ganz sicker was habe ich bestellt .ich meinte für was genu! .hat jemand einen Antwort . Vielen Dank im Voraus.

Alenbole 86 says:

Hi,i need a help,can someone help me,which one is better drivesmart 61lmt or older one nuvi 2797.tnx

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