Yuneec Typhoon 4K Drone Review

Companies like DJI, and Parrot are probably the best-known in terms of drone companies, but Yuneec has some pretty impressive models as well. Jack and Anthony take a look at their Typhoon model, which comes with a 4K camera stabilized on a stabilizing gimbal as well as some excellent auto-flying features.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Jack Sui
Writer: Anthony Chow
Editor: Barret Murdock


BlacksForTrump says:

I have purchased a few multi-rotors over the last few years.

DJI, 3D Robotics, Blade

Are there set restrictions on the max altitude? I don’t want another nanny quad with rules and restrictions built in to it that are not changeable.

Thank you.

Gergő Gáll says:

4K drone… holy fuck… WHY?

MSWindowsinside says:


Leonhard Bengs says:


Christopher Michael Spain says:

Fuck anti drone laws. Go freedom used responsibly! |)

Snozz Berries says:

damn. i just bought a Bebop 2.

Gibran Mahendra says:


Conner Madison says:

best looking quad by far

Ryuuken24 says:

The gopro isn’t sharp because the lens is poorly adjusted at infinity, so you get this muddy shots.

Reaperman4711 says:

Nice unnecessary gouge on ‘citizens of rural towns’ at the 4 second mark.

Steven Means says:

not true can be calibrated to go higher and farther then 400 feet

Michael Novak says:


Martin Dvorský says:

ba dum tsss

Brent Downey says:

Thanks NCIX. Appearently I just ordered the first Yuneec 4K kit from you guys!

kalef1234 says:

wow this one might actually be worth the money!

UncommonSenseUSA says:

What happens if you crash it on a lake? Just dry it off or is it done for?

ToTaL eclipse says:

IKT!!! CTFxC FTW!!!!!!!!!

Kevin H says:

That is AWESOME!

Dkm666Sr520 says:


Ken K. says:

Ha ha nice ‘unique’ review pardon the pun! Just subscribed and look forward to more. Happy Flying. GrampaKenCanada

luncent Cy says:

i want that one 😀

Martin Smolko says:

I wanna have just the camera wirh holder! Is it possible?

monkeh88 Entertainment says:

can it follow you automatically

robert Seecharran says:

Flown dji phantom 2 vision plus when i was 14 they are not that hard to fly just don’t try landing on your self

TheYoukoi says:


Marty Matherly says:

is the GPS built in or does it still need a smart phone to connect to it for the GPS capabilities

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