XK X300 F Long Flying Position Hold FPV Drone Review

This very long flying quadcopter includes a position hold system that allows it to hover motionless without pilot inputs. Also includes altitude hold and 5.8 Ghz FPV. Find it here https://goo.gl/uFv5PH and here is the cheaper WiFi version https://goo.gl/EUcE3T

– 2000mah battery gives it a very long flight time of over 15 minutes.
– Optical position hold in combination with an effective altitude hold systems provides an almost motionless hover. Good for new fliers trying to learn the basics of quadcopter control.
– 720p camera provides relatively good video. External add-on cameras are not really needed with this quadcopter.
– Includes 5.8 Ghz FPV transmitter and receiver. Provides relatively long range FPV video in excess of 100 meters.
– Although I didn’t fly it past its range limits, the transmitter also allowed flying out past 100 meters.
– Powerful brushed motors (I think that they’re Tarantula motors). Motors provided very sporty flying ability limited only by the altitude hold system (which unfortunately can’t be turned off).
– Also includes headless mode (and I apologize that I forgot to demonstrate it).

– The optical position hold works very when starting from a slow flight speed. But the position hold becomes less effective if the initial speed of the quadcopter is increased. It could “slide” quite a distance before slowing sufficiently to allow the position hold system to take over. Position hold also becomes less effective as altitude is increased, and is ineffective above 8 meters.
– Weighs more than 250 grams, will require FAA registration if flying in USA.
– It does have an automatic takeoff and landing button. Unfortunately mine did not appear to be operational.

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Ron Brown says:

Interesting Quad, but probably a little overpriced. Somewhat of a beginner Quad with room to grow.

Dab Cubing and Entertainment says:

can you review the call of Duty stunt drone?

Drone Racing Videos says:

you’re good, man!

DEE NICE says:

$93 on e-Bay free shipping


Nice review. Is there a version without FPV, like a 1080 or 720P camera that records onboard? Thanks for sharing. DJ Soul Force

Anonymous says:

Hi Mr. Quadcopter101, would you recommend me the XK X300 or the XK X252? And for what reasons? I looking for a better camera, and flight time. Thanks!

Talon Morris says:

Great vid interesting drone might look into it

jonathan kohl says:

Hey 101, I’m trying to decide between this drone and the bugs. Which would you suggest for fpv cruising around? I will be using my own all-in-one fpv camera on whichever one I get.

Alan Savage says:

Great video!!

RSmerlinRS says:

it looks like it has some nice features but also notable drawbacks

Super quad flyer says:

i seen this from about 4 months ago at geek buying or everything ?? i really liked it but their description was. mixed half said wifi and half said 5.8 lol I don’t want to wait 8 weeks and get wifi version

Jay Fpv says:

Another quad with no batteries, props, or other parts available. I would think that would be important to mention in the review. I’ve had a DM009 for months that was well rated in the review, but there are still no parts available.

Bill Somrak says:

Well, I’ll agree that it does fly well. Other than that, I would say that the manure in the video wasn’t only on the field. Proprietary battery (trying to make it look like a DJI LED system), a position hold that doesn’t work (sort of like that quad you reviewed that was supposed to have obstacle avoidance that didn’t work either), the 720P camera is “not amazing” and the video on the provided monitor is pretty poor .. and not all that much better in your goggles. So, I don’t think it’s worth the cost. You could buy a Bugs 3 for a lot less, and have a better flying quad (and it’s TX tells you when the battery is low so that it doesn’t land in a bad spot .. like a lake .. or when its getting out of range). I think some of the established manufacturers, like WLToys and Syma are producing a lot of “uninspiring new offerings”. This happens in the industry when you’ve been a leader for a while, and you get too comfortable as “lead dog” … sooner or later a competitor comes out with a product that blows yours away. Happens in many industries. BTW, I’ve seen other reviews of this one, so there were really no surprises for me. Thanks for your review .. sure envy your weather as I look out my window at snow and sub-freezing temperatures. Cheers.

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

“It’s usually new technology being tested out” Seems right from what I’ve seen in the past and with this one. At some point I expect this tech to appear both on cheaper drones and possibly in combination with basic GPS on more expensive ones.
Nice enough for what it is but the 5.8 FPV and the OS system bumps the price up 🙁

תמיר רגב says:


Stephen Merritt says:

Looks like you got a dud, other videos i’ve seen showed auto take off and landing working… and didn’t have that weird deal were it keeps going after you let off the sticks. and the video was really decent from the camera, not sure about the picture from the fpv

Jerry Berglund says:

Seems like you should press that auto launch-button for a cople of seconds. 🙂

skycarl says:

When going fast,,, the sensor only sees a blur. It can’t lock on to that. That’s why it works when you go slow.

Quinn Makkinje says:

4th xD

Rob Simpson says:

The parrot mini drones have optical positioning sensors aswell

Edwin Garcia says:

optical sensor is not made to stop the quad and never will it will hold position after you hold it in a position desired it’s not a gps of course. if you stop it it will try and hold. contrast is what it uses but takes time to find it. if you fly it knowing this much better result.

TragiX Gam3r says:

can you purchase this from amazon because this looks my ideal drone! Thanks for the awesome review! But please do let me know if you can find it on amazon because at the moment I don’t think it is.

Jon Alford says:

I think it’s way overpriced. For a bit more, you can get a far better quad

EpicMelonMan82 says:

the only time it actually is the morning he says good afternoon

John Wedrall says:

interesting video, thanks

Mason Persons says:


Kim Gardiner says:

Holly cow the video is terrible on it. Dark and choppy . Those are real fat looking short blades on it. Very plastic looking.

tomknack says:

I think you need to hover it where you want it, and then the position hold will keep it there, adjusting any drift from wind. I don’t think it’s intended to hold position when it’s moving forward through controller input.

Quadcopter 101 says:

You can buy it here https://goo.gl/uFv5PH
and here is the cheaper WiFi version https://goo.gl/EUcE3T

GrisDismation says:

Good review!

just drew says:

where can i buy rotors because i crashed mine by a strong wind and it flew away

Soulcommander says:

No dice Gearbest!

Fatih Oguz says:

210 dollar ???????? Wry expensive

Gareth Rogers says:

what are those Mountains in the background please?

Jerry Berglund says:

I think its the wind that maybe do that gliding away. I mean it seems like when you go against the wind, it has no problem breaking and hover, but not the other way around.

Drone FPV And Review says:

your vids are awsome!

lasersbee says:

$147USD Plus $28USD Shipping…. No brushless motors and no GPS or RTH….
I’ll pass…

Jenne F- Hain says:

720P?! never!!

Jackson Berga says:

Bought my first dji today!!:)

george aura says:

totally awesome

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