Xiaomi Mi Drone Review – Unboxing, Setup and Flight Test

Xiaomi Mi Drone Review with Unboxing, Setup and Flight Test:
00:28 Intro
01:16 Unboxing
03:27 Hardware (Drone, Camera, Remote)
06:32 Software and Setup
09:24 Flight test (auto take-off and landing, waypoint, circle, come home)
13:51 Image quality
14:42 Conclusions and recommendations

More details and photos: http://ibelieveintechnology.com/xiaomi-mi-drone-review-unboxing-setup-test/

Story/Camera/Editing: Sander Saar
Camera: Liis Rosenberg

Music Unboxing: Tim McMorris – Give Our Dreams Their Wings To Fly
Music Flight: Sound The Ocean – Free

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July 2016, London


Bitcoin Boss says:

Buy this drone for $299 at http://www.mibtc.store They are also having a raffle for free Mi Mix smartphone ends Feb 28th

JooArmando LifeDoc says:

sander where i can get the apk? thx

Raj Shirolkar says:

can you post the link to flight music?

Photogenic Ford says:

Price for this?

Cgit Einstens says:

i love drone too, it make me happy when im flying it

Zach Webb says:

Not entirely stable, but quite functional for a fraction of the price.

omar Farooque says:

what’s is the name of translator you have used in this video??

Cristian Quintero says:

Great video dude!! Thanks for the review.

Badrul Amin says:

what kind of apps you use to translate it?

Gurleen Singh says:

Iam from india how can i buy mi drone

Julis Suryadi says:

wow… that was a scary test dude x_x

Vekoro says:

The DJI Phantom 4 is still a lot better, but also more expensive of course.
For the price, the Xiaomi Drone is not bad.

I dont want to list all functions of the Phantom 4 now, but you all should watch the videos about it. Its so impressive and there is not the problem with “dont use this 2 functions, because the drone goes crazy if you do”.

To be fair, the Xiaomi functions should also work, because you paid for all functions.
Giving a tip for “do not use it”, is not really a reason to buy this product.

So i am out of this.

Kadalz Item says:

Why my camera cannot record video for long duration? Can you gelp me?

pablo123b says:

hi guys anyone recommend a7inch tablet that isn’t mega bucks that works with this drone? thanks from the UK

Александр Бонд says:

Good review! I want to buy it…before i see your review)))

Ncy _ says:

i hate when rich dumb dudes want to look smart by buying expensive high tech stuff

michal remix studio says:

what the fuck is wrong with ur face

Asparagus says:

2.5x more? Thats expensive

Gershon Dharmanandan says:

Its the same price as the Phantom 3 standard, which is much better if you are anywhere but China.

Silberner Surfer says:

what is the tested maximum range of the FPV and the control range?

Tim S says:

And Dji is 2 1/2 wait 20 times better then this drone crap

Richard Clark says:

This drone is a total farce unless you are in China. I was going to buy this but after seeing this video I would not touch this with a bargepole!

Andreas Loewe says:

My camera module of the Mi drone was broken.
Do anybody know where i can buy a camera module only?

Donas Dropas says:

how about more video footage samples?…. its not important is it? how many times you benn dropped on the head during childhood?

Alexandr Zatonsky says:

Where you got this t shirt? Are you russian?

bconnel86 says:

Does the Xiaomi Mi drone feature geofencing restrictions like the DJI Phantom? I tried emailing the manufacturer but didn’t get a response, and google produces nebulous results =/

Pietro Casadei says:

it’s on sale ?

Amal Jolly says:

How much?

john myers says:

This video was made last summer and has since been updated to an english version with bug fixes and maps. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover or in this case a first release version. Banggood has the 1080 and http://www.ebay.com/itm/Xiaomi-Mi-Drone-Wifi-FPV-With-4K-30fps-1080P-Camera-3-Axis-Gimbal-Quadcoptor-/122330245410?hash=item1c7b736922:g:ZFoAAOSwUKxYd8GK
has the 4k version. You can buy extra batteries for it on ebay or gearbest. Until the Chinese new year is over everything coming out of China is supply and demand since everything is closed. I’m sure they will be fully stocked Mid February. Here is a link to the website – http://www.mi.com/en/drone/

FPV Portugal says:

Flying in top of a roof is one of the worst places… All the metal and concrete gets the compass crazy… people should first understand how things work before trying this things…

Paul says:

Hi! From how far it’s WiFi FPV can transmite video? I’m from India and I’m planning to buy it for inspection of Oil Pipelines, will it work in range of 1km -2Km?

Iago Pereira says:

By high voltage I believe you ment high capacity, voltage: volts capacity/current: amps

jacek su says:


Maurizio Rosa Clot says:

hello sorry but how many kilometers goes away and how many meters in height goes?

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