XIAOMI MI Drone Review – Part 2 – [Flight Test, Pros & Cons + Bonus Range Testing]

Here’s Part 2 of my full review for the Xiaomi Mi Drone which you can find here at a discounted price: http://goo.gl/ftSDGg use coupon: MIDRONE for over $100 off!

English converted MI UAV app: http://en.miui.com/thread-306455-1-1.html

Check out part 1 for the Unbox, inspection and Setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddYJA7g0tJU


Jokin Auzmendi says:

Hello! After having used the drone for some time, how are you feeling with it? Have you had any problem? Would you recommend to buy it?

Thank you!

Peter Foster says:

I LOVE this video!! I really think you made GREAT points, and the fact you took time to be so detailed in your examination even taking the drone out TWICE the two rounds, with the use of the screw driver on the second round, It was just amazing. This is how every review should be. JUST LIKE THIS!! I LOVE drones, and so long videos like this, definitely are my favorite kind, but this has to be the BEST drone video on YouTube!

Anarchy1993 says:

This seems like so much wasted potential

Michael-Daniel says:

I have never had a drone but am looking to get my first one by December. One thing am sure of is am not buying this particular brand.

Arnold Harns says:

Super review sow it now 2 times ! thanxx but,
it’s not flying only in gps mode , you can fly it also in atti mode……….

Michał Chasczynski says:

in your film is 4k camera version?

pablo123b says:

which galaxy tab are you using Dustin? thanks

ShimShamFPV says:

Im watching this and kicking myself in the A for buying a Typhoon H. This drone has good steady video footage

Michael Gardner says:

I wish this drone can have Facebook live and YouTube live added onto the app! I’d buy immediately!

David Battle says:

Dustin, how does compare to the Phantom 3 Standard?

Adonis Caezar Oliquino says:

Hi Dustin, which one is better camera, 4k or 1080p? Any update on the issue of it’s gimbal getting tilted since you review this?

Will Brown says:

wow I have to get this drone… when does it come out?

David Battle says:

I really like the honesty in your reviews. Appreciate you not being swayed by gifts or anything. Thanks very much!

oilreg says:

did they fix the issues since you shot that video? …

Fred Samoluk says:

what is better parrot bebop 2 or xioami mi drone?

Luis D Cubero Ch says:

Link for the holder please

Glen Edwards says:

have you tried flying it with the Chinese app? I am wondering if the advanced features open up only when using the Chinese app…

but really, looking at gearbest.com right now, the price on this MI drone with 1080p camera is $645 and they also sell the Phantom 3 Standard for $450… why would anyone choose the MI over the P3S???

FakeCaptainGabriel Pilot says:

Hey there ! Could u do a video on how to download the English version of the UAV app

poo fotch says:

think it only goes 100m for 12 to 15 flights

Marnix Verschraegen says:

a lot of cameras have problems when you fly like hell.

I heard that you need to have several hours of flight time before the special functions are available …

panos1977 says:

Great vid! Thanx for the informations, i’m interesting for this model. Greetings from Greece!

Stevens Launay says:

Or have you bought your tablet bracket?
With you took a phantom model?

Drone Adventures says:

Hey Dustin, I noticed you tested the aircraft’s best altitude reduction speed by pushing the throttle all the way down. In the P3A (which I have) pushing the throttle all the way down for like 3 seconds cuts the motors. Now I know it’s only supposed to work when the air craft is not lowering or rising (based on the barometer I assume) but would you ever be nervous holding the throttle all the way down on a P3A? I still have not done it, instead I opt to go down very slow to avoid pulling the stick all the way down….just in case 🙂

Maurizio Rosa Clot says:

hello sorry but how many kilometers goes away and how many meters in height goes?

Sébastien Pleau says:

xiaomi drone vs bebop 2 vs phantom 3 standard
which is the better choice
thankyou 🙂

omar costa plaza says:

Hola Dustin, felicidades por tu canal, me gusta mucho.
Podrías poner enlaces de el soporte para la tablet para el mando del xiaomi y el parasol que tienes puesto???
Tengo el xiaomi y me interesa ese soporte para la tablet y el parasol, un saludo

House Hallett says:

Great video! Thanks!

Rosario La Mendola says:

Hello Dustin tablet support where did you get ?? you have a link ?? THANK YOU — HAPPY NEW YEAR

Dustin Dunnill says:

If anybody is interested in the MI http://goo.gl/ftSDGg use coupon: MIDRONE for over $100 off!

camping ter says:

Thanks for your video and only one question from the xiaomi application is it possible in English or only in Chinese? What is the difference of both? Greetings.

pablo123b says:

Hi great video can you put a link on for the bracket you used for the tablet holder? Thanks

pete piper says:

Hey Dustin, what was your max control range on the transmitter in this video? The website states it can get 3km which seems unrealistic compared to other drones in this price range. Also, you mentioned that you can’t adjust the altitude to more than 500m even if you wanted to through the software?

pablo123b says:

hi guys anyone recommend a7inch tablet that isn’t mega bucks that works with this drone? thanks from the UK

Robert Lee Miller says:

looks like several of us are REALLY interested in attaching our tablets to our transmitter… how about a video on that?!

ramg911 says:

Great video. Appreciate your efforts in doing a comprehensive in depth review. Thanks a lot

rmfotaru says:

hello did i win a xk x 350 from you? i think i erase that message regards roger

Rosario La Mendola says:

Hello Dustin tablet support where did you get ?? you have a link ?? THANK YOU — HAPPY NEW YEAR

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