XIAOMI MI Drone Review – Part 1 – [Unbox, Inspection & Setup]

Part 1 of my full review for the Xiaomi Mi Drone which you can find here at a discounted price: http://goo.gl/ftSDGg

English converted MI UAV app: http://en.miui.com/thread-306455-1-1.html

Coming soon In Part 2 I’ll do an in-depth flight test and put the MI Drone to the test. SUBSCRIBE and don’t miss it!


JohnieDSM says:

this is total shit for that price!:)) it should cost max 3

Bittergal Du Toit says:

do you live in the states and if so have you had problems with the maps?

Dustin Dunnill says:

If anyone is interested in the MI http://goo.gl/ftSDGg use coupon: MIDRONE for over $100 off!

djer in the house says:

Do apple work

SJM The Drone Flyer says:

Looking forward to the flight that will be fun.

Gaz Lodge says:

Dude… there is a storm trooper in your room!!!

Sammy'sLife says:

awesome review man im getting this than that overpriced DJI shyt

Greg Kopanczyk says:

you mention it requires USB tethering if you could help me out with understanding it properly. my cell phone service requires me to purchase tethering option basically it means paying twice for the same data connection that I’m already having. so my question is do I need to purchase additional data or root my phone or will it work without going through all this hassle . cuz if I have to purchase additional data usage it’s a big No-No for this quadcopter

Marcos Benício says:

As Always, a great unboxing! Please, post the Flight experience ASAP! Thanks!

Sadiq Basha says:

distin what is the maximum range of the drone can it do better than DJI p3s??

Bittergal Du Toit says:

thanks – I’m looking forward to part 2 of your review including the flight test and footage

audiogek says:

I saw this function of dimming the lights with the 2nd scroll wheel on the Xiro Explorer about a year ago. And it it a useful function for filming in low light I have to say.

Sharky 001 says:

Is all phone acceptable for the drone or only xiao mi phones

koyroj says:

when will part2 come ?

Azam Azez says:

We waiting the flaying 🙂 thank you

remy Khuong says:


Benja Lado says:

How would you describe the application that comes in English ? and that both you recommend to update it with this app

Creatish says:

I’d like to know what the thought of this vs a phantom 3?

as in the uk these are the same price, so which one is better? what does each one offer better?

Skydive Driver says:

Looks good, it’s a shame that they don;t have a unlock on the beginners mode. Does the holder for the phone open bigger so you can use a tablet. Nice review.

Marox says:


Ross Bassette says:


As usual,a really concise and informative review

From what I understand, Xiaomi has decided to eliminate the “Beginner Mode”. Oh No!!, that means a firmware update. Good Luck!!!!

Ride'n Roll says:

That was the thing I am planning to buy. Thanks for the review Dustin.

Abhishek Tiwari says:


Glen D. Spicer says:

Awesome unbox & setup video. Great quad. A little out of my price range. Thanks

Harrison Gardner says:

Hi Dustin just seen your videos and I was wondering what drone I should get for around £150 that includes a GPs and brushless motors and maybe a gimbal that’s how I saw the free X which looks like a good option or I could get the Xk detect which is £150 but without gimbal however has some features that FreeX doesn’t what would you suggest as you seem to be the man to ask about drones

Iqra Ilman says:

do you know other apps for xiaomi drone?

Bill Somrak says:

Well, after watching 2 previous reviews of this UAV, I’d have to say it was pushed out on the market WAY before it was ready. SeBy DocKy’s review was most telling, as the Chinese phone app (the only one that is “official”) kept crashing repeatedly. So, he was sent a FW update, which “bricked” his MI .. so now its a door stop. He later found the “unofficial English translation app”, which has problems of its own, which Quadcopter101 discovered when he tried to use it. The 5 hour mandatory flight time before you can do anything useful was maddening .. for both SeBy & Q101. Even though Q101’s phone kept telling him he was disconnected and gave him no FPV video to see on his phone, he was able to get a little in flight video which looked pretty good from a stability stand point. I was wondering what the video was going to be like, since Xiaomi had sold thousands of YI cams which were so out of focus as to be unusable. The cam on the MI at least is in focus. Well, perhaps in a few months they will iron out all the unwanted “Features” with a firmware update (supposedly the 5 hour waiting time will go away), but given that SeBy’s firmware update “bricked” his MI, I wouldn’t want to be the 1st one to try it. Good luck, and hope the rest of your subscribers watch both SeBy’s & Q101’s review of the same UAV. More info is better. Cheers.

SuperSxeMatt says:

awesome happy you got one to review!

Dustin Dunnill says:

Sorry about all the “ummms” I should have edited more of them out..lol

remy Khuong says:

18:07 holy shjt at the corner LOL

Edmundo Andres says:


Ricky Mariquit says:

that transmitter is so dope.

The RCAddict says:

The thick end of the power cord is the same design of the one on my Mac 🙂 Nice review, the app is probably the biggest downside right now. Hopefully they can sort that out.

JohnieDSM says:


LTECNIC drones en español y rc says:

very nice review like friend

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