XIAOMI MI Drone 4K Review – Part 2 In-Depth Flight Test, Pros & Cons – (DJI Phantom 3 Killer?!)

Here’s Part 2 of my full review for the Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K. Get it here https://goo.gl/ih6JR2
Battery & Parts https://goo.gl/8p34Gg

Check out part 1 for the Unboxing, inspection, Setup and Updating: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPB5H0DFoTA

Is this a DJI Phantom 3 Standard Killer??? Pretty much! If I had to choose between the two I’d get this for the 4K and better sensors underneath.

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Aijaz Afzaal says:

Do a Spark vs MI?!

Dannyo Ahlrichs says:

Wow awesome video. Thank you.

mr Zed says:

Can’t believe it’s happened that’s all I want honest and good review this drone watched full episode and feel great
looking forward to range test thanks very much Dustin

Tom Bone says:

Great review Dustin! You mentioned the Gimbal Stick option in Part 1. Any further news on that? I’m really impressed with the performance of this quad! I think I’m ready to make the purchase! Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!! 🙂

Aussiejay says:

I always get I smlie on my face when I see a new video from you love your work

Maximilian275 says:

Hey Dustin, thanks for the awesome review. Actually saved my night after I was the whole day in a bad mood. Very good work!

Nick Tibbets says:

Thanks for this review. I am actually going to buy it right now, just having a hard time understanding Wich one to buy. It looks like all the models have the CN plug. I’m in the USA so not sure what my options are other than using a converter. Also, is there any difference besides shipping time ordering from the china warehouse vs the us warehouse?


cruis 6 says:

Please do a review of the parrot mambo fpv

Thank u

Alan Savage says:

I really like how you go in depth about the items you review. Excellent video Dustin!!

PS Welman says:

Yo Dustin, I did sit the whole video trough (like I do with all of your reviews) and will recommend this drone to a friend of mine, who asked me what to buy. I myself stick to the Xiro Xplorer atm and am saving up for the Yuneec Typhoon H 4k …. but that’ll be next year 😛 Happy Days dude and looking forward to your next stuff 😉

flying xsp says:

Excellent review mate. Definitely the best so far. I believe if you hardwire the tablet to the controller the lag will be reduced? I could be wrong though.

diman says:

Thanks a lot for this review, that piece of tech looks awesome! In some phantom vs mi drone videos I noticed that foliage is a mess in mi drone footage because of noise reduction filter. In this video all the foliage looks crisp and clear, it seems they have fixed this issue. So bad there is no option to control the NR filter. Dustin, is there ISO and Shutter settings along with EV, “Sharpen”, Saturation, WB and Contrast? All I could found just the video on youtube with no ISO and Shutter settings in the menu (July 2017), but I see this settings in the application code now. I have no drone so can’t check are these settings active now or still are in the development. P.S. I found the coupon code for banggood which drops the price down to $359.20, it’s definitely a great price, but .. maybe I just don’t need this so much 🙂

Radovan Dvorský says:

Hey Dustin, just out of curiosity…. did you check the first battery after this test ? You went to 8%… To the best of my knowledge, discharging this battery below 10 % will result in fatal damage, there is a register inside this battery where all discharges below 10 % during flight are stored and then the battery is no longer allowed to fly by the app…. You can check the battery info in the app, there is a undervoltage counter…. can you please check it ? Thanx

redalrt4 says:

I love your balanced approach to the review as opposed to deciding you hate it before you even give it a chance. I see how you are using an inexpensive iPad and the generic clip to hold it on the controller. But I’m not sure what 10″ Android tablet to use. Which one?

LtKernelPanic says:

Excellent review. Now if they’d just make something like the Mavic.

šalle says:

Do drone giveaway!

Alex Pallas says:

Great job!!!!

Bob Brown says:

I’ve clicked about 55mph in a tail wind in ATTI. Lots of fun to fly lol

AadilF1 says:

The only thing keeping me sane is your reviews… Still waiting for my drones to arrive.. (it’s been almost 2 weeks!) 🙁

azzurripro says:

HI Dustin can you confirm whats in this video. It maybe the reason of the vibration in the drone?

M Beck says:

Ahh the CN plug version is 399.99 but the US plug is 611.31. I think they forgot to change something on the site.

bert beinaaf says:

19:05: you said the stick movement cancelled the RTH, but the voice said that it just changes the route home, and on the screen Executing RTH Mission is still active. Or am I missing something?

Apex Predator says:

Another great vid keep it up mate

Crazy Sam Adventures says:

They are having problems with compass calibration with theirs but don’t know if they got a defective one

Paul Wingfield says:

Super review. Covered all the main stuff so thanks.
I ordered one of these for under $300 from Gearbest on Black Friday. Having seen your review, I can’t wait to get it.

Dominguero volador says:

My advice of increasing the saturation to +50 maybe was a little bit too much for your light conditions. For autum in Europe it is the right choice. You can try with something like +30 for your latitude. I tried the high sharpness setting just once some months ago and I did not like it too much. For the range test I suggest you to change to the standard setting just to compare. I have designed and 3D printed a range booster for this drone. I reach two miles with acceptable lag and more than three miles before fpv signal loss. Do you want to try?

Dulana Perera says:

I really like that drone and also your reviews and can I get this drone for free please I am a kid and please reply and merry christmas


No follow me?

Hasnain Mirza says:

Does this Drone have that feature in which we simply move our Right stick back, drone will return to the Remote/Controller, no matter where it is facing ?? (like in DJI drones, sorry forgot the name of that feature)
Edited: In other words, Does it have Headless Mode ???

Matthew Emillio says:

Well done comprehensive review. Thanks 100000000.


Wow your compass calibration was done without any hiccup …many YouTube channels had problems …ie The RC Saylors and Quadcopter 101.

cloud war says:

hey dustin quick question is there a setting to use the voice on the app?

Josh_Pro33 says:

Heey! Im a drone lover nice video!

Ray HSETWO says:

If you have a persistent problem calibrating compass then try this post I put on rcforums 4K Mi page, this worked fine for me after 2 failed calibration attempts the normal way: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=38783745&postcount=6072 this will work if you have problems. Mine flew ok.

ayylasco says:

Nice review. Can you please test the vpu indoors? I haven’t tested mine.

Louis Aubé says:

Great review and thank you for taking the time to go through all the features.

Baylien S says:

Hello Dustin, I clicked on the link you gave for the drone and it showed it is on sale at 41% off but it said the CN plug so i clicked on the US plug and that one is not on sale so i guess i don’t know the difference what does CN plug mean and the US plug? Is it talking about the outlet that it plugs in to for it to charge the battery? I guess it don’t matter i can’t afford it even at 41% off lol. Thank you

Roy Morris says:

A honest review, many thanks. a great RTH feature

James Sward says:

@Dustin Dunhill. What app do you use to record the I pad screen?

Brendan O'Mara says:

Great video! I don’t think I’d turn that saturation up that high as it looked a bit too full! Seems like a pretty nice quad!

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