Xiaomi 4k Mi Drone Review and Test flight with Autel XSP comparison footage

UPDATE: New Firwmare update as of 7/3/17 adds FULL camera controls!!

Complete table review and sample footage test flight flown alongside the Autel XSP with side by side video comparison. Autel was using ND16 filter. EV set to 0 for both. Downsampled to 1080.
($475 from TomTop USA Warehouse)

($419.99 with Chinese plug)

LINK TO RAW (Unedited) 4k Sample footage

-stellar 4k video quality!!
-great overall camera with 12mp Sony Sensor
-rock solid 3 axis gimbal provides perfect video w/ zero jello
-EXTREMELY stable in GPS mode even in fairy high winds
-very good range of at least 2km, (some say 4-6km)
-butter smooth yaw and great overall controls
-controller is excellent and extremely comfortable
-app is much improved over 1080 Mi release (still not perfect)
-foldable legs and removable gimbal makes it very compact
-propellers are easy to remove and attach as well
-5100mah LiHV smart battery is nice
-Beginner’s mode can be disabled, no height or distance limitations
-Can set craft’s speed limit
-is VERY fast if set to high speed limit
-RTH and autotake/landings are flawless
-very nice flight time of over 20 mins, up to 27 mins
-Controller’s built-in li-on battery seems to hold a long charge
-450 frame size offers increased stability over competition
-very well constructed and packaged beautifully
-includes WIFI dongle if you don’t want to use USB tethering
-Xiaomi is actively updating firmware
-Really good price of $499 sets it apart from most competition

-can’t easily hold tablets without modification (velcro works)
-Mi Drone app is only made for phones, have to side load unofficial app onto tablets
-Official Mi Drone app randomly loses FPV feed on my phone. Should be an easy fix in future updates.
(Unofficial English translated app works perfectly)
-Doesn’t come with a MicroSD card
-craft auto lands at 15% battery (that needs to be lowered)

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Tommy Bananas says:

Autel ya one thing that is certainly for mi.

RellyOhBoy says:

Does the Mi drone have headless mode?

Coast to Coast Drones' says:

I tried again …says content not available or has expired on your fb group

abbeyglencircle says:

does it work with iphone? there is a mi app in apple store but not sure if it works. really want to order it

Dave Aerial Photography says:

What a great review! Since I bought mine from Gearbest I made a handful of videos and I really enjoy this quad. Never had any issues with it!

Daniel Witkowski says:

Hey RD’s Drone Reviews, great review. I was wondering if you know what the bitrate of the videos are when shooting in the different video modes:
3840×2160p 30 fps
2560×1440p 30 fps
1920×1080p 100/60/30 fps

I am especially interested in 1920/100fps and 30fps.
and 4k 30fps.

Also, would you think it’s safe to assume that the shutter speed will be always at a 180degree angle? Meaning 1/60 when shooting 30fps. 1/200 when shooting 100fps. 1/120 when shooting 60fps.

I am really considering buying this drone for its price, but what scares me off is the lack of 24fps, ISO / Shutter control, and the yet unknown bitrate.

P K says:

my gimbal said “maybe interference by an obstacle” what am gonna do?

East Coast Drones says:

I had a DJI Phantom 4. Sold it. I had the Autel, X-Star Premium, sold it. I currently have the DJI Mavic Pro and the Xiaomi Mi 4K. I absolutely Love this Xiaomi, takes great video, 22-25 minute flight and Sub $500.00 price. Plus it folds flat. My Mavic hasn’t left the bag since the Xiaomi arrived. Updates and more camera options for adjustability are coming. Great review, check out my first flight. If you purchase from Banggood you get the wifi dongle which I feel is not usable due to what you mention wifi. If you purchase from Tomtop you get prop guards, wouldn’t use these either. If you have android, you can tether , if you have an iPhone, you need to use the phones hot spot.

John Mathews says:

Overall, price aside, which would you recommend? And which do you think is the better value? Thanks!

theorn01 says:

Great review. I’m still considering this quad. Is there anyword on a possible firmware update for the camera to give manual ISO and shutter speed control? Without those it’s kind of useless to me. 🙁 A shame because it seems amazing at that price otherwise.

Michał says:

mi 4k or phantom 3a ?

RetakingHumanity says:

The Mi is a very excited drone to me. I love the footage I have seen from it and it is bringing a little more diversity to GPS options. Good review RD!

089recorded says:

Nice video. I have the Bugs 3 and love flying it. Is a bit cheaper but has also quite a lot of power

Drone Travel says:

if you camera shaking issue turn your firmware verdion to 2006 gimbal. see my test video .https://youtu.be/8QKs9U7lCPU

JAPK06 says:

Great video bro!
Btw what is max attitude you can fly with this drone? Is it 125m or 500m like in phantom?

Teodor Belchev says:

Thats review is awesome
and the bench part is boring at default but not this one.

You need to start to reasembling some toys and voila you will get to a Seby level : ) : )

Abhash Rajbhandari says:

Hi. The update you gave on camera control, can we also control ISO and Shutter speed? Or What is the Update on?

Mark Douglas says:

don’t like the produced colors

Rashid Mehmood says:

bad altitude

William Alexander says:

nice would totally get this over the mavic if I decided to get it:)

nalam raviteja says:

I am a starting level photographer …. Which drone is better for starting level photography Dji or mi. Plz tell me

RD's Drone Reviews says:

Please join my drone Facebook group. It’s full of great guys, very knowledgeable and no drone police or shenanigans. There’s some BIG NAME reviewers in the group as well. https://www.facebook.com/groups/512520048931595/

John Cuppi says:

This was a great review, watched the whole thing from start to finished and I’m 100% more educated about the Mik drone now. Probably one of the best videos to watch for anyone considering to buy this. The comparisons to the Autel were good too.

Thijs RC says:

awesome man! great review☺

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