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We’ve seen super small quadcopters and drones on the channel before, but never This Small! Introducing the Proto N Nano RC Drone! This little guy has bright LED lights to help with orientation for new pilots, a flip button so you can show off to your friends, different flight modes for beginners and advanced flyers, as well as being able to carry it inside it’s own transmitter, and much more! We’ll show you what comes in the box as well as everything you’ll need to know to get these Proto N quadcopters in the air!

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Mike Jung says:

You guys are so cool, love watching your show, it’s so homely and fun, I watched your episode of the tiny 22mm quad, you showed outside, it was snowing, I live in Adelaide Australia, and that was totally cool. Keep up the good work, once again love your show.

Carpenter RickyM M says:

I picked up 2 yesterday for $30 combined. Tons of fun! !
Thanks again for sharing you insite! ! ! Sorry so many comments on so many videos today. its an rcsaylors day of catching up.

Coron Hill says:

Can I git a dron

Winne Yudo says:

the real master can make it fly inside the controller

Rick Brasche says:

I have one that size but it has a smaller remote. I got a little foam lined zipper pouch to carry it all in. My cat loves chasing “The Bug” since it sounds like a mosquito.

King Cristian says:

Can I please have the drone

Horasio Valverde says:

can I have it p am 10 years old I wel s

Mano Wii says:

What about Proto N vs DHD D1 Drone? 🙂

B 402991 says:

that’s crazy small

Ron Thompson says:

Do you have a web address

Bennett Childs says:

At his is retarted

Wildhog32 says:

Poppey is just sitting there behind you observing. He’s so cute….

Richard Moore says:

Abby, you are so funny, watching and hearing her quad taping across the table and then popping into the air and crashing. I laugh so hard, I wanted to call her drone “Grasshopper” before she started to get better control of it. I had the same thing happen to my first micro drone!

youel adamas says:

lol the small ones always remind me of the babies in “Batteries not included ” good movie.

Taurus/Hipoint Enthusiast says:

To hear you two sound like me and my kids and the sky rover stalkers they have hahahahahahah..The really funny thing I actually have them working on Take-Off, Landing and Hover control hahahahahahah..Yes they are doing well with the tasks at hand. Ah well guess you gotta be there hahahahahah

Jim H says:

Nate, stop picking on Abby’s flying. LOL

pds tech says:

they are small and cute 🙂 I they’re $25-28 now for this or the clones

Trolling Polska says:

i have the red and black one

Sulcata Garcia says:

I’m your 880tgh liked thing

Noli Casio says:

drone please becuse your handsome and bueteful

Bob Kozlowski says:

I’m new to your Channel, but I have to say . . . I SO appreciate the “Down To Earth” and “Grass Roots” information that you provide to everyone about every RC that you review. I have to admit, this video is my “All Time Favorite” . . . and I’ve watched many of your videos. You both are having “So Much Fun” in this one . . . and IMHO . . . Abbey . . . “YOU ROCK”. I only wish I could get 30 Minutes of flight time out of a 5 Minute Quad/Battery 🙂 Be Well My Friends.

Jeffery Mercer says:

Abby you are soooooo Kool! And Sweet! Your hair is always so nice and clean looking you look absolute great! in the videos! ( you too Nathan)

The Life of John Ness says:

how awesome….i picked one of these up yesterday…and just now found your vid on it. My son and I love this little quad!

Joseph Strait says:

No disrespect Nate, but Abby is beautiful…I love y’alls channel, getting into drones, u guys r really helpful…thank u

Veno X says:

Well if you think about it, every quad/tri/hexcopter can fit in it’s transmitter, but the transmitter might be just a little bit bigger than before…

Ron Thompson says:

If Abby can’t fly it ,its not food beginners,I bought the next size up,hopefully it will be,Easter,matter of fact,I bought three quads from watching you videos,I bought a small med. and large,I waiting on the little one,so I can practice inside, I do love your videos a great way ,for this old guy to learn,thanks

Warwick Campbell says:

I thought the quad was tapping out for Abbey

edi martinez says:

want but can’t get it

Rj BtxEffect says:

Great for race hahahaha.

Ben Trumbull says:

This drone is so cute love you #giveaway

Route 66 Flyer says:


*Dance the Skies*

Hunter westberry says:

They should make wireless charging in its holster

Greg Vanchure says:

You guy’s almost had me crying… laughing so hard lol

wordreet says:

Teehe, you should have titled this Worldest Newest Smallest Dronest Protoest N-est Reviewest -est TheRCSaylorsest !estest

Noli Casio says:

Love the vedio

Ima Unicorn says:

I ordered the red and black one

Coron Hill says:

Can I git a drone for free

Winne Yudo says:

i have cheerson cx 10 so it fits in my pocket

sky man says:

After watching this video I come to realize after Abby is done flying a quad and it still works after she is done flying its worth buying ..  Sorry Abby this video I was lmao ..  awesome video

The RC Channel says:

ya you guys r cute you guys should have KIDS your kids with RC drones now that would be cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack John says:

… Im not trying to be a jerk , but abby got HUGE nose O.O

DD Gaming says:


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