World’s Cheapest GPS Camera Drone – Hubsan 502E X4 Desire Flight Review – TheRcSaylors

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This is by far the easiest to fly camera drone currently on the market! The Hubsan H502E boasts having a GPS lock, similar to drones that cost well in the hundreds of dollars, but now you can own one for Under $100!! Nate and Abby of TheRcSaylors will take a Full Look at this quadcopter from start to finish to let you know if it’s worth your hard earned money!


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Tiny Tim says:

Hey you guy’s . I bought this quad last week on Banggood for 79 bucks. purty good deal i thought.

Sam Ventimiglia says:

If “Return Home” is activated from a landed position can the drone take off and return home or can it only be activated if flying ?

Maxx S. says:

How many minutes of flight time?

Michael Kessler says:

Abby’s a cutie, too. And I like this Hubsan. I think I’ll get one.

Dylan Cowan says:

woleB dekniL

Mark Hughes says:

can you review the h502s

Jakelin Mendoza says:

Can you fly it with an iPad

that guy says:

you remind me of a young hank hill

Randall Huston says:

Get that lady a Q500+ and turn her loose.  You’ve obviously been married long enough to have a good jump reflex, hahaha

Route 66 Flyer says:

I bought one shortly after I saw this flight but we’ve had high winds all winter and the few days we didn’t my health wasn’t up to flying so I dying to get this in the air. Hoping to get my wife interested also.

*Dance the skies*


did you notice in your video with this camera quad that there’s a black on the image when you’re filming directly at the Sun. I noticed it on my hubsan. I also noticed it briefly on your own video. Is that the way all of their cameras work?

shane morgan says:

how long is the battery life.

John Anderson says:

i have one of these and i love it, its amazing, its almost idiot proof, i crashed into the side of my house and it bounced off and corrected itself and kept flying, the wings are messed up the tips are chipped off and they nicked and scratched up because i was flying it like a dumbass, and it still flys great, the gps lock hold is supernatural even in 20 mph wind

Prince Zardos says:

have you tried the follow me functionality?

Brian Brooks says:

thinking bout getting this for myself this would be my first drone I’m excited

solarson53 says:

‘well made video
you are both great at explaining and flying and alibiing
I just ordered one on your say so

Bryce Christiansen says:

I love this quad so much it has everything and it is so cheap I have 3

danuja Jayasuriya says:

@thercsaylours can i add a gps module for my toy drone

Michael Kessler says:

Popeye is adorable. Yorkies are my favorite dog but Popeye is special. He’s a smart little bugger.

Cole Sneller says:

i just recently got this drone and one of the motors is making a really high pitch noise when the battery is plugged in anyone else have this problem.. it is a really annoying high pitch noise

Drone Fun says: are you getting the live camera video in with the video from the phone at the same time????

Yvr Travelhouse says:

HELLO. I AM A NEW USER FOR THIS . would you kindly tell me what kind of the app i can download on my iphone or ipad for the FPV ( Pro-camera view) so i can see what shown when it flying ? thx.

vitix says:

can this do FPV??

jjp 735il says:

Great review and just love Pupeye, should keep him skinny with all that drone chasing.

Wildhog32 says:

I received mine today. I haven’t flown it yet, but can’t wait. Do you here a high pitch hum coming from the quadcopter? Power on and the transmitter on. Is this normal?

G Mail says:

How many metres does it go.. Unlimited or limited??

Google Plus Blows Chunks says:

I just got mine today. It took nine days for it to arrive from Gearbest. This is the real deal. Thanks for your reviews!

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