Eachine Lizard 95 review. This micro FPV drone is EASILY the fastest micro FPV drone I have ever seen. With 1104 motors, 5 blade propellers, micro fpv camera and vtx it is an absolute rocket. LIZARD95 link – AND IT COMES PRE BUILT AND READY TO BIND!!

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Mic used –
Camera – Cannon 700D
Action camera – GoPro sessions 5


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Richard Rama says:

I might have missed it but you did not give any information about the flight time of this beast..

Gary K says:

AS Aeolus mini: 4s: dys1104/4000kv piko blx LB spring 10a 4-1 450mah75c4s glacier and pulse. 3s: dys1104/6500kv and 450mah75c3s glacier and tatuu. 2035 gemfan

BrickGamer-Kanal123 says:

More Building Guide pls

Arie Beugelsdijk says:

Also, 4s would be exciting to see but Banggood lists the Lizard at only 2-3s.

The camera inversion button would likely be for an underslung camera. I have a micro with the same button and if I hold it for a few seconds I can also switch between NTSC and PAL.

Nic crawfords says:

Your fast counter is wrong he says it 15 times.

Markus K. says:

Which battery would you recommend for this tiny drone?

Caden Sullivan says:

You missed a “fast” right st the very end

Ronn2664 says:

Thanks for the video. Would you say it’s faster than the rotorx atom with 1306 motors?

JHawk FPV says:

Hey Stewart can you possibly do a comparison of the Arfun 90 Vs the Lizard 95?

Hotwire says:

Eachine 130 is just as impressive. Crazy fast for a micro and $107 less Rx. All the other stuff you said! Oh VTx was shit : (

Alex Sayers says:


Ryan Robinson says:

would the spektrum dsmx/dsm2 receiver work with the flysky fs-i6 transmitter i have?

nub says:

do it, 4S 😀 lol

dpskrz says:

I think you missed the last “fast” 😀

deathraydave gaming says:

My local hobby shop said the Wizard 220x is garbage

patrick j. clarke says:

Hey Stu! I’m a big fan of these little micro’s and what most reviews don’t talk about is “huckability”, “floatiness” and recovery…three things that bigger quads do with ease. Most of the micro reviews do punch out tests…who cares about that?

Looks like from your video that the Lizard95 hucks itself over trees and obstacles very easy, and because of the low weight, floats very nicely after a huck. Also looks like it’s got some prop-wash on recovery…would love to hear your opinion on those three key elements and maybe start rating quads performance in these categories in the future.

For example, I think my Blade Torrent (with iPower 7500KV motors and stock props) and prop guards removed rates:
Huckability: 7
Floatiness: 6
Recovery: 7

UAVfutures says:

Lizard 95 link – Now $126. like the video if you think I should try it on 4s.

Roy Jefferson says:

What Transmitter is compatible with that micro quadcopter?

Heiple2007 says:

Is it fast? Jeff

qo_FPV says:

Did you have the flysky reciever in the lizard or the reciever for the Turnigy Evolution?

Toni L says:

underneath you missing a screw? in the corners to hold the standoffs!!! there are only 3 screw’s

KennyLee NYC says:

just pulled the trigger.. Now my Wizard will date hot stut the Lizard 🙂

Dex Weeks says:

I really want one of these now!

deathraydave gaming says:

Can you review the DJI spark

k1 wiz80 says:

Hey stu. Any chance you can do a review of the wizard x220S as soon as you get hold of one? it looks awesome. cheers mate

FlightEvolution says:

worlds fastest micro quad… TILL NEXT WEEK

Wolfpac says:

ARFUN 95 pro

MasterHaunter says:


RedRooFPV says:

Grumpy Trev is da best !!!

TwoStrokeMe 79 says:

you and trev rocking the aomway goggles now?

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