WIN THE RACE.. while flying a micro drone?? GepRC sparrow review part 2.

Geprc Sparrow review. A pretty little awesome 3″ micro fpv racing drone with some amazing motors, esc, framer design and vtx, but does need an osd. Link –

Goggles – Aomway commanders –
Radio – Taranis QX7 –
Props – cyclones 5046C –
Charger – SkyRC Q200 –
Good value beginner drone – Furibee x215 –

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Mic used –
Camera – Cannon 700D
Action camera – GoPro sessions 5


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Rcflyer 101 says:

Nice and fast:)

Andrew Gray says:

Great review! I think maybe I might have found my first 3″ quad right here! 🙂

Mike Fas says:

Too pricey….

mxwizzard says:

I like the sparrow but I think the hglrc xjb 145 is better value for your money

Rossi 46 says:

excellent review as always bro…

Landon Myers says:

I ordered the GEP sparrow about a week ago. I’m exited to get it in the mail! What’s a Recommended battery for it? And it has a xt30 connector is there a was to get xt60 connector for 4s? I’m new to the hobby and this is my first drone. I also just want to say thank you! You got me into this hobby about a month ago. I got my qx7 and have been nerding out on the simulator and ur channel! Thank you Stu!

Mark Doblekar says:

Hey Stu,  First, love your videos.  I have learned so much just watching them.  You have instilled in me the confidence to build my own for Christmas.  My wife has bought all the parts for the $99 build. ( Currently about $129)  Also getting goggles and everything else.  There are so many cool new quads coming out would like this little guy and a furibee.  But one at a time 🙂

UAVfutures says:

What do you think about the sparrow ?Link – also leave a comment what drone you might be getting this holiday season.Also Cal actually has a channel AND NO VIDEOS?? but he has subs?? weird

Michael Oakley says:

No speed test? I would be interested to see how fast it goes. Stu what would be your guess on how fast it flies?

Chris Jones says:

I have a Mavic and the DJI goggles, I have been thinking about getting a 3″ or 5″ for faster-paced flying. One thing that is holding me back is when I see the DVR footage it looks horrible grainy and has distortion is this common? does it really look that bad during flight?

Jamie's Rc and stuff says:

I am buying the tiny whoop racer this Christmas along with the taranis x9d special edition

J Renwick says:

Premium pricing. It definitely likes to move. Too bad about the lack of OSD for this price.

A Hungry Zinogre says:

This holiday season i probably wont be getting a quadcopter because i dont have the money yet.

Kevin Bradford says:

Steward, can you use a 3s 550mah with this sparrow? Or do I have to get 4s 850mah?

mike obrien says:

I’m hoping to get the emax babyhawk

Fran Galasso says:

Not a big deal that it’s doesn’t have a OSD for me not really a fan of OSDs anyway now on the other hand it has to have the capability to do telemetry for it to work for me

Jonathan Powell says:

Even though wizard seson is over im getting a wizard x220!

Jose Heijn says:

Hopefully I will be getting a racing build with Emax 2306, Spedix Escs, Cl_Racing F4s, and a custom frame I designed cut by Armattan Productions. 🙂

datstuff says:

I mean, you could’ve made it 20 seconds longer…

Scír Fahren says:

Woah.. first video I’ve seen where the “G’day!” Isn’t half laughter. I actually kinda like it.

Also, I can’t believe I haven’t seen any comments on the nauseating slow wobble this thing seems to have. I’m not crazy, am I? It looks like a mushy PID setting, but everyone says it has no issues. Does nobody else see this?

831 fpv says:

Sold out before I even wake up

J Renwick says:

Too bad they didn’t use the micro Swift 2. At least you can get battery level.

Osymandus says:

How the fec can you fly like that…….. I’ve been trying for a year and still struggle to basically just fly the feckers.

Chris Haley says:

Nice little bird, but with the way I fly….it’s gonna be a Catalyst Machineworks Norris for Christmas. Need something that can survive a full speed impact with the ground.

Typical Person says:

Im getting the 200 dollar ser for Christmas

Javi FPV says:

Hey stew the one that’s flying near us has the Micro Swift 2’s cams OSD just doesn’t have the full Betaflight OSD but at least you have the cams OSD which you have the battery voltage and that’s the most important thing. Oh yeah and the biggest motors on a 3” are the 3” almost ready to fly by BBB it comes with almost everything but the stack i believe but it brings some 16– motors crazy big those are the biggest motors a 3” brings check it out. But I’m sure you’ve already seen it but look at the motors uff those are big.

maarten schuld says:

Fire dance 215 flight pleas?!!! …….

Jude Parzybok says:

Eachine lizard 95

Takos FPV says:

I will build the upgraded version of the 100$ drone

Moritz Adler says:

This thing is very fast and powerful but I got 1806 on a 150mm and it is an absolute beast!!!

Gianluca Gasparis says:

I’m not getting a drone for xmas☹️

rentaroo says:

Great Quad for the size but definitely not a beginner quad.

Jur Kramer says:

Can’t you use the OSD from the stack?

Patrick Beckers says:

Very very nice.
My new drone for chrismas will be
Furibee fire dancer.
Just lost my only drone. Sad enough in these days.
Just buying it cause of your review. You doing a good job.go on
Hopefully ur right 😉

Duckie_Plays says:

Where’d Cal get that shirt? I’d totally buy one!


Allo allo Stew! How’s it going with you fellas down unda this time of year?
It’s time our little 3″ flyers got their props stretched out…

Have you fellas been impressed with Furibee or what eh? Are they ever hittin’ it outta the park lately.
My my my….I received my x140 and was absolutly shocked as to how smooth and fun this little thing is.
I have only flown it with 3s as that’s all I have as of yet…however I hear it’s a beast on 4s. Do you plan to review it Stew…cause I feel that’s a great idea given its size and the goodness Furibee is offering.


See you in the sky!

Willy Golas says:

Would you recommend this to a beginner? I wanna get into fpv drones with a good one. And this little dude looks so great.

Olansky says:

$99 upgrade kit

T Lee says:

another great review. . ease up on TREV , lol. . it looks like everything is getting smaller , except the motors . through the goggles , it really doesn’t matter does it 🙂 .

Jollydriver says:

G’day Stu. Love the content, so please keep it coming, and I’m looking forward to you breaking through 100K subscriptions.

I’m curious how the Sparrow compares to the RotorX Atom V3. You did a Part 1 review on a 5S capable Atom 2-3 months ago, but I don’t recall there being a Part 2. Those motors were almost as big as the Sparrow’s, and it is 5S capable. I thought the Atom at one point was your go-to 3″quad, so I’m curious how it holds up against the likes of the XJB and Sparrow. Is a Part 2 on the Atom 3 still in the works? If not, hopefully you can share some quick thoughts with a response here. Have a great day, and happy flying to you.

Xxtrengt 88 says:

I can agree that this thing is better than the lizard but you can’t really compare it to the Lizard, it is a 139mm 3inch VS a 95mm 2inch and i don’t even talk about the price (this thing is twice the price) Great vid tho and this thing looks like a great kwad 😉

paolo gnoni says:

….it can handle a gopro… …not nearly same performance but…. ….i dive a building with it :):)


LORD, I want a smaller kwad with winter coming, like the BB-Hawk!! I also want a 3″ also!! Lol I WANT THEM ALL!!! LMAO! Thanks again Stew!!!

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