Watch This Before You Buy the DJI Phantom 4 – Hands on Review

Get the DJI PHANTOM 4 here:
A look at the new DJI Phantom 4. This thing is awesome! In the video I test modes like Active Tracking, Tap to Fly, Point of Interest and more.

Check out my review of this case specifically designed for the new DJI Phantom 4:

The Phantom 3 Pro is also an amazing flying quad and has dropped almost 500 bucks since first released a year ago! I can’t believe the price drop on this thing. Check it out here:

The Phantom 3 Advanced is currently just $733:

And the DJI Standard is is under 500 bucks!

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8-Bit says:

Great review. Just bought one and it really is awesome

Chris john says:

great video! thanks

Mario cee says:

It seems like you were using cellular data on your iPad. Do you need that to fly this? Or can you just use an iPad without wifi or cellular to fly this?

Rudi Crespin says:

Great Review!!!

A C T Event Film Cars Auto Corner S.L. says:

Hello, what is the software on your ipad ? do you know if it works for dji f550 ? and Android ? does it connect with wifi or with gps ? what is the range of the receiving video ?

Brad Stewart says:

when will it be available for android

TTStyle says:

My only complaint about this drone is the battery life.

hakam soufan says:

Yes .. best video ever .. thank you

eddt430 says:

Awesome video. Loving the dji I’ve got the basic xc5 but this is next on my toy list.!!!!!

andrew magro says:

I just got a 2 vision plus for $300 aud complete in excellent condition will that be OK for first drone /quad

London Kleckley says:


TechBros says:

Get the Phantom 4 now with a 50% discountand two FREE batteries!! Hurry, promotion ends soon!! Use link:


21.55 lol fuckin aye, they look nuts. 1 day 12 hours it arrives. 🙂
Ps remind me not to email ya. Inbox 25,843 wtf

Robert Howe says:

DJI is having a Valentines Day special! “”

MrPersiansoldier7000 says:

Thank you for the video.. gonna change my P3 to P4 right now

T Hewitt says:

Great Drone just don’t buy direct from DJI,  I paid extra for 3 day delivery and got it 10 days later. when I contacted them they said the 3 day delivery meant for the time the Fed Ex get it from them. WHAT!!!  I said I wanted my money credited for the extra charge and they said they would get back to me, they never did get back to me and my account was never credited.  Don’t buy direct from DJI.

Reza Rezai says:

do the ipad or smartphone has to have internet to have live video ?

London Kleckley says:


Sterlin Smith says:

Great, great, great review here! Thank you for your effort!

Der Wille says:

Great topic. hope you can do an updated 2017 version for the phantom 5. well done

Bulent Aydin SongWriter says:

most of people dosent use obstacle avoidence

Edward Andersen says:

Does this require a data enabled tablet? I have a wifi only iPad and was curious.

tony mccarthy says:

Your review if fantastic it gives a lot of good info…. Thanks cause i’m thinking about getting myself a P4…

Marcus Johnson says:

how does the DJI 4 compare to the yuneec typhoon?

Toddbrains gaming says:

The phantom 3 has the return home feature also it is all the phantom 3s do

Donald Roberts says:

Will it follow a vehicle when flying above trees and a few winding roads at slow speed

DominicanMerida says:

I like most of the features on this. You can’t beat how much they’ve upgraded.My biggest pet peeves with the phantoms is that they’re bulky and require your phone or an ipad if you want to fly them with their original intent. I was looking into the karma from gorpro because of that reason but shelling out like 1200-1600 dollars…i forgot how much it is all together kills me. Plus the karma only works with the gopro 5 and i was going to upgrade to gopro 4 instead of 5 because it just seems like a better upgrade. There’s no real need for the gopro 5. Sigh decisions decisions.

Full Octane Garage says:

By far the best review and orientation out there ..thanks!

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