Vivitar AeroView Drone Test Review

Well picked up this Vivitar AeroView drone on sale during the Black Friday sales at Walmart for 69 bucks….. Figured it would make for a fun toy and a means for learning the ins & outs of flying a drone…..


pee dee fishing / says:

Did u ever send a sticker to me

Kale Hallman says:

I couldn’t get the orbital shot to work. Also once the drone lifts off the camera stops working and I’m just looking at a still shot of the ground. Any suggestions?

ComputerNoises says:

Headless mode sets the drone to fly in the direction you tilt the right stick, regardless of which way the head is facing. BUT… you need to keep in mind, it sets the direction from the controller at the time you turn the drone on. So if you turn yourself, and then put it in headless mode, the controls may not seem correct. Best way to make it work is to get set up first, and not change the direction you are facing (your body) while flying. This allows you to spin the drone in 360 degrees while easily controlling direction.

Johnny South says:

Pretty cool looks like a holy stone clone / promark shadow GPS

ComputerNoises says:

It sounds pretty windy. Which shouldn’t be a problem for this drone. I’ve found that it performs pretty well. I have a wind test video on my channel! 10-12mph winds!

Maverick Channel says:

Thanks for the vid, subbed you. Please return the support. Thanks

ComputerNoises says:

2:50 lol thanks for not editing that part out. I had a good chuckle!

mrpleaseme says:

I shot my drone straight up in air control stop working wouldn’t come back to me I was lucky to find it in a gas station guy was carrying it away why did controls stop working or the come back to home didn’t work

Mitchell Mckemzie says:

Is this video taken with drone and does it shoot 1080p full hd video

Brandon O'Neal says:

Cool stuff

Chris Mills says:

Anyone figure out why it will not go higher than 165 FEET… Not meters? It seems like it is in the firmware. I can not find any way to change this.

Drone Hero Yen says:

How do you get it to do “follow me” I haven’t seen or figured out how to yet. There’s also no videos on it.

red neck mechanic says:

Horrible review leave out the music 1
2 you didn’t cover nothing about it .
I’ll do a review for every one so they no how to sink it to the remote .sink the gps .and every thing in between

MrBallPython says:

I crashed mine on its first flight as I neglected tuning it at all. I just slammed into my deck and went nuts slamming into other objects until it finally stopped. No damage I can find yet except a slightly loose landing gear.

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