Vivitar 360 Skeyeview Video Drone Unboxing And Review

This Is The Vivitar 360 SkyView Video Drone Unboxing And Review!! Hope You Guys Enjoyed It!!

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Drflamek Lkl says:

Hi I have this drone and it is my first drone and I am a pro at fiying it well I did crash I one but that was it o and read the manual u could of stopped it “emrgegy stop” if you read the manual and learned how it worked and the drone would of made it to the ground safely if it didn’t hit the house and yes it does take a while to turn off the blades but that is a safety feature ps u haded way to much drbree around.

Tommy Sheets says:

Its garbage. I have one, battery last about 7 minutes not 10 not 15 not 20 , 7!!!. I’ve tested it.9 minutes if you just let it hover. $200 is a RIP off. Spend the extra $50 and get a bebop 2. 1.2 mile range, 20+ min flight time. Stable and no problems.

Alan culbertson says:

It’s not bad lol it’s not dji nothing is like a dji I have this drone it works well you just live in the city it’s not that bad for new drone flyers

Don F says:

It’s a P.O.S.! Just bought one but taking it back. It flew all over the place in GPS mode and I had a hard time just getting it to land. Not even sure how good the camera is because I can’t even download the Goddom Android app for it. GARBAGE!!

Patrick Evans says:

First of all stop acting like a silly little girl My nine years old son acts more like a man than you read the instruction manual and then you’ll understand how it works I got the same one from Walmart works fine Second thing go get some UFC classes and toughen up a little Stop acting like a high school girl

Michael siderio says:

It’s obvious you don’t know how to fly this thing that was auto-landing and the bottles were in the way and it was trying to get in the spot it took off from

Lanceplaz_YT_PH roblox says:

Nice dude im just gonna call u zac for short can i?

can you do a vid playing games pls?? youre the best 😀

Ed Mee says:

Why does it suck? It was landing itself just fine, it doesn’t have obstacle avoidance in that price range and it hit the edge of your house…it’s not the drones fault.

Walking Zed's Push Bike says:

I got this same crappy thing from points earned from a credit card.
I am SO glad that it was basically free.
I first thought of mounting the camera but then changed my mind thinking that I would get more flight time, but all I got was exercise chasing after it. With it doing exactly as yours did. It seemed to have a mind of its own.
Even I could not get it to stop once it had crashed.
Oh, and mind you, that was after I had calibrated it… I think. It didn’t actually make it clear that it was calibrated.
And as you said it the comments section, the instructions are not clear at all.

Jose Sevilla says:

You just saved me $179 thanks

cain castanon Blogs says:

Yo its me castanon blog nation, Can I have it

Jeff says:

Mine attacked me 3 minutes into “calibrating it” and landing for the first time. I don’t plan on using the camera to fly the thing, I just want the camera to record a normal video, without the 360 view. Is this possible?

It actually attacked me 2-3 times within the very short battery time. I found that when landing it using the one key landing button is to hold the speed joystick all the way down. I haven’t tried the emergency button yet.

I agree, this is garbage. It DOES fly very nice, however for some reason when I get the drone about 200′ from me the forward and backward joystick has zero effect. It will pitch side to side, but not go forward. This is probably something I am over looking, but when I get it lower to the ground, it seems to work again.

Donraaj Singh says:

That was hilarious.

I am American 1 says:

It has to be calibrated

Christian Delgado says:

I bought it and it was good you just suck at drones quit the drone stuff and YouTube your bad at it .

jimmy fox says:

We should make a Movie out of that and call it the Attack of the Killer Drone Lol

If its mine its yours says:


Harper Wilson says:

I want one

Paul Schrecengost says:

Don’t listen to this guy he just broke the FAA rules and is a idiot!

Matt J says:

Read the instructions next time, not fair to give it a bad review when you didn’t even use it correctly.

SonnyM says:

Too funny. i thought it was just me but I saw all four “official” videos (which mention nothing about the camera) and I calibrated it. I “auto landed” it and it didn’t immediately shut down and so it went erratic even when I hit the emergency shut down. It was like a wild grasshopper. It only stopped when it flipped.

Samuel Ihanuwaze says:

The drone is fine, not the best but fine.

Robert Bennett says:

Operator error!!!!!! without a doubt. Your the guy that would buy a Tesla and think you can never have to touch the steering wheel ever again. Read the instructions! you still have to guide the drone when it lands.

Romero lawn service says:

How long the charge last on this one?

Alan Calvillo says:

ZaCrazy your Drone is Amazing.

Love2Draw&More says:


Tim Blank says:

the pilot is a rookie of the year


When it landed you should of just hit the throttle stick down and it would of turned off.

Future_Hikikomori says:

Mine cant go to 1000feet. Its as if theres a border and the drone wont fly past it. As much as you press the up button or right one it wont go. it can only go around 50 feet horizontally. Anyone same?

Bloodymeatsack Wolfgang says:

Is that the phantom 4 pro?

Kenny Wheelus says:

Oh ty, I’ve seen these at Walmart,now I know to stay away from these.

Carol Webster says:

Promark gps shadow drone will blow it away

Robert Bennett says:

Ok, so I’ve had time to fly this thing from the last post and the only problem I see is if your in an area with a lot of Wi-Fi signals it can get confused but that’s why you can do an emergency cut off. For the price, I like it.

Matt Doeland says:

Wasn’t set up properly. I’ve got the same drone & it’s a great thing.

tokoutokou ! says:


I am American 1 says:

I don’t think it was calibrated

Aerospace Fox says:

Thank you for this honest review, usally the only people who reveiw vivitar stuff, dont understand how garbage vivitar is, and give it a positive reveiw.

Vivitar gives me nightmares, never trust a company who sells a FHD camcorder at walmart for <$20

Michael siderio says:

He didn’t even show the collaboration part that’s probably why I crashed

Alan culbertson says:

Did you calibrate it right

doubleshot ops says:

Well maybe you should read the emergency brake next time

Xenon Dominate says:

I’ve had bad experiences with Vivitar. Be careful. Their products break easily.

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