Visuo XS812 GPS/5mbpx Drone Under $90! – Review, Unboxing & Flight Test

The new Visuo XS812G-WK ( offers a GPS autonomous drone ideal for training, the camera isn’t incredible but it has brilliant flight characteristics and all for under $90/£70, budget drones are getting better and better!

|– Visuo XS812G-WK:
|– Visuo XS809 Battle Sharks:
|– Visuo XS809HW Regular Version:
|– Freewell Gear Compact Landing Pad:


00:00 – Visuo XS812 Introduction
00:40 – Visuo XS812 Setup/Calibration
03:51 – Visuo XS812 App Tour/Guide/Settings
06:22 – Visuo XS812 Take-off
08:42 – Visuo XS812 Altitude Test
09:17 – Visuo XS812 Range Test
10:15 – Visuo XS812 Return To Home Test
11:55 – Visuo XS812 Follow Me Test
13:22 – Visuo XS812 Orbit Test
14:58 – Visuo XS812 Waypoint Mission Test
17:55 – Visuo XS812 Summary (Psitives/Negatives)
18:58 – Visuo XS812 Unboxing
19:44 – Visuo XS812 Closer Inspection
22:09 – Visuo XS812 Conclusion/Close



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Marvin Daniels says:

Very reasonable and something to think about for sure as a training drone. Thanks for sharing.

Sangle Chang says:

Visuo Drones are really amazing. Love Your Videos Really Detailed.

M.A Malik says:

Hallo brother,
Can i get this drone from Bangladesh???

GAproductions says:

there is always a potential for camera upgrades when removable but they never sell those upgrades

DroningON says:

*Its even cheaper now, take a look! ***

pat lucas says:

Pretty awesome drone for the price. Actually impressive. A $90 drone have a better RTH than the M2pro when it first came out, might have to pick one up for fun.

Colin says:

For the money, that looks like an excellent little drone!!

Icantdrive55 says:

Great video Ash! You are right these little toy drones are getting better and better. If it only had a better camera, but this Visuo brand does get better every year so maybe a good camera on a toy done is coming.

John Lawson says:

I really like the music on the intro and outro. Great review. I agree about how great that drone could be if it had some sort I.S.

DeadlyDiddly says:

Under 90 quid with 3 batteries, 5MP camera and a searchlight? Sounds like the perfect first or second drone! Plus, in the current paranoid climate, it looks nice and safe.

rsenn74 says:

Just a general question, independent of drone brand… which should first be turned on, the remote or the aircraft… or doesn’t this matter. I remember that some channels are saying it matters…. in which order you do for DJI drones. thanks

Knapweed says:

Incredible value for money, nice design in the black and gold, folding arms and GPS with all that comes with it. Looks like an awesome deal.

pat lucas says:

First again, be back after watching.

Steve Carpenter says:

Hello Ash, Nice review and test of this foldable drone! Dang, for the price and the usability of this little guy it a spot on beginners drone and for just have a fun flying drone. Nicely done and liked the change up in have the flight test first, thank you, Ash.

Chris J Setterington says:

Cheers Ash! Camera and transmission seems better than the Tello, not quite up to Aspire camera standards yet though *legs it.

Ken Drone and Camera says:

Thank you for getting to the point of the specs and flight test out the door. Great review.

Joe’sdronelife says:

Very nice beginner drone. Thanks for the video Ash. AKA Joe Marianna

Wynne Davies says:

Nice review and good to see a nice priced GPS that someone can play with.

Blizofoz45 says:

Brushed GPS drones seem to generally have a tough time staying on the air on a 1S battery. Visuo did a good job on the HUD for this. Looks professional. All the drone alarmists in the media need to realize that these things are advancing green electric technology forward. Electric motors and batteries have evolved faster because of drone hobbyists.

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