Visuo XS809W Folding FPV 720p HD Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This cheap portable folding FPV drone records relatively good 720p HD video. Throw it in your backpack and take it hiking. Find the 720p HD version WITH ALTITUDE HOLD here $10 off with coupon HJUNVS *Spare batteries here* NOTE THAT CURRENT VERSION NOW BEING SHIPPED CONTAINS ALTITUDE HOLD FEATURE.
and here is a cheaper low resolution 0.3MP version (does not have 720p HD camera), $8 off with coupon LQPMPV

– The quadcopter’s arms are foldable to make it very portable, such as in a backpack (similar to DJI Mavic Pro).
– Very maneuverable and sporty for a camera quadcopter. (Note, the current version being shipped now contains altitude hold)
– Can be controlled and flown via its controller or your smartphone/tablet. Controller buttons are all well labeled.
– Records relatively good quality 720p 20fps HD FPV video directly to a microSD memory card inserted into the quadcopter. Will also record video to your phone via WiFi, however the WiFi transmitted video is of lower VGA resolution.
– Camera lens can be swiveled up (to view sky and horizon), or down (to eliminate props from camera view)
– XSW UFO app is available on Google Play here and itunes here
– Good control and FPV range of about 80 meters.
– Headless mode and one key return.
– Does not require FAA registration (and as of 5/19/2017, no quadcopter does anymore 🙂

– Proprietary battery.
– Version now being shipped contains altitude hold. As such, flight capability may be different than shown in this video, with less throttle control due to the height hold feature.

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Julio Ivan says:

Just bought this quad and it will get to my place this week. I will definitely revisit this video and share my experience!

Quadcopter 101 says:

Find the *720p HD version WITH ALTITUDE HOLD here $10 off with coupon HJUNVS*
and *Spare batteries here*
*NOTE THAT CURRENT VERSION NOW BEING SHIPPED ALL CONTAIN ALTITUDE HOLD FEATURE* . Get the cheaper but low resolution 0.3MP version here $8 off with coupon LQPMPV*

Torres says:

Will this work with a vr headset?

ernestlcolemanjr says:

For some reason I can’t get the app to pair with the drone.

Phantom4Flyer says:

Will there be any way to disable the Altitude Hold on the new one?


nice, but that camera is trash unfortunately.

Bulat Gemuk says:

hi quadcopter 101, compared this
to hc629w, which one is better?

Noah Durrenberger says:

Dose it have to be fisheye?

nick poverman says:

If you use the app on your phone it has altitude hold. I wish people would read the directions or look at the app before they go make these videos

Per Nybergsund says:

Do you prefer this model or the xs809hw?

Andy Osmond says:

Do enjoy your reviews mate. Keep it up 🙂

иван калита says:

Hi guys, pls help me! I try to fly and record video on sd card, but I couldn’t find video on my card, pls advice me how to fix it

kondziu124 says:

How do you arm it? Mine seems not to even set up the connection with joystick anyhow. Did everything as manual told me to, but nothing happend after tilting up, down the height stick, no auto-take off, and no engines running, trying to tilt downwards-inwards both sticks didn’t help either.

Jonah Lienau says:

love the video makes me want to buy one (ps might)

Apple Lemon Citrus says:

hello hello its me again, should I purchase did drone or go for x8 skyhunter. I am taking ur advise to purchase a drone w/c cheaper but this is the chepeast drone that I can find in our loc. shipping is free

avi patil says:

Which of the two is the best JJRC H11WH vs VISUO XS809HW

A Stale Meme says:

Bad. Wouldn’t buy

Hasri Andy says:

Hai sir, is this serial number Xs809h w-hd-g The best of visuo?

Petrus Franken says:

could you pleaseeeeeeee do a review on the jjrc h29c pleaseeeee as i would like to et your opinion on it please.

James Moore says:

Hi I am having trouble hooking up the wi fi or camera

nope says:

Hi i have a qestion which memory Card should i use for my xs809 h-w-vga pls fast answer

Aldo Díaz says:


Meet Idnani says:

Hi…i recently got this..on the back of the box i see that my model marked is XS809H W-HD & not the W-HD-G.

Can you please tell me the difference between the W-HD & the W-HD-G model. Does “G” stand for gravity as in for Height Hold mode. Im afraid aliexpresss sent me the wrong one.

tyler denny says:

I have one of these and the trim settings on mine is stuck it always wants to fly left witch is irritating had it for only 3 days now the range is not the best and has cut out on me also the wind affects this drone massively unable to any wing at all

Mr. T-klas says:

Max range???…. Good vídeo!!

Mauro Ribeiro says:

Você Ainda Tem Ele

Eric x says:


Since it’s been some months since you posted this, I wondering if it still works? Thanks

AL3K- O mlk das intros says:

can it make a topview video?

Suazzz says:

I have this exact model but when I put my sd card it goes in and gets stuck it doesn’t spring back out

ANONYMOUS Anonymous says:

Do you know where I can get the extra camera part? Also the wifi antena?

marklola12 says:

I never get why they can no put a decent camera on these its not like it would be a lot of money

TetriKGames says:

This guy is amazing! I always check this guy out for what drone I’m getting and it gives me a lot of heads up! Thanks dude you earned a sub!

Ryutube says:

Does anyone known what the max size micro sd card it can have?

PalmettoMoon says:

In this video is the recording from the SD card or recorded via WiFi? I’ve read so many things saying that if you record via WiFi,it will not look like 720p. In this case,it doesn’t look like 720p because things are too grainy and not true 720p clear. Thank you for your time as I’m considering buying one of these from banggood.

Nabin Kandel says:

Bro my camera is diesnt work now a days in samrt phone why is it plz make how fixed that problem video my dron also same as your

gkossatzgmxde says:

Lasted 20 minutes, then one of the 4 engines burn out with clear smell of burning wire.
completely useless video too because no stabilizing.

if quality where better it could be a toy, as it is its junk.

Jesus Arce says:

how long did the battery last??

Caio Fonseca says:

Hi thare, i bought one of these 720p, at the link it says that he has altitude hold, but i’m confuse, couse my model isn’t X809HW, just x809W… I’m waiting it tô arrive, but i would like tô know it…
Thank u so much!

Javier' random vids! says:

does this need wifi

RoJoMe says:

I purchased this drone from on their yearly savings day. After the savings plus Prime’s free shipping and handling, there was also a code to save even more money. My final cost was only $60! The model I purchased was the XS809H-W-HD-G. I’m not sure what the extra letters mean, although, I’m pretty sure the HD is for High Definition. My only complaint is it literally was on a slow boat from China, so it took a while to get to me (it came in yesterday). Since this is my first drone, I have nothing to compare it to. After it’s maiden voyage, I have to admit it’s super easy to fly!

Erick Helena says:

hello , how long does it last flying ??

Chi Luu says:

This is POS

Kever35 says:

Hello! Is Tomtop a legit site to order from? I’m reading some mixed reviews. Thank you!

Walt K. says:

Great vid, thanks for sharing. It looks like you can center the throttle stick.
If so, will it “simulate” Altitude-Hold? Thanks in advance. Keep up the good work

xxFaZeGaMeR900 says:

u said u didmt want to take it up high because of the wifi what do u mean dou mean so u cant go really high with this drone

FX 「Dennis」Katō DR says:

Thanks for this

Rony Shak says:


Fred Bassett says:

What a piece of junk. Waste of your money folks.

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