UPGRADING Trev’s CHAMELEON DRONE. DYS Storm Motor Review + Flight

Grumpy Trev broke one of this ZMX motors on his fog racing drone chameleon. so it was the perfect time to stick on some new DYS STORM 2207 motors. These are the 2300kv version but there is also a higher kv version as well. Link – http://bit.ly/2o8W1EO

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Mic used – http://bit.ly/2jAl3Ly
Camera – Cannon 700D
Action camera – GoPro sessions 5


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Michael Murphy says:

totally off topic for this video, but what happened to the diatone Tyrant S 215 on the wall I don’t see it anymore. Was it a piece of crap that you just threw away? if so let me know I’ll cancel my order I don’t want to order another brick that’s for certain

steven gisler says:

So these are for bigger quads o take it! Good smooth quads for bigger then a 220 I take it

Elijah pepper says:

Could you do a video where you review these with 6 in, maybe have two chameleons, one with 5, and a second with 6 ( use extensions) to see if you see a difference like you mentioned?

Adam-g1 says:

I love me some bigger motors! I’ve been using the F80 2408 2200kv on my 5 inch on 5s/6s and it’s a BLAST! The bigger stator motors are more effecient than smaller stator motors also, so longer flight times are a great plus! Try the same props you have been using, essentially underpropping the motor and you’ll be blown away at the amp draw while still being FAST!

spooner Graham says:

Please Stu Could you either upload or send me a screenshot of the pid
settings for the Diatone Tyrant s As flew for the first time today and
it’s really wobbly when flying
Much appreciated

Anthony Cenabite Farr says:

Stu thanks sooo much for everything you do for us all.. and please keep it up!! p.s. the only issue is now, i dont feel like ill survive very long without a chameleon….. and Amatron is SOO amazing, I wish all companies were more like them… once I can sell off enough gear n quads thats going to be my next purchase without question and armatron will know you beyond sold me, just by doing what you do best!!!!! big love from broke boy fla…. 😉 #flajellyfish

Jaspreet Sidhu says:

Higher Kv motors will spin faster at a lower throttle or idle, but as you push the throttle up the amount of thrust that they produce plateaus, where as lower kv spins slower at idle but works its way up to max throttle consistently. Just thought I could share a bit since you were asking how it compares to higher kv motors.

- RotorNuts - says:

Does Trev want to sell his other 3 ZMX X25’s haha. I have some of the orange ZMX’s and one did the exact same thing. Id be keen on signed ones of course, love the content as usual Stu.

IZZY FPV says:

GOODAY Stew, I wanted to thank you for making the “usb to Lipo converter” video. Just yesterday we had an extremely bad storm and it knocked our power out for 15 hours, and both mine and my wife’s phones were dead and we had a screaming 3 year old who just wanted to watch “Mickey mouse clubhouse” (something you will soon experience) LOL. but because of that video we charged our cell phones so that our toddler had something to watch while the power was out giving us a much needed break lol. Sorry for rambling, just wanted to let you know how much of great idea that video was! cheers

flying cow says:

Why do you have so many cones????

DaRoach5882 says:

Grumpy Trev is flying Far Vew!
I love mine!

I did get some of their kits and made a supper short stubby antenna… it has been a beast and taken some serious hits and keeps on going!

alex b says:

Gr8 vid as always what was your first quad and cold u show us thnx

Christopher Bailey says:

So want to get into this hobby looks so awesome!@

The RCAddict says:

Are you flying on the Cyclone V1?

anglovirtual says:

Heard a few reports of quality issues with these motors. Vertical play in the bells and sloppy, iffy quality bearings on some.
Its also hard to remove the bell as it’s very easy to round-off the head on the screws holding them on.

Coppertop FPV says:

You’re not wearing the aomways!

Dan Johnson says:

Stu, were the wires on the red motor the same length? That could account for some of the difference since you’ll trim those wires when you connect to the EOCs. Maybe only a gram or two per motor but that could be significant

DJ HEX says:

Hey bro! I know you’ve done some cool vids showing people what to buy with a budget and stuff like that, I know your super busy, I’m new to the field, but I love this shit! I’ve never flow a race drone, just the DJI stuff. Where I live I haven’t been able to find anyone into this hobby, so my question is, yes I’m a first time operator, but I don’t want cheap stuff…. I mean I want to go cheap, but not to cheap ya know? say I had 1,000$ and wanted to get into this, I want something powerful, durable, can carry a gopro, decent fat sharks, decent batteries, decent controller, and whatever the better fpv cams. is there a way you can link me what you would get? I wish I had someone close to show me how to build these and do what I got to do, but I don’t so I just need something good, that I’ll just spend hours and hours and hours on to get good at. If there’s a way you can show me a package I can do this, i’d be super grateful! thank you kindly my friend, I love your videos! I need to watch them all…. help me out bro! or if you know someone less busy that can reach me and help me, That would be dope too! Thanks in advance, only way for me to learn is by the online community, your the best so thus why I’m asking.

IG – djhex_courtney
Tw – @DJHEX_

Fairex says:

Hey Stew! I was wondering if you can review the Emax Babyhawk. I’ve been told it’s a great little micro. Also can you show us how to connect a cheaper receiver, such as a Flysky one to it, because I’ve only seen people connect a Frsky RX. Also can you show us the whole setup, and what you think will make this fly better? Thanks in advance.

Shaun Richardson says:

Instead of spinning 6″, could the extra torque these provide allow one to jump to the 2550kv and still spin 5″ props up and down the way a normal 2204/5 2300kv would?

IzakGt says:


nychu4 says:

Hello I have these engines and I have a question you think are correct for frame 210?

Bob Turner says:

Thanks for all the great videos

Ryan W says:

Grumpy Trev wouldn’t be so grumpy if you would have soft mounted those motors…

saint mythi says:

looks like it cuts tree branches.

aman virani says:

hey Stu what Happened to the giveaway

Game Ville says:

I want a drone like that!

jtan163 says:

+Grumpy Trev can’t handle his grunt but always playing with his colours – what kind of operation you running here +UAV Futures?

Speaking of 6″ props…
Seen the Charmeleon 6 yet Stu and Trev? Haven’t heard much about it on the you tubes, but it’s on the Armattan site.
I’m waiting for one to arrive – the order has been delayed due to Charmeleon sales going off the charts (apparently).

I was thinking of the Emax 2306s, have you tried those yet? Any review planned?

Thanks for the review.

Ryan Childress says:

Oie mate! you weighed dem motors with a heap of wires on em!

mege rudi says:

Can you Review the tarot 130

Johnny Notech says:

Armattan Oomphs, going on my Chameleon.

Michael Murphy says:

I must say that chameleon is looking better and better

Reuben Rasmussen says:

Another great video stew

Elliot Hancock says:

great video! just as a little point I want to make, please weight motors with wires cut down to a length people would typically use 🙂

UAVfutures says:

Link to the motors here – http://bit.ly/2o8W1EO and drop a comment over at Trev’s Channel here http://bit.ly/2mGUamq – He would love it.

Madweaver says:

Im sure you have been asked before, but what type of controller “transmitter” are you using?

Caio Silva says:

Always uploading at 5am.. good thing I’m always up anyways 😀


hey stew good day what happen to the give away for the $99 racing drone that you built and reviewed did you ever pick a winner cause ive been looking for it and have not seen it yet what happen??

Paco TV says:

Hey stew what would be good PIDs for beginners to do rolls and flips on cleanflight and betaflight

415bryant says:

Trev is so funny!

Peter Woo says:

How did Trev mount the antennas like that?

wyatt freeland says:

Why is it illegal in Canada to fly over 250 g these are the rules it says 250g to 35kg and it’s fine.
Rules for recreational drones
If you fly your drone for fun and it weighs more than 250 g and up to 35 kg, you do not need special permission from Transport Canada to fly.

Follow the basic safety rules below. Not doing so may put lives, aircraft and property at risk. If you fly where you are not allowed or choose not to follow any of the rules below, you could face fines of up to $3,000.

Do not fly your drone:

higher than 90 m above the ground
closer than 75 m from buildings, vehicles, vessels, animals, people/crowds
closer than nine km from the centre of an aerodrome (any airport, heliport, seaplane base or anywhere that aircraft take-off and land)
within controlled or restricted airspace
within nine km of a forest fire
where it could interfere with police or first responders
at night or in clouds
if you can’t keep it in sight at all times
if you are not within 500 m of your drone
if your name, address, and telephone number are not clearly marked on your drone.

Matthew Bonafede says:

furibee fuuton fllight?

owen malone says:

Must be at least 4 grams of fingerprints on that set of scales Stu!

ce_238 says:

Hey can you tell me if the wizard is worth upgrading? Or make a video thanks you got me into fpv!

FPV Flyer says:


InsertNameHere says:

Hey Stew what are you using as your yellow points on the ground? Great Video, keep it up!

Peter Kornum says:

Witch zmx did he have?

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