Underwater Drone PowerVision PowerRay 4K ROV Review – [In-Depth ROUGH OCEAN TEST, Pros & Cons]

Enjoy this in-depth ROUGH OCEAN test for the Underwater Drone ROV Powervision Powerray 4K ROV Submarine. Get it here https://goo.gl/XtJvXZ

Part 1 with Unboxing, Close inspection and Setup

Part 2 with pool test

Part 3 with In-Depth Ocean Test

– Dustin
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Jim Hildreth says:

The PowerRay or the Gladius,which one did you like the best?
Thank You

beesleyboy says:

thanks bud, great review.
From the 3 underwater ROV reviews, so far it looks like the Gladius is the best handling ROV, what do you think.

n g says:

It’s great how your son n daughter help you with the videos with no complaints at all. Good kids. That rough ocean was a good test. Question: why don’t you go off the grass side instead of the rocks?

mrguitman99 says:

YES!!! I’ve been waiting for this one…

Bo Lorentzen says:

Great vid Dustin, +1 to the auto-color balance thing. thats incredible annoying, one moment fish is blue next moment they are color corrected..
This thing really need a 3 axis gimbal.or at the very least 2 axis to give stabilized video.

Robert [Zakienwar] says:

Great video, ya that plug being on the top is not smart.

Byron Thomas says:

Would be great to see you explore a shallow wreck. Maybe off a boat. Great review as always Dustin

Nos Vives says:

There’s a lot of work to be done on this before it can realistically compete with more expensive underwater solutions. As it is, it’s really just a fancy toy and not suitable for serious underwater photography. The stabilisation issue is a big deal breaker as is the tethering. I can see that getting easily wrapped around underwater obstacles and becoming damaged on abrasive coral.


There is def. more to discover in the water vs. the sky! These water drones are pretty sweet!

Gregory Johnson says:

Dustin.. my curiosity is peaking with these things.. from flying the sky’s , to surfing the oceans.. I’m going to check out the rest of your videos in this playlist..,really interesting sir!!

TheHawaiianc says:

finally you did this been waiting since you did the pool lol how come you didnt go to napili side herd it was kinda flat by aquarium

DIV Диаблеро says:

девочка входит в комплект?)

Anonymous User says:

What a piece of shit… A drone of that price should provide stability even in those conditions…

ItzComplicated Games says:

Amazing video

abgeorges22 says:

Have you tested the trident?

Derek Deacon says:

Seeing this made me glad I went with the Gladius. Thanks for the review.

pompeiA81 says:

The conditions were super tough and it kind of made the drone look terrible in comparison to the last ones you tested. Could you please launch it off a boat in deeper water…. it just never looked like it would do great in choppy water, however it seems to have a bit of speed and great little gadgets. Looking forward to seeing it in open water.

Wray Smith says:


Chuck Dugas says:

Of the ones that you have tried witch one do you like the most? Chuck.


Thanks guys great review love these sub video’s they need to put a screen on the props. Thanks Again great channel

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

The conditions were a little extreme for the Power Ray’s capabilities seemingly. Looks like it will be better in still waters.
Stability is, as you say, an issue but it survived the experience. I suspect that later versions will need quad or hex stabilisation for full control but even then the turbulence you were operating in would be challenging
Interesting video as have been all the series on submersibles so far.
I look forward to the next one

LieorDie24 says:

But with a so lon cable i love my Dji Phantom 4 and mavic Air no cable lol but okay the time will come this thing here is pretty cool for underwater already maybe one day we get dive drones without cable who can dive 80 to 90 meters for the same money would be great.

Bobby Fillettcky says:

I think it fight nice with waves. But in deeper water would be even better. (Y)

Tests says:

Great video Dustin..its what i wanted to see when i clicked on the video thumbnail when i read the title, as you could have avoided posting the video due to the rough sea along the coast line but you chose to post it and show the product and its abilities for what it is. The pro’s and con’s of the product can be clearly seen within the video and that’s why i keep coming back to your channel..! . As you pointed out as to the stability of the unit, is 100% correct and perhaps an upgraded version with a 4 motor configuration would obviously solve that issue. Personally i would mount a mesh protector on the outside of the vertical motor as that would have prevented any piece of coral or rock from jamming the motor. All in all, my view, the unit performed well under these conditions and perhaps if the 4 motor configuration was there it would would have been a perfect afternoon rov flight. Seriously looking forward to the night time review …!

Gijs Maters says:

Poor girl, youre not talking to her at all

lase one RC and Fun says:

Thx for sharing mate.. I starting to think I cut use it for test dive before I dive in my self for the perfect spot or wreaks… Great video’s and superb reviews very nice you put things in prospectives.. the bests from Denmark 😉

SuperArmus says:

Why none of these subs have independent camera controls like DJI drones? Would really help capturing smoother footage. Turning the entire sub to be able to focus at different locations kinda makes this not worth buying. They could encapsulate the camera inside a dome type enclosure. Nice video by the way, very informative.

AegeanGuides says:

Hi Dustin, nice video! I have had the PowerRay for a few months now and have done a number of mods to improve the drone. The first was to add a mesh on the bottom of the accend/decend thruster. I found the mesh (link below) was perfect and using zip ties to connect it to the existing grill (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BLACK-330x400mm-SEMI-RIGID-HDPE-7mm-PLASTIC-MESH-SCREEN-FISH-GUTTER-GUARD-FILTER-/382219739480?hash=item58fe126158). I have also added a cable secure on the back of the drone, so that when the cable is pulled, it does not put excessive strain on the plug. Also, one good accessory that PowerVision are now selling is a rubber protective skirt, which will help to prevent those bumps and scrapes. I hope this helps. Cheers, Tony

金叶 says:


Jonathan Cabanas says:

wow an htc m8, haha i owned that phone for 4 years.

Kevin Fortin says:

Too young to pilot one of these for sure, but i wouldn’t mind getting one and go out with my dad, would be fun to swim next to this while hes piloting it and go deeper for some cool shots. I wonder how far it can go, the future is gonna be very interesting if they keep developing these and making them better, and more stable. Not to mention fine tune the controls and bring in new ways to move it around like doing a 360° turn in ALL directions. But the way it is now is pretty good, especially in these rough conditions in the water. I would test this mostly in the pool or in rivers, would have a really clear water and see how well it performs in those places too.

ChristianProgrammer says:

Its on a leash hahahhaa

rolrod85 says:

Great video! I guess it was too choppy for the PowerRay. I’ve seen it maneuver much better in calmer waters.

Puffs123yt says:

Nice video very interesting

MikeOnTheBox says:

Looks like there is still some work to do on this one. Specially the camera, don’t know if that’s something you can control or not, but suddenly it goes with real nice colors, and then it’s all blue tinted.

michael stefanovski says:

great vid

and hats off to you girl for being so patient ! great job

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