Best Selfie Drone for early 2017? The XIRO Xplorer Mini finally came in this week. My first impressions were super cool looking at the box and contents. Nice printing and very nice packaging. But did it hold up to my expectations? And can it fly well?

Flight Test & Studio overview.

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Review provided by Justin Davis
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Sue Pat says:

Hello .. ThanX for posting videos of these ”Selfie” type Drones .. we travel to many destinations using bicycles (cycling trips) .. I am responsible for filming and video montage .. 3 drones I am currently looking at .. Wingsland S6 .. Dobby .. and this one your testing right now .. what I need is Follow me mode .. and 360 rotate around subject or group of subjects .. can this Drone do this .. and what are your recommendations .. Regards

Plus it says:

How much

JAG says:

Today I updated the firmware on mine, it’s actually done wireless through the Xplorer app., not the USB port.

Kok Howe Loh says:

The black frames appeared (the ones at the top) because you panned the camera too far up. Try to adjust the camera slightly lower using the vertical sliding bar at the left and the black frames usually won’t appear unless you do very suddenly movement with the drone.

Alex 1193 says:

Can you review the onagofly 1 plus?

Alan Savage says:

Excellent video Justin!! Hope you & your family had a wonderful Christmas

Powerpickle68 says:

That is a really cool drone and an excellent review,great job. I am subscribing to see more of your video’s. If they are like this,I’m sure that I will enjoy them.

Dj Matthias says:

Is the cam quality 1080? Where can I buy it? How expensive is it? Do you recomend it?

Heiple2007 says:

Not my cup of tea, but nice review. Good job. Jeff

Georgewrigley says:

Looks and flies fantastic. Might be joining my fleet also Justin lol. Great review as usual, thanks!

kevin mcmullen says:

do you have to recalibrate when you change batteries or does it remember it as long as you are using the same location

Ron Brown says:

Another great Video Justin! I don’t really know who the market for these Selfie Quads are. The diehard Quad flyers would never want to fly a Quad with such limited range, or have to control them with there phones. And $399 is way more than causal flyer or a teenager selfie addict is willing to pay. These GPS selfie drones interest but I don’t why, I almost never take a selfie.

Justin Huggins says:

I saw that you have done a review on the yuneec breeze also. In your opinion which do you prefer out of the 2 selfie drones?

pedoncule36 says:

What’s your opinion vs the Yuneec breeze ? Thanks

henry hein says:

Thank you for review. In terms of features and price, I am pretty interested to buy this drone but still love DJI Mavic though. it’s just that price is way too much.

atsui wong says:

so how much is it? website doesnt say.

Troy Nahrwold says:

If you can’t remember how the props go on, they almost always spin inwards towards the front and back.

John Leigh says:

just seen this tody review very nice – makes me wonder if this is a better quality video that Bebop 2 difficult to say though perhaps the yuneec breeze beats them both by a bit and the cam can point straight down unilke xiro mini

MagicDonut 634 says:

does it have altitude hold?

kevin mcmullen says:

which is better overall the breeze or the xplorer mini, i don’t care much about the 4k part just want a drone that is easy to fly , which can go higher and is faster, can the xplorer mini set waypoints

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