Top 3 Camera Drones – Review 2015

Our review of the top 3 camera drones found at NAB 2015. All priced under $2,000; these are perfect for any novice videographer looking to get into the aerial or drone shoots.

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In the video we cover these three models:

Typhoo Q500+
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DJI Phantom 3
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3DR Solo
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Check out the DroneFly channel where the NEW 3DR Solo is unboxed by Taylor. He does a great job at showing and describing the awesomeness of this revolutionary drone.

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joeamt says:
I have the 3DR Solo, and I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Marnix Verschraegen says:

Stiil to many problems for the SOLO

Jupiter rising says:

Q500 great machine but its big downer is the distance, the Phantom 3 kills the Q500 on distance, its something which the company needs to address ASAP. In the right hands; the DJI 3  can punch out over 3 kilometers, Q500 4 to 700 meters  OUCH that hurts .

Yanci Linares says:

i allmost hit a waier

Aurelio Rodriguez says:

Thanks for your good review!

Alexander Bänziger says:

Can you recommend a drone for strong winds?

Mudturtle Media Productions says:

Thanks dude. Buying one this week.

Ari Palefski says:

I love 4 drone
And know DJI and 3dr
I other

Alonso y su Pandilla says:

Jajaja the solo drone has in 369 dollars with gimball

Alex911 says:

what camera drone under $300 would you recommend? im looking for one that i can attach a gimbal to it as well…thanks

Bobster986 says:

The Phantom 3 (either version)  is the best quad on the market to date. The Solo is nothing more than a big white (or in this case Black) elephant, regardless how many computers it has. Its design is all wrong and its look and weight is that of a brick. The battery blocks the GPS antenna and can cause it to loose control. My predictions are, look to see all the fly aways to come. Happy flying! ;-

wlkngmachine says:

The 3dr solo didn’t seem too safe when it crashed into the US Open and the dude got arrested, seems like they’ve had lots of flyaway problems. Q500 is cool but its huge, the range sucks, and the camera doesn’t look as good as DJI imo. Phantom ftw.

mitsubishidiamante says:

only thing I don’t like about 3dr solo is they don’t have enough accessories such as propeller guards

IronDrummerDFW says:

The jokes in this are HILARIOUS!

Scott Allen says:

solo is a huge failure, the price, TX and fpv range is horrible.

serval FPV says:

i think a change of tactics is needed 😉

Horacio Mario says:

Hi, what is your opinion of the Walkera Scout X4?
Thanks, regards!

Darren Parry says:

One of the biggest selling points of the 3DR is the fact if you have a fly away and it is proven to be a fault of either the drone or the remote. 3DR will replace it free of charge.
How is it proven? You email the telemetry back to 3DR.
What if it goes in the water and you cant retrieve it! No problems they will still replace it as long as you can send the telemetry.

I can not wait for the Solo to finally land in Australia.

Marnix Verschraegen says:

The yuneec Q500+ for 1099 USd is only the 1080p 60fps cam the 4k will cost around 1299 USD


very simple to follow as a drone novice. thanks for a great video

Ben Stotesbury-Byrne says:

Didnt like the bad puns. Ruined the video too scripted

Marnix Verschraegen says:

The big problem for 3DR is selling points in Europe main land.
Have no idea who got it here.
Perhaps one dealer in the UJ
We european like to buy from a store not online, certainly a device costing almost 2000 Euros (USD becomes more expensive in euros, or as a lot of americans say Euro Dollar)

youyi li says:

Inspire 1 is the best choice if you have enough budget.

railzip says:

That 3dr is killing me

Curt Loesch says:

It should be noted that the 3DR Solo has come in to the market with some negative feedback. The gimbal was not available for a long time. Also, as far as I know (based on YouTube videos) the GoPro control doesn’t even work. No offense but I’m pretty sure this guy didn’t fly a 3DR prior to this review. If you did, by all means please mention it.

teknofil007 says:

Best drone fore Money moust be Yuneec Q500 4K. You get drone With good 4K camera, 2 battery, hard case fore travell, sender With 5 Inch build in screen on sender-Android, Doubell sett propell, sun hatt fore sender, loader, eaven you can load from car sigarett tenner. Stedy Grip so take off camera from drone and use it. All this fore 1000 UD Dollar!! No Company can make a better deal. I own first Dji Phantom but I sold It and bouth Yuneec drone!!!

J Hall says:

5:50 LoL!!

real3tron3 says:

boo, you forgot the parrot Bebop sold at apple stores throughout the world. My Parrot flys out a mile with its focal antenna and comes home automagically. 800 bux. although the 3dr solo is on my hit list. DJI will disable all drones 5 minutes after the chinese declare war on the US and they will not answer their customer support phone calls. As if they do now.

Desmond Harwood says:

Great feedback Doug. Cheers

Luis l says:

great video , i think solo is the best in the market right now and im not saying that just because i work in the company , people can tell, anyways i will be watching your videos (:

s richa says:

forget the 3DR solo, compare these to the Chroma!

Alberto villalvazo lopoez says:

i just got my 3DR dolo with extra battery and gimbal for 299 on bestbuy ( special offer ) plus i had my gopro 3+ .. better deal ever and the drone is really nice. i learned how to fly and now i have it on advanced mode. recommended 100%

Renis Kuci says:

I am torn between the solo and the phantom. I did a quick overview with the phantom 3 and loved it (you can check out the video on my channel ) but the solo seems like it has so many more features but I worry that sometimes to many features might be too much to handle and there might be glitches.

Media Distribution Solutions says:

Top 3 Drones from NAB 2015. Watch “Doug Via the Video Guy” gives the details on which are best in the industry. #Drones #NAB2015 #Video #MDS

Smart Halayla says:

Dose any of those cameras on those drones can zoom, change their focus and replacing lens? like on dslr have

South West Florida Aerial says:

The Q500 hands down the best,

Stephen C says:

Great info.

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