Makerfire micro FPV drone review. This Tiny whoop clone or inductrix FPV drone clone is pretty awesome at only $65. We look at what you get, how easy it is to set up and also show some flight footage of it zipping around indoors. Perfect for those indoor fpv lovers Link –

I used an orange RX in the back of my taranis and those little hoop thing are soccer hoops that I got from a store called Kmart here in australia.

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Callum Rose says:

Do all Taranis radios come with the module in the back
I’m thinking of getting the Taranis

TheM6aae says:

…Keep the green. Also, how do you mount them on the wall like that?

Chase P says:

Will this bind to the spectrum dx4e?

Callum Heinrich says:

is the $65 USD or AUD? current gearbest price has this at almost $90 AUD from your link..

Parker W. Olson says:

I subscribed

doubledigitdreams says:

will the turnigy evolution work with this quad.

MK FPV says:

great video! this convinced me to buy this drone

Bram Otten says:

can you do a tutorial on te light you have above your desk?

Cdrama-FPV says:

Is your quad mounts 3d printed? thanks for everything you do for the community. awesome stuff man!

IZZY FPV says:

the green looks cool! gaming + says:

green looks better

Farmer Fpv says:

I bought this Lil guy check out the first flight with mine I just upgraded the motors it rips thanks for this stew it rocks I posted my flight 😉

Miles Young says:

I just order the turnigy evolution transmitter. will that transmitter work with these tiny whoops fc built in receiver?

wyatt haversack says:

I recently got this and bound it to a spektrum dxe and whenever I plug in the battery it automatically turns on and won’t respond to the receiver. Any idea how to fix this?

Friteusen Fritz says:

This or the Eachine qx 90/95?

Joshua Walters says:

The battery connector is called a 1.25mm JST, most likely.

Jason Baldridge says:

How would you compare these to the T1 and T2 micros that you reviewed? Would you recommend those over this one for power?

Aprender Árabe says:

omg!!!!!!!!!! green like grasss!
would love to try this mosquito drone

Toni L says:

can I run 30C one these?


I don’t think so its on dsmx protocol normally used by specktrum

Rebelaqua says:

I stopped listening after the ninja turtles and liked this video. 😛

matt steenberge says:

Does this or any other tiny whoop FPV work with the Turnagy Evolution or a Hubsan x4 transmitter?

Thaddeus Fernandes says:

Is it better than eachine e010s

importryderify says:

Red one

Ren Medalla says:

Stu, what’s your set up to bind the Makerfire to the OrangeRx module (ver 1.2) in the Taranis? I just copied my Inductrix’ model to a new one and used the same External RF mode: PPM, Channel Range: CH1-8 and PPM Frame: 30.5ms 300u. It just won’t bind to the Makerfire. After the bind tones stop the bind LED on the quad just turns off. I know the quad itself is fine as I had no problems binding it to my son’s Spek DX8.

Steven Chambers says:

I like the green. thanks for the review video I want to get a micro

Ryan Lawrence says:

awesome video buddy, have you worked out what board you would select in betaflight if you was to reflash this or if was to update betaflight on it? im struggling with this atm. keep up the good work.

HumorVortex Mosco says:

It’s funny my Eachine Wizard came rtf all I had to do way put propellers on and put batteries in the transmitter. It was already bound to the included receiver.

Thiago S V C A says:

Hey Stew!! Hope u read this! I just bought two units of this drone! I got the version with camera and the “toy” control, lol, in Amazon. Also spare batteries and spare blades. One kit is for me and other for my brother, for the two of us to enter the hobby.
Here in Brazil is a shame but the drones are not well seen due to lack of information and “kind of” need to warn the air force every time the drone is flying (absurd !!)… so i really follow your channel to keep up with drone story 😀 Tchau!!

boeandthelizards says:

Good VID I bought one!

Ronn2664 says:

my makefire flies to the right. betaflight center values shows 1533. I’m using spektrum dx6 by the way. any idea how to fix it or is there something defective on micro I got from Gearbest?

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