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I was so curious to see what the DJI Spark would be good for. I was super hesitant and thinking there is no way this thing will be good for anything but it was actually a nice surprise. Its by far the smallest drone with decent video quality built into it. Lacks a lot of things like 4k and the ability to change the video settings but still impressive.


426 Productions says:

Hey TravelFeels would you vote to get a mavic or a phantom 4 mentioning practicality should be part of the equation for any peace of equipment like how you spoke of the hand gestures being impractical for the spark? Story first, quality 2nd, but if the practicality of always having the mavic on you can help you to step up the quality of your staged films or travel films, is the mavic the better option talking about the quality of your video overall with shot variation? or should we go with the phantom 4 to ensure we get few perfect shots, or many acceptable shots?

YoungBlaze Of Chitown says:

I wonder how did they become friends, and how can we be their friend

sergio caro says:


EdVentures says:

haha you and peter in the same video.. so cool! Love your content guys, I’ve learned a lot from your videos and I’ve been applying that knowledge into my own videos, thanks!:)

looka stj says:

And i like your intro music on that other videos

Kevin Kosta says:

haha the warm up reminder was glorious.

Peter McKinnon says:

That intro though… <3

The Bearded Jeeper says:

I would still buy it because it’s cheaper and has obstacle avoidance. I want it to follow my jeep. You can buy a control and get better range and sport mode.

Rare Imaging says:

You and Peter keep the videos and honesty coming. After watching both of you alls video on the spark I will be taking a different route with my drone shopping

Fly Guy says:

I own both the P4P and the Mavic and all of these spark videos coming out on YouTube are making me really question whether the sparks camera may actually be BETTER than the Mavics to some regard

Sans35 says:

Great vid! I see you still have the C200 with you. are any of these shot on C200? Whens your C200 review coming out?! cant wait to hear your thoughts coming as a C300 MK2 user. Thanks!

Spandan Das says:

I came here from Peter’s channel.. 😛

hugo lohrer says:

Is that Peter’s one?

Nitro Adventure says:

I really like your videos. So I just subscribed. keep up the hard work. Can’t wait to see more great content from you. Please subscribe back.

Chosen Idea says:

Fun video! Thanks as usual Matti.

YoloGaming says:

Your background is so boring

Abraham Barrera says:

Im still practicing my gestures.

Smoogle s. says:

I can tell this video was shot in canada because there is barely any footage from the drone and the laws here make it nearly impossible to fly a drone.

Cruz says:

I would much rather have the 3dr solo with gimbal than the spark

Ronaldo De Febro says:

idk if it was just me but I used to think you were peter and peter was you.

CHRIS McK says:

Peter and Matti – 2 of the best in one video!

Murray Frost says:

Matti!! I have the same hat as you!! 🙂 😀

jootai says:

why did you guys shoot this with 1080P canons?

Victor FonKrucian says:

greetings from Russia. like your channel. subscription + bell. why Peter never told about your channel before???)))

Tone Begay says:

Just watched Peter’s video. Great opinions and well you both answered questions I have been asking myself about getting this Spark or the Mavic and well I think I will go with the Mavic. Thanks for your opinions and your videos. You are both great inspirations. Keep it up!

ThatChristianVlogger says:

Anyone else not have to come here from Peter’s channel because you’re already subscribed???

MircoP. says:

Too bad quality for professionist, too expensive for hobby… that’s for none

Lechner Productions says:

I would say, the spark is the perfect undercover drone. Meaning that you could fly it in illegal flying zones, like a city for example. No one will come up to you saying something, cause it looks like you are playing with a toy. But try going to (fitting for me) Vienna and get your phantom 3 pro out. you wont even make it to putting on the props, before the police arrives. So yeah, it definitely has a place, but not in a professional way. It just does not deliver the quality needed for that. Still a fun TOY to play with. A bit too pricey in my opinion, you could get a cheaper one from china which serves the purpose just like it does. But you know DJI is the apple of the drones. 😀

FHC Cinematic says:

I absolutely LOVE your color grading!
Nice job as always! Thumb up!

Romeo Abendan says:

Love and support here from Philippines! keep going Matti! you inspire a lot of filmmakers and photographers!

Kevin Lutz says:

not sure if you had beginner mode turned on (it is by default) but it limits its speed and movement while on

Fernweh says:

Nice Content, like always 🙂

htweelz says:

Enjoyed the video. Got my Spark a couple days ago. It’s perfect for me as a mountain biker/hiker. The video it does is good enough for me. I can appreciate it not being for the professional crowd but the amateur/hobby gals/guys I think it’s perfect.

Lem Fillyaw says:

Gesture mode is not my favorite. For a guy who has less than $800 a year to spend on all the gear every year and a half (includes batteries, software,, etc.) this was my first drone choice. I use it for b-Roll for social media and my vlog. I’m not planning on making film grade creations but i do plan on making films and using it. I do like that you didn’t dismiss it on the whole but both you and Peter state that its not for you. When you described who it is for you could have just said my name because I ticked off all the boxes you stated. 🙂 I’m glad I found you and Peter’s channels.

Frame Upgrade says:

Hey Matti! Great content as always! Just published my own filmmaking tips channel and I’d like you to know that Travel Feels’ growth has been a great inspiration to witness! -Joonas

jootai says:

are you gonna weigh in on the 6d controversy?

Steven Chavez says:

Lol, Peter totally roasted your dead cat, bro!!

Jorge Rodriguez says:

You look like you are doing the rain dance!

looka stj says:

I like how you and peter started doing more videos together

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