Foxeer arrow mini fpv camera review. This foxeer mini arrow review has some a good picture for your fpv racing drone, has an OSD that displays your battery voltage. link – http://bit.ly/2u8t1kF BUT on your fpv racing drone the constant flickering of the voltage can be a little disrupting.


Marlon Clark says:

Why was the frame in view only on the left? That hurts my OCD. Also, that voltage reading is unusable!

Jiga Watts says:

unidentified ass bomb

kf7tkj says:

Why not actually talk about both the RunCam Micro and Foxeer Micro??? Lets skip right to the real next sized camera!

Toni L says:

#UAB Stands for u are best!!!!

R L says:

Thanks for the shout-out to the local college here:
The University of Alabama at Birmingham- UAB!

Jakinwhale says:

Why was the top left corner black?

Cooper Stukel says:


5zero7 RC says:

That voltage refresh rate is crazy! My Foxeer Monster V2 does not do that at all. Wonder what is different?

8alakai8 says:

really dont like the4s in front of the voltage makes harder to see in the corner off your eye we all know if its 16v 15v its a 4s

Robert Bull says:

I wish I could get into the hobby I have to try sale my dirt bike an maby be able to get some gear an a cheap race drone

JOESK/ FPV says:

U unmanned
A rial
B omb !!

Peter Ahlström says:

wat is RSSI ?

mindmantv says:

UAB – Umanned Aerial Bomboklatt! 😀

devbloggs says:

don’t all of the second generation runcam cameras have voltage osd? my Runcam micro even has voltage osd..

David silva olivares says:

Stew, could you please review the new EACHINE WIZARD X220s, I don’t know if I should get the previous or the new one, greetings from Mexico! :B

dyrinn45 says:

Hey Stu! At the end of your videos your patreon and other videos never show up for me. I don’t know if everyone is experiencing this but I thought I would pass it on!

icyburger says:

U Aren’t Bisexual

Nik Viney says:

UAB = u absolute barstuart 😀

Bonemyster FPV says:

Sometimes screw ups like that voltage refresh rate makes me wonder if the people who make fpv stuff even fly at all

Rickey White says:

I’d love to see Foxeer Arrow Mini -vs- Runcam Swift Mini! The blue camera looks great on the Flyno Cerberus =D

Victor Fonte says:

@UAVfutures: Hey Stew, regarding the OSD flying time on the overlay, for me it’s really annoying the fact it does not start counting only when it detects movement. It would be great if these camera OSDs had a simple built-in accelerometer… or maybe just start counting time the first time they detected a big “enough” dV (0.2V+, for instance?) over a short period of time (0.5s?). Maybe this “hack” could be easily added with a simple firmware upgrade? 😉 Great content, as usual! Cheers!

Mark Vande Sande says:


And that’s coming from a pom lol

UltanTV says:

U Unmanned
A Ariel
B Butts

LazerLord10 says:

UAB = Unmanned Aerial Bees!

Michael Murphy says:

oh yeah…had no idea he had friends in the Hells Angels M.C.
They are some stand up guys. they were there early helping with the set up and parking. Shout out to the Hells Angels….you guys are awesome.

Alfonso Irwin says:

you need to adjust the voltage and the settings on the cam. OSD menu. dad is going to fix your voltage blinking

Ed Mountford says:

Hey stew, another great vid keep up the good work! Was just wondering if it matters whether I join my voltage lead to a 5v or 12v pad on my pdb?

Samuel W. Mckinney says:

university of
alabama in

TheKlickitat says:

some of us are new and I know that I get lost sometimes. Can you please do a video explaining all the acronyms you use and what they mean.

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