The Quietest Drone Ever Made? The DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Review! Drone Flight Friday!

Does DJI have the quietest drone ever made? Today on Drone Flight Friday we’re going to review the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum! Honestly I thought this was going to be a really big gimmick with a new coat of paint, but after hanging out with this drone for a couple weeks I’m really impressed by it. Let’s check it out!

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Initial Impressions

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

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andy321373 says:

30 minutes of flight time in MOTION. Simple physics.

OneOfTheNobodies says:

In Denmark this drone cost 1.900 $ .. thats 12.000 kr .. Oo !! very expensive !

MrJugNut says:

Wow that’s awesome, plus DJI drones report all your activity back to china too??? Isnt that a nice feature 🙁

Jeremy Judkins says:

Great video. Very petty suggestion for the future, but when filming a drone, its really important to make sure your shutter speed is correctly set. Your shutter is making your drone props look very strange.

stephen parker says:

If it was flying it would probably get nearly 30 mins as flying straight and level is more efficient than hovering

Alex Feinman says:

I like the spark but the mavic is better for travel

Jayce Clive says:

Great content

Gribbo9999 says:

Decimal or decibel?

Patrick Handy says:

FYI. You can unplug your phone and still fly your mavic. My iPhone has died a few times while in flight and had to use the RC.


what if you swap the blades from the dji pro platinum then fix to the spark.would the spark be quiet.?

tkfore2one says:

You are wrong about the battery life. the 30min is when ran down to 0% in ideal conditions. you were flying outdoors (breezy/windy) and only took it to 10%.

if you are going to do a test, do it right and factor in all your variables and controls.

Daniel Baldry says:

Hey there Every Day Dad. Another great vid. Would you recommend this over the Mavic Pro?

ChoBreezy says:

Same battery. Just more battery life due to the new propellers and motors

isaiah james says:

should you get this drone ??????????? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pauljs75 says:

I suspect even more noise reduction can be done by putting a saw-tooth or scalloped shape on the trailing edge of the props. If you look at how noise reduction works on the boundary of the trailing edge of new airliner engines, the same principle should still work on a tiny scale. It’s not necessarily a complete elimination, but mostly shifting frequencies to those not easily heard by humans.

Looks like this one does pretty good by just controlling tip vortices on the props though. So yeah it’s better than nothing which is what you see elsewhere at the moment. (Most people are focusing on racing drones than making platform drones better.)

Woka Floka says:

I got to have one just kidding don’t buy stupid toys I’m a big boy

Ryan S says:

Anyone that knows anything about drones can tell you that hovering and only hovering uses up way more battery life then casual or Cruise speed flying

Jorge Lopez says:

But you can just buy the propellers and you forgot 60FPS . Spark can’t do that. I needs ma 60

Bad Drivers says:

nice one

EddieSpaghetti says:

You look like a telly tubby with that camera on your head 🙂

Nelson Sanchez says:

ok i see the price

Eloy Garcia says:

Some one needs to make the connection..I’ve seen two or three videos of the Mavic attracting Bees ..causing them to attack..

Tom Spurlock says:

No it’s not the quietest. Q500 still has it beat for least sound.

Root Beer says:

2nd drone video in a row with a troublesome bee. Dam bees lol

Rafael Moreno says:

Awesome video dude not boring at all, you’re a cool guy man, I’ve always liked the mavic pro seems like a good platform but I’ve always had my doubts about the advertised flight time

John Doe says:

Haven’t DJI stated somewhere that the flight time is based on forward movement not hovering in spot which actually uses more energy.

Drone U says:

ESC = Electronic Speed Controller. The Yuneec Typhoon H520 is 12 db quieter than the Mavic Pro platinum.

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