The Near PERFECT Drone!!! – DJI MAVIC AIR Drone Review

Finally!!! The DJI Mavic Air!! The near perfect drone. My review of my new favorite drone, the DJI Mavic air. The DJI Mavic Air checks almost all the boxes. Finally a Drone that has a great camera, is portable, and doesnt cost a fortune!! I really Think DJI has a winner on its hands with there newest drone to market, the Mavic Air.

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Camera Gear:
80d –
5d Mark iv –
1DX mark ii –
GH5 –
Canon 70-200 ii –
Canon 24-70 –
Canon 100mm –
Neewer big Tripod –
Neewer small tripod –
Rhino Slider w/motion –
Rhino Arc –

Aputure 120d –
Aputure light dome –


g_orwell says:

Hey buddy… helpful video, thanks for that. Quick question: have you tried any of those ND filters and if so do you have a recommendation for that?

Paul Duprey says:

Got halfway through this review subscribed superb quality review honest great work.

JulesMVideos says:

Awesome review! Check out my quick unboxing video too.

Mauro Covre says:

Awesome review bro! quick question, can I use an​ Android smartphone on it?

Ty William says:

100 megaBITS per second / 8 = 12.5 megaBYTES per second. Just a FYI bc that would mean the drone has near gigabit speeds if you were correct. Great video tho bro

Jack Dwiggins says:

Great video Jeremy!

Big drone flyer77 says:

Great honest review

RecluseAllKnight says:

No joke bro you have the best editing I have ever seen, love all the little details it really sticks out. You helped my out with a gimbal & I can’t thank you enough subbed for life.

Joey Gilkey says:

Great vids my man… getting ready to buy a DJI (my first) and was waiting for the MP2 but I’m told it’s pushed back to June/ish. Would you buy the air again or would you wait on the MP2? Thanks

na to says:

In the cons, you’re NOT nitpicking when it comes to the negatives. I hope DJI watches your vid and fixes the concerns you’ve addressed.
One Q: is it waterproof/water resistant?
Thanks for the vid

019united says:

Love your review mate, seems very unbiased! Really thinking of buying this! Thanks & Subscribed!

Garrison says:

Sensing a lil peter mckinnon vibe here but i like i

Bhaskar Iyer says:

Subscribed brother!
Good review and great beard! 😀

BD Prowse says:

mavic air or pay the extra bit for the pro??


The overall quality of your videos, makes me wonder why you only have 15k subs. I really found this useful!

Shutup Eric says:

Love the review, but concerned they are releasing the next gen mavic pro 2 soon… So not sure if I want to pull the trigger on the air. Thoughts?

Paul Sandoval says:

Nuce….I just bought one …great video

Taylor Jensen says:

Subbed. Best review i’ve seen on YT that provides a great pro/con perspective. You’re also the reason I purchased one, thank you!

altar7 says:

your review is pro af!

Connah Brennan says:

I have subbed.

Daniel McEvoy says:

Great video, much appreciated.

Rich M says:

Just say it dude, the old mavic camera hangs down like balls.

Jason Teale says:

Awesome. Just about to pull the trigger on this. First drone ever and I really liked how you went through this. Great job.

DarkThunder2209 says:

the best review i’ve seen yet! subbed 🙂

Dooger09 says:

Subscribed, thanks for the awesome review.

Jarod Keel says:

I’ve been thinking about getting a drone and have been checking out a lot of reviews. I feel like your video is one of the best reviews I’ve seen of the Mavic Air. You don’t skim past the information which is great and I like your honest opinion about the drone. Thanks for making a great video. I’m probably going to get the Mavic Air for my first drone.

Oscar The Retard says:

I would still buy the Mavic Pro but rear sensors are pretty useful.

Rozedo says:

1:47-1:57… your next tutorial better be teaching us how you did this without a motorised camera arm

Pigz says:

Sick vid

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