The Division 2 Defender Drone Review: How Good is The Defender Drone?

The Defender drone is a great skill to use in the division 2 when it works. But how good is it really? This is my defender drone review #thedivision2 #division2

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Joshua dominic says:

Dude I want fully siq content like anthem. Ehheheehhe

XxRec0nSilence r says:

Its not good, i dont even need to watch this video

xv Ronin says:

Drone + crusader shield skill tank build?????

some other channel says:

You ever even gonna play destiny again, or you gonna bang wagon another up coming game until it flops?

MDWavemaster says:

Thx for the video,
Can’t wait to rate Hideo.
Mtashed on Division 2,
He’ll show yall what to…….

sodaJ3RK says:

you should check out and do a video on @t
very informative for calculating DPS and building your brand set gear

Pokey Best says:

Hey tashman, is the drone for the sharpshooter specialist worth using in your opinion? I wish the pulses buffed crit hit chance ( I think it was crit hit chance ) like in the first game. Pulses seem very lackluster.

busterwolf3 says:

Your voice is a bit raspy this video bro

Draxz says:

Poor Bomber Drone/Firefly.. No one will ever use you as is.. “Crap Tech Options”

Kazuya Yuza says:

Your voice is double

Sixball says:

Half the time it works every time…

Bickle Bop Jr says:

Imagine having a kind of skill power build to increase the amount of dmg it can block for you. I think itd be pretty damn good

Profasual says:

So defender drone + Shield = Hello Mr. Sponge McTank

andrew walsh says:

Haven’t long subscribed to mtashed but got to say love the guy and the content is always very good

David B. says:

Hey i really enjoy this devision 2 contemt mtashed keep up the great work wanted to make u feel good cause u deserve it
Now do the same video for all of the gadgets cause i am lost in this game with no idea whats good and whats not and i need tutorials

William Strickland says:

Combine this with wisdom beserk strained build to sit at low armor and just melt!

An Evil Milkshake says:

I’ve noticed that all skills in this game are most effective when activated from cover. Massive seem to have emphasised the importance of this cover system in all aspects of the game, and in my opinion it’s a very welcome feature however frustrating for aggressive play styles

Kevon G says:

So in other words, it sucks.

xXLuisXx115 says:

Do you have a Division 2 discord we can join?

Ghost Butt says:

Chem launcher review?

Malik Arran says:

I find it most helpful when I’m getting lit up while sniping. Otherwise, I find the bulwark ballistic shield to be more robust for CQC encounters.

Alexander Xiong says:

That 120 sec cool down though………

Saurlex says:

I really like the chem launcher (heal option) and the Hive (Rez option)

Toxic Nebula says:

Lol you copied the widdz build, meta pleb

bloodline271 says:

Mtashed is back. Isn’t it nice covering a great game with actual content in it.

JayDeePunk 97 says:

Yooooo it’s ya boiiiii Mtashedddd

Darin The wanderer says:

I use it in pvp it’s awesome lol

Muddy Assassin says:

What about airburst ball? What’s different from the normal ball?

EonHSD says:

Seriously, Mtashed?
I’ve come to expect better of you.
I’ve been disappointed by many YouTubers man..
But 0:55 .. Not saying It SUCKS ASS? What has YouTube become

ExplodinCupcake says:

I appreciate your effort to make this video, thank you.

Jos Tse says:

better to use Hive Revive do die once time ~ HAHA. This drone need to buff.

Uneak 187 says:

Anyone who wants to group up on PS4. I’m doing pve. Tag: uneak_187

Chris Baker says:

Honestly surprised this wasnt 15 min long

Joshua dominic says:

Your contents are siq no matter what it is.

Scottyy C says:

With the crazy skill requirements for mods & the very long cool down on skills, I feel like the Chem launcher heals & the reviver are the only way to go.

CyberTroll says:

Yo but there is a mod that make the drone, move faster. But I don’t know if it works with all the types drones!!

Jaylen Wiggins says:

Have you guys been getting the recalibration bug?

Tyler Durden says:

it would be necessary to test this drone with a build full electronic

Mohamed Asfar says:


brighton m says:

Is the division worth it, enough end game content thats not pvp based? Not any game braking gliches or anything?

Andrew Tapia says:

8 people with defender drone in a raid. Those 8 people stack that drone on one person. Said person demolishes raid enemies.

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