The Best Price/Performance 4k Drone? Autel X-Star Premium Drone Review

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ALE750Rr says:

its just a fake phantom 4

RealityIsTheNow says:

Anyone else spot Logan’s BMW? lolololololol. 😀

dee boy media says:

Low cost?

Vladimir Stepanov says:

So, who won? Are you going to publish that info, or will you only notify the winner?

Mark moravec says:

Czech republic

Steve V says:

does it have any crash avoidance?

BigSky TomH says:

Love mine too, so much more to offer than my P3S!


Nice 3-series.

Dark Dimen says:

wooooo hooooo Norway!!!!

ITS EMR says:


theone2be33 says:

beat it

badnessofhour says:

You may not fly this in Sweden if your a swede… Frkn gvrnmnt

SuperstarPecanbar says:


Dominic Duplantier says:


RyanBurke says:

Stream 360 video. I wan to do that during international travel.
Although I’ll need to have mobile internet connection powerful enough for that too.
Thanks for the upload

joe nodden says:

900 dollars!?! What a good price! (im being sarcastic…)

henrique sena says:

does it have any kind of sensors? like so I don’t fly it into a wall or something

Vladimir Stepanov says:

Hey! Did you guys give it away yet? If not, I’m in for the raffle 🙂

M.O.D MasterOfDrones says:

Nice video! Very informative. I bought the xsp and I am very happy

Boryana Gigova says:

Tnx a lot for the giveaway.Virginia USA

Andrew Attwood says:

Would love to win one of these. Great video and thanks for complete review!!

Trey Simmons says:

How much would it cost for something this nice?

Dream Chaser says:

does this drone have ioc?

Neojhun says:

Wow upon further research the Autel camera has realy awesome Video Compression. Handles reasonable speed panning and object motion realy well with not massive nasty compression artifacts & blocks. But it looks like you could easily screw that up in the wrong settings, lighting and movements. As long you understand the limitation it seems to be better than most built in drone cameras. Best compression i’ve seen soo far from a mpeg based video drone.

tigeogr says:

I like the jokes like the one this guy here is making !!!! Cheap, best price?! Where, 700 pounds, man wake up !!!

Mike Dionis says:

I have had my Autel X-Star Premium for about 6 months now and what a very impressive set of features and reliability. I cannot give this drone enough compliments. The quality of the camera, ease of flying, exceptional return to home feature and the range of operation just hits it out of the park. It is very important to calibrate the compass and should be followed especially when taking this to new locations. I do need to look into possible lens filters for the camera as when flying in certain light conditions this will help reduce lens flare when shooting into the sun and to help tone down highlights. Cannot wait to see what Autel has in store with new replacement camera options!

rickyd454 says:

Found a dji pro 3 for 799 and a premium x for 699, which one should I go with ?

the doge pupy says:

Yeh I herd my thing

Charles Sneirson says:

is the giveaway legit?

ITS EMR says:

sweden whooo you said it!!!

MisterMacrae says:

yeah yeah, I heard ma thing

Bautista Prea says:

Is live feed laggy at 1km for example? Should I get this one or P3Advanced?

adinserter says:

Other than being confused about MOV versus MP4 I cannot exclaim enough about this super drone and video system. I also have to say, as it had beensaid bu others…they have the best customer service bar none!

Bill Q says:

Just Say no until Autel fixes it’s bugs.

Anyone who believes this hype wow. I own both the phantom 4 and the orange pumpkin. Aka Autel robotics x star premium. Autel’s app has video lag wow, their drone is not as stable nor does it have the range again wow. Annoying video interference prompts all the time sub par antennas. And the go home button to go home is fine till you have head wind and the drone just sits there draining you’re battery. And if you try to push the right stick forward on the Autel in go home mode  it will still sit there. On Dji in high wind you have two options in go home push the right stick forward. And or fly home in sport mode with gps. That’s another thing the dji app let’s ya know where you’re drone is and you can fly it back home via google maps even gives ya street address numbers satellite or hybrid view. And also a flight log that is re playable to find your drones last location.. With Autel your like where is it??? Also the Autel app is less refined some stuff doesn’t work Ios to Andriod. Just say no. 2 different Orange drones same problems. And I returned it both of them. Like I said phantom 4 owner it just doesn’t compare. Fly your Autel x star be proud but in high wind it’s like flying a orange kite. Very trouble some to bring it back almost lost it 3 times. It’s enough for me. I ordered a second phantom 4.. Autel does a few things right nice kit and great support. Other then that it doesn’t compare. You get what ya pay for heard that saying in life?

Roy Fernbach says:

I do like it, but it seems rather pricey at $700

Kevin Wong says:

Awesome review..

Sycophantichallenger says:

What the fuck Logan! What about Canada? You sonofabitch! Here’s something you can do with it, Fly it up your ass! (just kidding, love you bro).

Indybbshop says:

No collision / obstacle avoidance? This should be standard on these drones now.

Gordon Snell says:

Cool video but I noticed that that type of drone is pretty expensive

Top Edge says:

Do apple products work for the controller app? Please respond Crit

John Burkoton says:

can I fly this thing using googles for visual and have phone connected for controlling settings at the same time??

SnowBoys 360 says:

what it costs

SnowBoys 360 says:

pls reply

Advection357 says:

They should use more blades on the propellers… these things are too loud

dead pool says:

Really dig the Skyrim coffee cup!

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