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diego barba soto says:

I dont know, i use it to get footage for special effects, it gets fantastic shots.

TurtlesThatFly says:

Something tells me they are making a dirt pile doomsday weapon behind that tarp…

Jeremy Emry says:

Whaaaaaat? A flite test video with audio?!? I’m just kidding you guys #notificationsquad

rc Ohio says:

Dig deeper and spend the extra money on the Mavic. You’ll be glad you did

Jason H. says:

20 minutes and nobody said “multirotor”. I’m disappointed in you, FliteTest.. You, of all people, should know that it’s not healthy, nor proper to embrace sensationalized hype culture and refer to everything as a drone without even introducing the concept that this technology has a real name. Pls don’t be mad. I’ve been with you guys since 2014, I love your work.

Elijah French says:

hey y did you take down the video earlier?

Zarek Merchant says:

IMO the camera work was kinda shaky this episode…. but great review!

WildandLiving says:

5k for a 4k TV more like 800

The Grand Rider says:

I have the spark and I love the thing. It’s shoots perfectly fine video and it’s SOOOOOO small

Fsu Villi says:

You can plug into the controller via an OTG cable which will give you a little more range and faster set up. I’ve had my spark for about a month and I love the little bugger. Easy to fly and I can take it anywhere without any issues.

Josh Vidals says:

That business card was sick.

Ultimate Fishmaster says:

Can you guys do a review on the new “Parrot Bebop 2 Power” please I’m interested in buying and want honest feedback from the people that know drones best.

kenneth mabie says:


Alan Savage says:

Excellent video Austin & Alex!! I was thinking maybe you guys can do a review of the Autel X Star Premium (which I have). Only thing that’s missing from it is obstacle avoidance. I’m planning to put the Spark on layaway sometime soon since I can’t pay full price for it

Robert Simpson says:

True what you mentioned about other people’s ideas during a park flying session. Lots of people may be hostile unless politely educated and respecting boundaries of theirs. I have seen many YouTubers saying they have “rights” to photograph/take videos anywhere that’s “public” – even when parents don’t want them or their children recorded. Go to the area when no one else is around !

Richard Mulleneaux says:

If you already have a Mavic and had to choose between adding the Spark to your collection or the DJI goggles which would you choose? Thanks


there goes another drone in flames,good one guys

Mamerfs says:

Lol no sound

ARenaissanceishMan says:

Idk why but Ive always thought mavic footage looks unsharp like a bit out of focus or something, never bought one for that reason. Spark actually looks better.. Still waiting for the tech to get better in the next couple years

Brandon Markwardt says:

Not a sponsored video?

Blake Orr says:

My birthday was today and I was going to get one of these for it but instead my parents are giving me money which made me mad

deathraydave gaming says:

Mavic all the way.

david wade says:

Give me hdmi for fatshark goggles period make that available across all line up with all dji products and included in the price

WackFPV Limited says:

They lie to you! If you don’t update the home point. It will take off to the last updated point and you will loose your dji…

Rezblade says:

Parrot or spark ?

Hj Aviation says:

Why was this a re upload?

silicosick says:

Just bought mine this week .. so stoked you guys did a video on em! Loving it!

Gavin Remme says:

Upload in 4K!

Hj Aviation says:

I know what you guys missed…

The bloopers!

thedirtyroom says:



great job guys.

Aidan Farley says:

I love the spark force trick. It makes you look so funny!

Bryce Greene says:

I guess I’m crazy…

Fuzzwad says:



Jacob Glenn says:

I guess im crazy

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