The BEST DJi Drone to Ever Be Created

The Best DJI Drone to Ever Be Created. Alex looks at the DJI mavic air and compares it to the Pro and the leaked Pro 2 from DJi.

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DJI Mavic Air:

The Gear We Use:

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Bob Trotter says:

Maybe you should learn to put the gimbal cover back on before ramming it in your pocket!

Floyd' TV says:

At your age i use to play with an aeroplane which use to make buzz sound if switched on and had removable triple AAA batteries. Flight time was 1 month.

Scott Dunkley says:

I love the mavic air when is the next giveaway

Mattia Pranzo says:

The pocket boy

CA Wibowo says:

I’m afraid to see your face, but i like your review.

Scotty Zepplin says:

Just months ago everyone was saying the best drone ever made was the mavic pro and i’m pretty sure pretty darn soon more videos will pop up saying the mavic pro 2 is the best drone ever made. I can’t keep up any more.

Michael Zhang says:

Mavic 2 coming in out lol

Social Justice Warrior says:

20 min battery sucks imo. can longer battery life batteries be got for it?

Kamaldeep Sandhu says:

Nice Review Alex !

redjack56 says:

You are way off if you think this is the best drone dji has created, it has lots of problems including the terrible WiFi connection that keeps it from achieving the distance promised by dji. It could have been the best dji drone had they included OCUSYNC instead of the pitiful WiFi connection. The apps are always a problem too, if you take the time to research you will find tons of complaints. The other deal breaker for me is the horrendous noise this little drone creates, nothing stealthy about it compared to the Spark. I truly wish dji would address the issues this drone has, however as long as customers are willing to shell out the money for this half ass product dji probably won’t spend their own money to reach this drones true potential. That would be like actually having customer service you could count on, NOT !

Nick Randall says:

I really hate the Mavic Air…. connection issues suck and make it unusable in many situations within a city… so many interferences. Maybe it’s just mine, but many have said the same thing… I fell into the trap with all these videos trying to sell it… Plus, I realized I want quality over portability, so I’ma have to get me a Phantom before too long cause I don’t have Inspire money and no, just no. I will get robbed. Lol.

Cesar-jay Domingo says:

Thats my wish to my bday but i dont have a lot of money

yinshantang says:

Awfully loud. You are going to awake the whole neighbuorhood, which is a dealbreaker for me, period.

Hubsan Flyer says:

he did NOT calibrate that properly 5:50

F ab says:

Dude, the big news isnt the optical zoom version thats coming out, its the version with a 1 inch hasselblad sensor. That means the new mavic may very well have video quality that rivals or surpasses all the dji phantom models.

JK DUBW says:

hi alex have you tried the dji goggles with the mavic yet

Ryan Watts says:

Not the best DJI drone though is it

Laurent de backer says:

Hi Alex, i never had a drone but i’m looking into one. This Mavic Air really seems like a good choice! Price/performance wise i think it’s worth it. Is there still a “superior” drone? And if so, which one would it be? Phantom 4?

Great video Alex, you really showed everything of this drone capabilities off and i like the follow me feature 🙂


I’m still very happy with my spark

Garry Gadget says:

Hand landing can equal cooked motors – looks cool but is a trifle stupid.

Bond Bondy says:

Where did you get the red cable from

Hybrid Alien says:

Don’t recommend hand landing and tilting it to stop the props due to the stress on the motors

matthew blackburne says:

Great review bud ,can u do 1 for the spark please

paul studd says:

Ruined by the latest bad software from DJI

Jack Bisson says:

Try the 4hawks antenna for the Mavic Air and get better reception and longer distance.

cplcabs says:

Hardly the best drone money can buy, if you think that then you need to think again, it wasn’t even the best drone money can buy when it first came out. It’s not even the best drone for the price. You really need to keep up with what’s going on.

craszhtube69 says:

DJI drone is the best, got the DJI Spark and love it. It only shoot 1080p but that is fine with me.

Rajiv Anlog Ajay says:

Awesome video bro….

Thats Fresh says:

There are no satellites. RF & WIFI run this world.

Don Carpenter says:

I get 2 miles easy with the air

Stuart says:

Stick with my Mavic Pro

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