The BEST 4K Camera Drone?! The DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo Review!

We’ve been talking about it for 2 weeks but today is the day we finally do my review of the brand new DJI Mavic Air. I think this is a fantastic drone but it is certainly not the upgraded Mavic Pro that some might confuse it for. But lets get right into it!

The DJI Mavic Air!

51 Drones Cold Weather Video

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Slugo's RC says:

I hope your going to keep the spark! It’s an original! Thanks Rich

James Whitelock says:

If you want to checkout cold watch Jake Sloan.

Sans35 says:

oops. at 1:44 did the wind got your tripod?! ha

JoeDoe_ Outdoors says:

Hey great channel ☺ Keep it up!

Justin Treptow says:

Noticed your tripod fell over on the mavic air rocket shot… Your camera ok?

It_is Juan04 says:

I really want to buy a 4k drone for cool videos but I have to see up some $money$ so it is ganna take a while

Kardoso says:

Nice review bud..keep it up

keanu Romero says:

What’s so good about the dji mavic pro having a 1 inch sensor ? What does 1inch sensor do ?

Glenn John says:

Can it do 4K 60 FPS?

Jaroslav Hyll says:

Great review really like your channel. Btw i got onyx black too.

Mike Sarni says:

Nice review….shakinh was fixed in a newupdate today 😉

51 Drones says:

Perfectly stated! Nice job! Can’t wait for the Osmo vids!

coyotetrails says:

less drones, more action cams! – love it all though!

Carlo Salt says:

3 Things the Spark is better. Made of metal and not flimsy plastic, Smaller and can be directly charged without carrying yet another power supply.

Chuck Ostrom says:

Is your biggest disappointment the charger? If distance and time aren’t the biggest issue, would you still recommend the Pro over the Air?

Russell Schundler says:

In my opinion, the lost member of the DJI line is the Mavic Pro. I see the Mavic Air comparing to my iPhone and the P4P comparing to my Nikon 750. One is portable and has great image quality for most applications. The second provides, at the price of size, more features and even better image quality. I love my P4P, but, as is often said, the best camera is the one you have with you. That’s where the Mavic Air comes in. Often the best drone is the one you have with you!

Effie Lever says:

Yes, great drone, just stop comparing the size to a phone (as many others do), it’s more like the size of five or six phones.

kailer hoult says:

Spark: Remember when……(ಥ_ಥ)

Vee TV says:

You’ve got some great videos!! Very informative and great to watch! Just recently purchased the Mavic Pro Platinum looking forward to making some videos! Thanks again for the content!!

Greg M says:

Another good video. I see Dustin Dunhill gave you a shout out. Your getting to be a star.. Lol.

Stan Cook says:

Good on you. You got it right. You do know though that all those features and more will be in the Mavic Pro 2, right? Save your money. Word is the Spark is on the way out of production so keep your if for nothing else than a keepsake. Sad about the cold IMU on the Air but I am sure DJI will take care of that. I am tired of seeing Air videos but yours was the best and honest. Right on!

Nate The Great says:

So really what is the benefit with the fly more package for the Air?? The Spark fly more was a must have. But I am wondering if I could just get the standard Air and pick up an extra battery or two when I need them.

Ron Altman says:

I have never owned a drone and I want one. Right now the air and pro are the same price on Amazon ($800). The air fly more is $1000. I can get the pro with a spare battery and case for $900. I want to fly my drone from a small boat in the gulf of Mexico. Portability (up to a point), fly time, reliability, ease of use, active track and price are all very important to me. I don’t see myself needing the rear sensors all that much. I keep going back and forth on Pro vs Air. The less I spend the better! Advice is greatly appreciated!

Carlo Salt says:

The black get dirty quick and you can find it if lost

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