TERRASCOUT Nerf DRONE | Review & Battle Demo in 4K!

Nerf Terrascout RC Drone / Tank has made its way to the Gun Vs Gun Compound where Danny Gun puts it through the ultimate test. After the initial Unboxing & Review, Danny mods the drone with Gun Vs Gun illegal ammo and lets it run wild in the house on a seek and destroy target War Mission. After that, Danny also tests the Nerf Terra Scout Drone limits by setting up a field Battle test to see if the All Terrain tracks really work in a real life situation. Watch and find out how this Drone completes these missions!

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NERF N-STRIKE ELITE TERRASCOUT RC DRONE Blaster is for Ages 8 years & up | Retail Price: $199.99 US
Drop in on your friends with the N-STRIKE ELITE TERRASCOUT RC DRONE! This RC blaster drone features high-speed, all terrain tracks for quick strikes and an 18 dart clip for remote bombardment. You can use the live video feed featured on the controller’s LCD screen to scout the battlefield, locate targets and plan attack. Maneuver the angle of the drone’s blaster remotely, and fire a single-dart by pressing and releasing the trigger, or hold down for extreme rapid-fire blasting in battle. Record audio and video to an SD card (not included) and share epic battles and campaigns. Controller will slide onto the back of the drone’s blaster and snap into place for storage. Drone also includes tactical rails, compatible with N-STRIKE ELITE accessories, each sold separately. Controller requires 4 AA batteries (not included) but does include a rechargeable NiMh battery, charger, and 18 N-STRIKE ELITE darts.

About GunVsGun Nerf War Videos:
We are the craziest and deadliest Nerf video channel on YouTube. If you love action and Nerf guns, you will love GunVsGun. Our Nerf wars are epic. We have a huge Nerf arsenal which makes our battles always interesting.

We use the Illegal Nerf Gun Mod which makes our foam blasters deadlier than airsoft guns… or real machine guns for that matter.

We don’t stick strictly to Nerf guns though… Hasbro doesn’t pay us so we’re free to use Boomco blasters, X-shot guns, BuzzBee guns, you name it.

Heck we even made a Lego gun once!


How big is your Nerf Arsenal?
We lost count. Too many blasters than is healthy. We got everything from the old school stuff to the N-Strike Elite line (Rapidstrike, Strongarm, etc), to the Nerf Zombie guns, to the Mega line like the Centurion, to the Nerf Rival line for adults.

Should I learn how to mod a Nerf gun?
No, It’s too dangerous. Don’t try this at home.

What’s your favorite Nerf blaster?
We’re old school. Tommy likes the Nerf Maverick and Danny digs the Deploy.

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the video is fine for me

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I hate you

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Nerf, do you realize you’re making a foam dart variant of ShadowRun?

Becuase I hope you do.


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its so cool

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What app do you youse to anamate the nerf bullets ??

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you guys are hilarious

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I am Dan tom I sub scrub
and I love your vids

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that is so cool you need to use that in a vid

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nurse should make a Mega Dart shooting race car

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I Just saw a woodpecker

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lol can i have it for a day

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It reminds me of the AGR or ASD from Call of Duty Black Ops 2

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i want that thing pls give it tu me pls i love your vidios

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how much was it

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Danny is stubip

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can I have your nerf gun car

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I wil the TERRASKOUT NERF. Please

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