TELLO Review – My Favorite $99 Smart Drone

Love this little drone, and the price can’t be beat.
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Jim Gregus says:

Glad to see one of the drone pros review this drone. I have crashed it 9 times, zero problems!

Ed Ricker says:

Buy the TELLO on Newegg:
Freewell Gear Landing Pad:

brian roberts says:

great vid ed

Tom's lille hjørne says:

My tello or camera tend to lag alot…cant see that on your drone?

LARRY D says:

I dont know where you get crash avoids. It still dont stop .i do t getit

TheOregonOutlaw says:

Link for Drone school NOT working – ???
Cool little toy drone & a great first for newbies! THX

Pandemonium 68 says:

A decision to go to Norway for a holiday I think lead to my viewing Norway videos to think, wow, you’ll not be getting up there, 2000ft high cliffs to take photos. I came across drone footage and thought that’s the answer. Find the Mavic but I’m like do I really want to get a feel for drones with a mavic? Well, my answer to that is no. Figured buying a cheap drone first for less than $100, might just save me a lot of money so looked for reviews of cheap drones, subbed to you only a couple days a go and find your reviews to be among the best. That’s it, I’m sold on buying this first, then the Mavic. This looks like it might remain handy anyway for tight shots, going under a bridge, through a forest, interior shots – places I wouldn’t want to risk flying a Mavic but could afford to lose something like this without it really putting a downer on an otherwise good day. Minutes after viewing this, that was it, I went and ordered one so thanks for this, looks great.

Ian Keegan says:

Slick little drone!
Great little starter drone I would imagine for anyone looking to getting into droning and didnt wanna splash out on a Mavic or Phantom!

Tim Fitzwater says:

Instagram drone! Would be perfect for quick stories and things like that.

Swing4TheRing says:

“I’m not sure if I get this one… But hey, it does it…” LOL

Drive On Guard says:

Nice earrings Ed. Looks nice.

rolrod85 says:

Great video review, Ed! Btw, the recommended bluetooth controller, the Gamesir T1D (for iOS and Android) was just introduced and is now available in the DJI store.

Steve Carpenter says:

Thanks Ed, Another great video review! Very cool little drone, it sounds like a mosquito flyer next to your ear!

Seth Allison says:

Thanks for the review! I was really curious about this drone. Seems like a great little drone to let someone learn on.

Roy Pitts says:

Great video, Ed…I bought my Tello a few weeks ago and am having lots of fun with it. While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of my other drones…Mavic Pro and Spark…it’s still loads of fun. Also, I bought the Game-Vice controller to use with my I-Phone and Tello, and it really adds to the overall experience.

John Ivar Rubach says:

I would LOVE a series of videos covering free or affordable software for video-editing, included music/sounds/effects…… and how to use for a total noob! #VideoeditingFor Dummies

Jeff Rzepka says:

Great Video and great drone. I have the Mad Catz controller from Amazon that works beautifully with the Tello for full control. It’s an Apple Certified Mobile Gamepad and Game Controller Mfi Made for Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad…

rolrod85 says:

Can you explain what you meant by “the bumpers have collision detection” at 8:11?

toebagscum says:

Thanks. Nice review man. Really like your channel! ✌️

Airtime Church says:

My Tello is great for fun! Can’t believe its so cheap.

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