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The Ryze Tello drone is here. It includes a DJI flight controller, Intel processor, and intelligent flight modes. It is small, nimble and fast. It flies using the Tello app on your smart phone, so flying this drone is a different experience. We fly it in slow and fast rates, try the different intelligent flight modes, and test it in the wind. Is the Ryze Tello drone right for you? It is $99 and packed with tech, but how does it stack up to other popular drones priced under $100? Our test and review should help you decide for yourself!

The main camera I use is the Panasonic Lumix FZ300
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MR. JB says:

Nice man

Cliff s says:

Yet again! Another great informative fun video! Thanks!


300 ft approx range?

Big drone flyer77 says:

This is impressive quad, the hoover is amazing. I should of got that instead of the bugs3 mini. Cool you can connect with a game controller. A friend of mine is going to make a video about it. Dji and intell makes greatness. Great job Kelly and thanks so much for the video.

nev Tk 1100 says:

I got the Gamevice with my order 😀 Still waiting

Marc Giroux says:

hello could you please give me the name of the controller and where you can buy .thank you very much. Marc Quebec Canada

gareth5000 says:

I wish the tello was as good as the Spark at 83g, with a fly more version. No more CASA problems!

Johnny Rivera says:

Hi I all ready bought one I Can wait to receive that little beat.thanks

Tiago Goulart says:

You forgot to try the sport mode and RTH.

Daniel Partida says:

Nice video, how much distance can you fly it away?

jedburgh01 says:

Is drone registration mandatory in the US now? There’s talk of it here in England but not yet.

JAS Aerial says:

Yep I want to get one of these for my boys to begin learning drones. Please do a video of the programming option for the drone.

roger martin says:

Would really like one  like that . Nice review and demo flight

Dutch Drone Adventures says:

Awesome review! Drone toy of the future!! Great design!

Jay Harker says:

Looking forward to part 2 using the Bluetooth controller. I just received my Tello yesterday and having no tactile feedback on the phone requires a bit of a learning curve. Super fun though.

I’ve seen that they recommend MFI and Gamesir remotes but no one can verify what actually works yet. I’d appreciate a recommendation for Android.


Alan Savage says:

Close call with the camera. For a non GPS quad, it holds its position very well. Excellent review Kelly!!

Christopher Justice says:

Great video.

Feri K. - Aerodron says:

thank you for the wonderful video – like

telephony says:

Where do you get a BlueTooth remote control that will interface with a drone piloting app? The ones I see on Ebay appear to interface with game systems, not cellular telephone handsets.

*I need one that will properly communicate with the X-Hubsan app for Android*

Thank you ahead of time! 🙂

Gadget Inspector says:

I’ve never seen vision positioning like this on a toy drone. I actually took it up about 30-feet and it was still holding its position. Pretty amazing. Looks like your recorded video doesn’t have nearly the amount of dropped frames as mine does. Glad to hear your opinion of it.

Bj Eddy says:

you did an excellent job on this,, easy to understand,, left no questions unanswered , thank you for posting!

Gutzy Gear says:

DJI has sure dominated the higher end photography market. I’m not too impressed with this Tello. For around the same price range you can get a yourself a more capable, complete and practical drone such as the Hubsan H216A X4 DESIRE PRO. The Tello doesn’t come with a transmitter, it has poor range, average performance and the apps seem more of a novelty than useful.

Benito Valdes says:

Great little toy drone!! Pretty stable even with the high winds.

Paul Fueri says:

Help your dogs limp Kelly she looks like a very nice dog .

IamWedge says:

Nice review. That’s another good one for the kids to play with out in the yard. Software stabilization is usually pretty good. Im surprised at how well it holds its own in the air as well as a little bit of wind. Impressive it has those extra flight modes. So when will you test it’s………… Range? One question. How long will it last on one charge? A hover test will suffice.

Design Eagles says:

Excellent review sir! Will be ordering one for my son…I’m busy loving my Mavic Air which has given my Inspire 1 V2 Pro a little competition …

Scott Bynon says:

Would you recommend this for someone who’s never flown a drone I know that DJI is the world’s best drone people ever and I was just wondering is this the one you recommend for someone like me who’s really never flown one before

John Kallas says:


Dave Shepard says:

How fun, good quality for 100 bucks, I’m getting one.

roger gaylord says:

interesting drone its more a starter kid drone for starters without losing a lot of money thanks for posting and have a great day

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