Teal Sport 80MPH+ Ready to Fly Racing/ Freestyle Drone Review

00:00 – Introduction and flying
5:22 – What exactly is the Teal Sport
8:08 – Modular Design
10:41 – Flight Controller
11:54 – Repairing the Teal Sport
14:48 – Under the hood, inside components
21:21 – What’s in the box
23:27 – Who is the Teal Sport for?
24:11 – Pros and Cons
25:46 – Conclusion

When it’s back in stock, it will be here: https://shop.tealdrones.com Teal Drones sent me their first product available to the general public, a racing drone that does 80mph+! If you’ve been wanting to get into racing or these free style drones, the Teal Sport is one to seriously take into consideration! It’s crazy fast and built/tuned by actual pros!
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George Costanza says:

It was cool enough to pique my interest, but proprietary batteries (proprietary everything), Teleporter V5’s, and not a single piece of carbon fiber for $800… honestly, you can get a lot more drone, be it PNP, BNF, or RTF, for a lot less money. Furthermore, why spec all the quality components when they’re just going to put them into a cheap plastic shell? Seriously, while today’s airframes have evolved to become nearly indestructible, that chassis on the Teal wouldn’t be out of place on a toy quad from three years ago… which makes it seem like it’s “modular” design grew out of them expecting it to break a lot, more than anything else. Anyways, just my $0.02. While it’s not my cup of tea, best of luck to anyone who pre-ordered.

Tim datoolman says:

Great vid Jay. That little guy screams! Haha!

Tim datoolman says:

BTW, I have 4 of the PC screw guns for work and they are the best bang for the buck for a screw gun/cordless drill out there in my opinion.

Patrick Conroy says:

How is the video feed out of the box?

JoeDoe_ Outdoors says:

Hei great channel ☺ Keep it up!

Brian Castle says:

Great Video, I truly appreciate you giving an actual demonstration of how durable/fixable the Teal Sport is.  A lot of companies say their drones are modular and can be fixed at home, easily, but Teal looks to be the real deal.  Also, now I won’t feel like the person who crashes and breaks their Teal.

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