TEAL ONE Review – Nvidia Powered Smart Drone – Part 1 [Unboxing, Inspection, Setup, Pros & Cons]

Enjoy Part 1 of my TEAL ONE Review – Nvidia Powered Smart Drone. Get TEAL Drones here https://www.tealdrones.com

It’s been a long time coming. Stay tuned for the in-depth flight tests and see how it does in the air. Please SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss them.

– Dustin & Sanaiya

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Jeff Carpenter says:

Website says 3 to 4 minutes flight time not good. Really want to like this one. Good review waiting for flight.

chris robbins says:

“Call for pricing” = no thanks. Plus looking at the replacement parts pricing…rediculous. $100 for just the battery? $20 for TWO props??
This is doomed to be another flop from the start. Sorry but that is the truth.

BoredX says:

Gaming Drone??

Shape the future Tech says:

I’ve no idea why they keep releasing useless drones.

Paul Hinker says:

Had one of their employees stop by and give us a demonstration of one of these. Top speed of 50mph+, flight time of ~11 minutes, runs a full Ubuntu 16.04 OS. They were asking if something like this would work as a way to ramp students into robotics. Modular and robust construction but quite heavy. The ESC are inside the case so you could swap the arms out with wheels and turn it into a ground based unit.

Paul Craddock says:

try say taking off instead of take off

nick poverman says:

Way over priced for what it is. Also you have to build it. No thanks.

Big drone flyer77 says:

Great Unboxing Dustin, the air vents is great. The batteries are crazy looking and its a 4s, thats great.

theone2be33 says:

Drones without proper remotes is like a car without a steering wheel

pemergency says:

well, with this latency (almost 1s for the video transmission) this toy will be absolutely useless from fpv flying perspective, just wonder how bad is the lag from controller 😀 Thanks Dustin for detailed and professional unboxing.

Keith Whisman says:

It would be cool to have a bar code of QR code that you scan when prompted in the app to set up the settings and password automatically but alas nobody is going to do anything that clever.

Basetau says:

Teal is in the market for almost 3 years. I am following George for long time. Problem is his bad marketing strategy. He didn’t let Teal went out of USA. I am in Australia and wanted to buy the first generation Teal at the very beginning but they didn’t let me order one. How you do a business while refusing to sell?

AgentStarke says:

Definitely interested in seeing the performance of this thing

scottykardos says:

One example would be the removable arms , that would be nightmare if it crashed. Super weak link because you wouldn’t just be able to plug one in after it crashed, it would require epoxy and require hardwiring ….super con . super pass on this one before it even hits the air.

tokoam says:

Looks like crap

David Hronowski says:

Can’t wait for flight test and knowing how much this will cost.

Br1aNn88 YT says:

Nividia? Like the pccompany?

Juan Hugh Jass says:

Interesting drone, but the small size and absence of a controller (with actual joysticks) is a no-go for me.

Prolific Invention says:

*Dustin Dunnill* Excellent review, definitely the most thorough and interesting channel. Please review the *Plimp* drone or similar…been big into inflatable drones for years but no one seems to make good ones. The Plimp boasts hours of flight time, 45mph top speed, and miles of range-but I only have seen passing references to it. Surprised the Chinese haven’t knocked off a smaller yet similarly featured version yet.

Polecat54941 says:

Well I hope it is under $100 or they wont sell many from what I can see.
All that fancy packing and propitiatory hardware is usually just a way of giving a product a ridiculous price as per Apple,DJI and Tesla so perhaps they are just a little too embarrassed to announce a price just yet? Good review, thanks a lot 🙂

hueman09 says:

Teal Drones 404

Rolex0071 says:

Another outstanding video from you. God bless Eamon in Ireland.

W.G. Brown says:

Maybe I missed something, I saw lots of swag , but they forgot to send the controller???

Ab Rob says:

thx Dustin! looking forward to seeing it in the field!

Pullsee says:

No international sales. Thumbs down.

Bramble says:

Nice flying bar of soap

Rolex0071 says:

Nice but you have the Parrot Anafi the DJI Spark and now the amazing DJI Air.

tomlog55 says:

No this thing is massive fail. Just from this video too many issues. Let’s start with no pricing ( I am going to guess at lease 399 based on prices for something like spare battery) Then cell phone control that means max range 300 feet (their is no option for remote on there web site). No front or back sensors. The video you did show from it looks like crap and you moved the quad and see the video move seconds later. From what I see here massive waste of both time and money .

Tomi says:

Looks really good ,modular design is great ,latency is borderline unacceptable and no separate radio/joysticks bundle is a no go for me.

MrComfyAustralia says:

Wow must be expensive. Cant even get a price on the website.. I would say over priced like the underwater ones

DeadlyDiddly says:

Hmmm…definitely one of the more interesting and original “phone flown drones”… You’ve reviewed some seriously good drones in the last year or so, so it’ll be interesting to see how this stands up.

Anthony Porreca says:

i would deffinatly buy a bebop 2 over this thing also the race drones i guess. cool but over priced, not versatile. anyone flying fpv is gonna build their own or buy a cheep chinese emax or holybro and others where swapping a motor or esc isnt gonna cost 200 dollars

Keith Douglas says:

looks like another gimmick. no pricing no 3 axis gimbal no controller next please

mariobauer73 says:

who styled this product? Looks like diapers!

- - says:

A flying Tampon

Mike W says:

Interesting unit
Curious about the price??

mrguitman99 says:

This Drone reminds me of the J.Me drone you did a while back (shape wise). The functions on this drone seem pretty cool. Can’t wait till you do the in depth flight review.

InTheNameOfJustice says:

I NEVER trust a manufacture that will not put their prices on their web site but instead ask you to call.

Alan says:

Been waiting also for this to come out. Really cool lookin drone. When I did a Google search for pricing, it showed $1300 as of 2 years ago. Not sure of what it would be now. Excellent review Dustin!! Looking forward to the flight video

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