TBS Vendetta Review. $500 Racing Drone.

TBS Vendetta quadcopter review from Team Black Sheep. This video review of the vendetta covers what you get in the BNF package and what a $500 top of the line racing drone will get you. Team black sheep have done an amazing job with a fully customizable vtx and osd option. Awesome powercube. Easy to set up flight controller and some super high tech moldings and build ideas. The TBS vendetta set up was very easy and with the tango and crossfire unit it is going to be amazing. TBS Vendetta racing drone review. Link – http://www.team-blacksheep.com/products/prod:vendetta

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Madz says:

Hi Stew. I just noticed that you didn’t have the RSSI in the OSD. Not sure if you were already able to add that but if not, then just some inputs from me. I am also using a CF micro receiver on my V and I was able to make the RSSI work. The micro receiver should come with a TBS BST cable and this can be attached to the Core Pro. It was a bit tricky to make it fit and allow the BST cable to plug into one of the vacant BST port right beside the XT60, but I think you will be able to do it. Once this is plugged in, this should allow you to display the RSSI stats on the OSD.

flying High crew productions says:

its a tank .its stronger than mi vortex 250 pro! by a mile ,got mine with f60 motors 2450kv and 5s its a rocket ship!!!

Mike Allen says:

my martian build wieghs 530 grams how is yours so light

Karthik Menon says:

Really good review. Please put some flight footage becuz i think tht is what most people want.

smgfin93 says:

We need Rock’n’Roll counter 🙂

Alex 1193 says:

If this was in the X configuration it would be better

JKFlorida says:

Me and my entire crew run 5040 Props now! The DAL and RaceKraft 5040’s are perfect for racing over concrete!

TinyPirate says:

You’ve got the wrong velcro straps on it 😀

Silbythegram says:

have u reviewed the walkera runner 250?

kevin jean says:

hey @UAVfutures can you check this out is this a better setup than your external receiver module Thx


mrmurder75 says:

If I had a £ for every time you said ‘ready to rock and roll’, I could afford a tbs vendetta! ;0)
Only joking stu, love your channel.

Quads, Quads, Quads by says:

Remember stew this is a year old to compete with the vortex 250 pro and it uses the same motors not until long ago the awmagawd version hope I spelled it right I’m sur I didn’t but they upgraded the motors but that’s why they used this motors.

Dozer FPV says:

Do you have any idea where I can find a replacement buzzer. Including the wire to fit the vendetta?

Roy Cheng says:

Does it comes with spare arms? I think the retail version only have one set of arms.

olav lucas torstrup says:

does this work
with a devo 7 transmither

jeff deardorff says:

wow love the look of this one can’t wait to see some flight footage it looks like a beast but the motors but hay never know it its up I am liking it this one

AllWayzSomethin says:

If you download the TBS Agent you can upgrade the firmware on the Vendetta and the Atom. Both have BF 3.0.0 updates.

TheSt0nedScientist says:

I really like some aspects of this quad, but the power cube is meh and it’s too expensive and 410g without LiPo?! it’s way too heavy!

James Bailey says:

As a fellow aussie just getting into quads, could you link where it says Vtx’s are limited to 25mW in Aus?

yamigos says:

в начале орёт как педик!!!

Willflypmq says:

yes full throttle hit ground(footy oval)..first two weeks of ever flying so yeah I didn’t know what I was doing lol

Karl Dulle says:

Heavy for sure.. BUT I have to say, durable as hell! I learned on my V.. I now have 2.. The second one is updated to the new fpvision, osd cam control etc.. and both have RUNCAM OWLS so I can fly at night. Neither of my Vendettas have original motors.. Way too small for the weight. I have one with red bottom 2300 ‘s and another with 2600 rs Emax makes great motors! I twist Dalprop Cyclone v2 5046c,s and it is smooth as can be. Much more efficient . Intimidating at first when you take off the cover, but REALLY easy to maintain.. These are my GO TO quads, for strange parking lots etc… They take a beating.. I have straight nosedived into concrete at 45 feet , and broke.. nothing.. in 6 months flying, only 1 broken arm.. And I was PROUD that I finally broke 1.. I know i’m late to the party, but felt I needed to add my 1/2 cents worth! Keep up the work , I’m seeing you all over tha place man!

Willflypmq says:

I love my tbs combo Tango/Vendetta i bought this as my first set up so far i have broken one motor and two arms I would recommend this quad to any one starting out

Jon B Baca says:

You’re gonna need a bigger wall soon, Stu

jdeebz303 says:

i can’t find it anywhere for 500?

Delbert williams says:

That’s heavy

Azonic says:

Hey Stu! Great review, looking forward to the 2nd half.

Ever thought of reviewing/building an Armattan Armadillo? Great sturdy 220 quad, lifetime warranty on the carbon fibre (which you can get in red and blue). Would make for a super build vid!

jamble7k says:

early versions of this had very weak arms… is this still the case?

OneLifeCycle says:

It’s awesome but with all the amazing RTF quads available now around $250 that will definitely compete with this one, I’m worried the price will be a serious problem for this quad. Great quad just too expensive.

Jim Moss says:

rtf means no assembly dude .

Cj Moreno says:

Where is part 2 video of you flying the vendetta? Did you forget?


Nice review 🙂
Beautiful ready to fly spaceship!

Glavenus dragblade says:

whats that one with the weed propelers

Andrew Beaver says:

Part 2!!!

Cooper Stukel says:

Anyone hear the tango in the background? Lol.

Mr Profitable says:

I used to. it never let me down.

john wesley says:

Hey have you recorded part 2 of flight performance? I recently ordered one. I’m curious how it will perform. Thanks!

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