Syma X8W Quadcopter Drone w/ wifi Feature Review

Introducing the Syma X8W the quadcopter that feature real time FPV straight out of your smart phone. For more information please check out We will carry this item very soon, thanks for watching.
For the X8C camera without wifi you can check it out here:


Chubby Chaps says:

Three days after I got one the turning didn’t work and I keep losing control and crashing?!

domino time says:

were can I get a battery that will last longer

Ted Rockwell says:

Can you use FPV goggles with this ? like the Quanum?

SRB NS says:

only x8w has fpv?

alvin kevinkevin says:

i like the video 😀 its quite funny 😀

Wora N says:

Interessante Video Vorstellung

Eric Largo says:

i have a problem with my syma x8w motors burn out dont know what to do.




Ok thanks

JoshuaGaming21 says:

I got this drone because of you. It does not come fully assembled. Its either you lied, or the fact that i got the newest white version. And I’m a beginner, and you helped me learn to hover! thanks bro 🙂 and also, How much did this cost? on amazon it cost me $72.80.

alvin kevinkevin says:

bro can i ask , can u make a video how to trim thanks 😀

veedub447 says:

How much flying time do you get on a full charge?

Andrew says:

Good review, it reminds me of a crab.

Jack Carpenter says:

I don’t have a Smartphone but I have a Verizon 7″ Tablet with Syma FPV
app on it. My question how wide will it open to hold the device and
could it hold the Tablet? If not how wide will it open?


I can see me with one. I’ll take my fuckin eyes out the first flight

Voltage says:

5:11 says he just took it out of the box but at the overview of the stuff that you get he showed us a clip of him opening the battery part of the transmitter and there were batteries already in it which means he had already opened it

Max Arnold says:

How big it it? Is it hard to fly for a beginner? How far can you fly up and far before it goes to far out of its flyzone

FunnyBunny30319 says:

I have this exact one

Vint Guitarz says:

Don’t trust ANYTHING that XHeli tell you in reviews (aka RaidenTech, HobbyPartz, NitroPlanes, etc) He doesn’t bother telling you this Syma junk has no GPS, no Altitude hold, no stabilization circuitry, no auto-home, no warning the battery is about to fail and THE MOTORS ARE CHEAP BRUSHED MOTORS!!!

Bill Hyatt says:

thanks for the review my brother bought one of these for christmas never and never flow a drone before very helpful.

Ender rhino says:

I have one of these I think it is hard to fly

Liam Gibbins says:

In the UK to fly a FPV drone you need to pass a drone pilots license or you can be fined heavily.
You also need to do a health and safety document and have insurance if your flying xx amount of distance close to a building, road or general public.

They are classed as a surveillance drone in the UK.. 🙁

Mason Elder says:

is their a headless and racing mode?

Carlos Dominguez says:

Just got this as a gift from my wife for Xmas. First day out was super windy and had a hard time keeping it close to me. You mentioned that you swapped it out the camera mount and put on a gopro mount, does this still relay via the wifi and Syma app on my phone, no right? This would then need to be on a gopro app?

Rashid Al Mutawa says:

Guys does that cellphone holder support an iPad mini?

Conor Jordan says:

how high can it go

Logan q says:

Hi all, we wholsale high quality syma quadcopter lipo batteries on, if need, please check

Carl Joannette says:

Can you fly it without a cellphone and can you stil start filming without a phone

Neto Trindade says:

Hello, I bought a x8w and I noticed that the controls are reversed the right side turn and to fly sideways on the left stick, the same goes up and down, what can it be? How can I reset the radio?

Stefan ramnarine says:

My control for the x8w was set to limit transmission range so make sure to change that. If when you put your controller on an the range symbol on the top left blinks then you’re in low range mode. Check “Steve Haresign” on how to change it.

Hunterific says:

what was the other drone ussed in the making of the video …. its video stabilization was good

Dr. Traysport says:

hi, I got mine running only three blades are turning and the other is struggling to turn. I turned it off and discovered the struggling motor is a bit harder to turn by hand compared to the other Three as if the motor or mechanism is giving trouble. would you have any ideas what’s wrong. Thanks in advance.

Mohiuddin Jahangir says:

how much is it

Deniz Pape says:

Volles hoverboard

CHAkA BOY says:


Sadiq Basha says:


PatrioticBiker says:

what is the wind tolerance?

RETSK ! says:

can you Mount the x8 camera on the syma x8hg?

fukthegoog says:

So the garbage and garbled video feed on your phone is the actual recording? Entirely useless then.

Action Movie Maker says:

Will this pick up an action camera like a GoPro?

Mary Grace Inovcin says:

how much it?

Jeffrey Kilner says:

Does this drone hover if you leave the remote ?

Kriss987 says:

Camera quality is not bad, its shit lol

GTR MAN says:

Why do so many people on Youtube call them props ? Quads,helicopters have rotors.WTF ?

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