Syma X8SW Large Altitude Hold FPV Drone Flight Test Review

This upgrade to the popular Syma X8 includes FPV, easy assembly/disassembly, and altitude hold to enable easy stable flying for aerial video. Find it here or here on Amazon

– Cool looking design, with white canopy and shiny red trim.
– Easily and quickly assembled and disassembled for transportation.
– WiFi FPV
– Can record 720p HD video directly to a SD card, and/or directly to your phone via WiFi.
– Altitude hold feature works very well, and greatly eases flying of the quadcopter.
– Includes headless mode, and one key automatic takeoff and landing.
– Good flight time at close to 10 minutes.

– Proprietary battery.
– Video quality is somewhat grainy and overexposed.
– Descent with auto land feature is very rapid and may cause quadcopter to flip in landing.
– Requires FAA registration. $5 and 5 minutes to register here

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Miles Nasenbär says:

and the lipo inside this plastic box cost 11 Euro and the plastic around 40 or more LMFAO !!!!!

Hassan Haq says:

8:56 I can’t stop laughing!

Dexter Bernal says:

@Quadcopter101 do you think the camera of that X8SW will work on X8SC ? Do you think you can record in the cam and also can use the fpv ? pls resp…

MR KDM says:

is there a policy bringing your drone in airport? beacause im a traveler

Super Man says:

ahh i 4got…nice review video… very informative keep them coming…

chaosmucker says:

x8 pro coming soon

boysmiths says:

the syma wifi fpv quadcopters, forever had bad cam images!

Евгений Иванов says:

Hello. Please tell me that it is better to buy or X8HW or X8SW?

Hizkia Anindito says:

Mulai nya lama bgt jir

MR KDM says:

this drone need registration?,, please answer thanks

Lou Tan says:

Does anyone one knows why I cant find the wifi for the x8sw? I tried to enter the sd card but nothing happen. Please help.

Gadget Inspector says:

If it aint broke, don’t fix it. The X8G is still the most solid of the Syma’s big quads. Still flying mine and its still going strong. Pas on these new ones.

Felipe Oliveira says:

You have so many drone. Give me this one, I pay the shipping. haha.

Ardito Goller says:

For thr battery cover, can i seperate and used same battery from x8w old series?

Hallvard Eika says:

Shuld I buy this drone?

Dhairya Shirishkar says:

can it lift a go pro hero4

Josue Morales says:

cuantos metros vuela

Swapnil Chikne says:

Which other drones have SD card recording capabilities?

Jeff Kelly says:

this thing looks like a fail

Sam Malik says:

Can u plz help me to purchase a best drone I am really confused plz help . My budget is 150$ which will be the best drone for me as I am a beginner I want a brushless drone with good stability as I want to mount camera plz help.

Mac Jones says:

The best syma drone is the x8c hands down. Buy 3 extra good batteries, and a cheap action camera and tons of fun will follow. Motors are cheap and easy to replace in need be.

Hoang Giang Le says:

can it carry gopro camera?

TheAarowsmith says:

Does this have the signal cut out gremlin problem on the TX & RX & drop from the sky crashing like the previous Syma model X8W ?

furulevi says:

Do you buy or receive all these quadcopters? 🙂

that_ zombie_monkey says:

how much is that thing.?

George Armand says:

What is the maximum range????

drone videos says:

i would want a drone with headless mode about 150$.also I d’ont need a very good camera because i would use my gopro. Does anyone has recommendation?Thank you

Ron Thompson says:

Looks like a big x5 us ,for the price it should have gps

Something Amazing says:

can anybody tell me which is the best syma drone…..
help would be appreciated..

Matt Worley says:

Pretty sure these guys are using your video without your permission.

ManexFX says:

Does any one know where I can buy extra accu’s for this drone? Cant find them :l

Hoang Giang Le says:

X8SW and X8HW which is better?

Masroom Eggplant says:

Man, what is wrong with syma? They designed allot of quadcopters over the years and how come none of them has a very fine and great shit, and why they won’t even fix common problems always happens on quadcopters.

Yudhi Rakhman says:

i have new drone syma x8sw, why my drone at a distance 15-20meter often lost connection or control…

Kourkutas2 Kutsukuta says:

the camera isn’t enough good

Miles Nasenbär says:

what 4 a  Shitty Transmitter Rofl …..

C FPV C says:

I feel like the main reason they have a special battery is so people have to buy batteries from them and not cheaper or better from other companies

Karonth87 says:

Does the camera have the same slot as the x8c?

paul zug says:

I am due to la in April, are there any good quad stores about there? great review as always. alway enjoy your reviews.

DarklingGolem50 says:

Does it support a weight of a SJ4000?

Super Man says:

get a Bugs 3 (powerful, cheap, brushless motors, lots of power and long flight time), a cheap camera gimbal and a cheap wifi action cam (you can zip tie or rubberband it the the quad) …. 200$usd altogether and you are set….. who needs headless and alt hold and return to home and all that useless crap if you are a decent pilot….. << that setup will be as good as any 500-600$ drone

hugeroost says:

x8g is still the best quad Syma makes, next step up is BT x16 or the Bugs from MJX

Silver Jude Vargas says:

Its auto land button is like doing suicide



Quadcopter 101 says:

Find it *here* or *here on Amazon*

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