Syma X8HG Large Altitude Hold Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This upgrade to the popular Syma X8G includes altitude hold to enable easy stable flying for aerial video. I know it’s been out a while, but I just got a chance to try it. Find it here

– Nice candy apple red finish.
– Altitude hold feature works very well, and greatly eases flying of the quadcopter.
– Relatively good video from included remote controlled 1080p camera. Camera resolutions include 1080p @ 30fps, and 720p @ 60fps.
– Camera can be removed and replaced with a GoPro camera.
– Uses the same widely available and inexpensive parts/batteries of the Syma X8 series quadcopters.

– Reduced range as compared to the original X8G model (about 100 meters vs. about 300 meters of original X8G).
– One of the motor shutdown procedures can possibly result in the accidental shutdown of the motors in-flight if not careful.
– Some jello noted in aerial video when flown stock out of the box. Props may need minor balancing to reduce the jello.

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Silari Laas says:


Naveen Ramlochan says:

can you bring a. drone for me in trinidad my name is naveen

Tresto Playz says:

Your Awesome!

Craig Smith says:

Great video, I see you do a lot of drone vids, I am looking for an inexpensive drone to have fun, plus hover over my roof to inspect for damage. Can you recommend a drone you feel is good for that? If you can make a video of that drone or if you have done a video previous of said drone.
Thanks maybe one that has headless and altitude hold would be great

Kriss987 says:

Now DJI phantom 3

Rajendra Nauth says:

Just purchased one the syma x8hg from the link u provided can’t wait to get it

Wildhog32 says:

Does it require FAA registration?

Wildhog32 says:

Doesn’t have much of a flight time with that big brick. I think the Hubsan H502S is better with all its features compared to this one. Thanks again for sharing….

Jack Carpenter says:

Well I just order a Syma X8C today because what you told me. I do have a question what type LiPo plug will it have because there 2 types? And when I order it I read it was a 2015 but how long have they been making that model?

WCGwkf says:

where do you fly your stuff?

Carlos Oquendo says:

I love your videos so much I made a few videos myself, if you ever have time can you check out my drone videos and give me some expert advice, have a great night.

Franco Bien says:

For anyone considering a Syma X8 or other large brushed quadcoper for lifting a sport camera and make video’s: this looks like a cheap solution, but for the same amount you can get a better one! The brushed altitude hold quadcopters cost about 80 dollar, and a cheap sport camera about 70 dollar. Then ad some money for a mount and extra batteries to overcome the short flight time of about 5 minutes when carrying a camera. Total amount is about 160 dollar (ore a bit more).
For about 120 to 150 dollars you get a Hubsan H501C.
The Hubsan H501C has a lot to offer that a toy brushed quadcopter doesn’t:
– longer range of reported more than 300 meter
– brushless motors (more power and more durable)
– Double GPS with return to home failsafe
– flight time of 15-20 minutes
– a camera that is about the same or better quality as a sub 100 dollar sport camera
– camera functions on the transmitter for start/stop filming ór make a photo
– telemetry info about distance, hight and speed
– low voltage warning via leds and an indication on the lcd screen (for both copter and transmitter)
And it also comes with altitude hold.
For a little more money you get the H501S with 5.8FPV and an built in screen in the transmitter.

Clayton Larimer says:

can you connect fpv goggles to the 8mp camera it comes with? what all would you need to this if so. thanks for any help



MrJohnnybmoore says:

It would be nice to have a altitude hold button. then you could turn it on and off. That drop out the sky possibility is a definite draw back.

TechArchive says:

has anyone got any information about the new X8SG/C/W? I’ve heard some but no release date.

Dechy says:

Haha! Looks like you were having fun doing some donuts before you recorded!

Daniel Bogar says:

Quadcopter 101 I have an X8HG that I got about a month and a half ago, and when the lights start flashing for the dead battery warning, I have absolutely no control to bring the drone down. But if I pull the stick all the way down, it still shuts down and drops! Any suggestions? Thanks.

Jahsyah Ellis vlogs says:

Made it go up but landed on top of a roof

AKD Games says:

is that available in

Kalimero T5 says:

Hi Do you know if there a add-on for altitude hold to the X8G ?

Pr Blaze says:


Jack Carpenter says:

Which one had the 300 meter range?

O1010111/01101001/01101100 00001101 says:

What’s headless mode

Anthony AK says:

what’s the weight of the camera plz ? by the way great video !

Sam Ostrovsky says:

Quadcopter 101 I love your reviews on drones, they are absolutely great! Can you make some reviews on the protocol drones? For example, the protocol Dronium one, Galileo, etc.

Aaron Paino says:

what is headless mode

Daniel Bogar says:

Do you know if it drops if it loses connection to the transmitter?

The Boys says:

Definitely brushed?

The Random Person says:

You should film in a new scenery because this place is bland and doesn’t show off key features with the camera

steve64464 says:

Was thinking of getting one of these after owning the previous model of X8C , I don’t know if its a significant upgrade apart from altitude hold? oh and the risk of crashing from throttle back too hard

Luke Marsh says:

I think if you’re a beginner then you shouldn’t really be looking at this drone or any of the x8 series purely because they feel like they will break if you were to drop it and that’s not a nice feeling when you don’t really know how to fly a d are worried about smashing it up and that’s coming from someone who owns an x8g and x8w. A great drone to start with would be any of the x5 series. They are so much fun and so easy to learn how to fly and I often still take out my x5c just to brush up on flying. If anyone has any other beginner advice on drones feel free to correct me but if anyone got an x5 for Christmas then you’re a very lucky chap because they are superb fun even for experienced flyers!

The Boys says:

What’s the range?

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