Syma X25 Pro GPS Camera Drone Review Pt 1 Range Testing

This new Syma GPS drone is a stable flier allowing easy long range FPV exploration for new fliers. This video demonstrates its range capability. Part 2 will determine if its advanced features of follow me, circle position, and waypoint flying actually work. Find it here and use coupon HY7SX

– Available with 720p camera. Lens can be remotely pointed up and down. FPV video is transmitted directly to your phone for real time viewing of in flight video. Camera records video directly to microSD card to avoid WiFi lag.
– Accurate GPS system holds the drone in stable flight.
– Drone automatically returns and lands itself at its takeoff point on command, or automatically upon loss of signal, or low battery.
– App has control features of follow me, circle position, and fly to point (to be demonstrated in part 2 review).
– Good flight time at close to 11 minutes.

– App available from Google Play, iTunes, or directly from Syma. However, as of 5/1/2018 the Google Play English version does not connect with the drone. Additionally, the version available from Syma is in Chinese.
– Some jello is viewable in recorded video of 720p version camera.

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Gil Sanders says:

Good old syma, great vid. Diggin that shirt today. ☺

Mr. GeforcerFX says:

Thanks for the Review



Zaldy Maneja says:


Flyby Imaging LA says:

This one not bad. Looks like it can be pretty steady when still. I would have like to seen about a 100m high aerial shot.

Air da Luz Júnior says:

Hi, I am completely new in this world of flying drones. I bought a Kendior X8SW (same Syma model name) because wanted a cheap quadcopter to learn to fly. But it is a piece of crap. There’s no stability on it and I discharge all the battery trying to make it flying still. I am so frustrated. I liked this syma x25pro and I found it cheap. Do you recomended it or there’s a better drone with gps and extra functions for $100~$120?

BrickTrick | Legofilme u. Tutorials says:

This Thing needs a gimblal!!!

Turbskie says:

Would you know how to get a RP x27b micro drone work on Bluetooth on the app I can’t get it to connect to the app and work?

DeadlyDiddly says:

Another Syma drone that I wouldn’t buy. Yucky, blurry camera with a ton of jello, brushed motors and a proprietary battery. At least it’s better than the X8 Pro…

Nuffflove says:

Everyone’s favorite battery the proprietary lol.

bangnhard says:

Hopefully it’s not as horrible as the syma x8pro gps

vassilis Thegreek says:

Does the transmitter bind with the x8pro?

brian mank says:

Appreciate the shout out!

R.A.K.D PrAnKs says:

Can I buy this from you

Ron Brown says:

I think I saw some jello in the video, LOL. Another overpriced and underwhelming effort from Syma.

Drone Guy says:

This looks like a good beginners quad. Most Syma drones have looked and performed quite lackluster recently, but considering what you get in this one (GPS, Return to Home, pitch-controlled camera), this may be a possible return to form. Hopefully the follow me functions work to at least a good degree 🙂

noobie gamer says:

Try QS001-A

Donnie Thacker says:

nice .I always liked syma birds

Adam Benson says:

Syma,slowly stumbling ahead with not so great products,very unfortunate as Syma were my first quadcopters and I really enjoyed them:)

Tech Guy says:


Just kidding

roger martin says:

Very nice review and nice quads

GAproductions says:

If they call it pro it should also be brushless

Carlo Defilippi says:

Nice one, gps lock seems very good as the flight time; if only they could sort out that obnoxious “jello”…anyway if the camera is attached like the x5uc a thin layer of foam would reduce it.

It'sYe BoiJosh says:

Syma should start having brushless motors.

psychosydd says:

Thanks for the video can’t wait for mine to actually arrive next thursday

Udeep Makh says:

Sir plz say price of this drone

Quadcopter 101 says:

*Find it here* and *use coupon HY7SX*

paulie lie_fpv says:

Looks good SYMA better than the x8 pro

Team Karachi says:

Quadcopter 101 what would you prefer Visuo xs809 hw or thy ty-t6 phantasm in terms ofStability Camera quality BeginnerAltitude hold

Ernie Schatz says:

A brushed GPS drone just doesn’t seem to do it for me. The price point will probably attract enough people I suppose

CaymanHillDesigns says:

Nice review. For this price point there is just better options IMO.

Waleed Hayat says:


Gregorius Oscar says:


Adrian Zagni says:

Don’t know if you noticed when you where trying the follow me mode that the bottom numbers where green but top number was red. Do you think it needs to be at a minimum distance.
Find all your vids helpful.

Bill Somrak says:

Once again Syma disappoints. They always manage to be 2-3 years behind everyone else’s technology. Releasing it without a fully working APP in English is another disappointment, but not unexpected from Syma. This one has a LONG way to go before its “ready for prime time”. Not quite the disaster of the 1st version of the Xiaomi MI, but a close 2nd.

Jerry Berglund says:

Lets hope this one works better than the first version they did the X8 variant.

DRONE RC33 says:


didactylos4 diddy4 says:

As a cheapish beginner GPS quad it isn’t bad. Usual syma jello has been reduced (though not eliminated) and it has a reasonable but not spectacular flight time. Wifi FPV restricts it a bit but is now quite popular (I’ve no idea why). I’ve seen a lot worse at or far above the asking price and not many better at or around that price. Add an aio camera and it might improve the experience

Edward Wester says:


German Drone Guy - Drones, Quadcopters & More! says:

Nice review!

Brodie Taco Slayer says:

“Pro” lol

Thanks for flying this review

Camera has waaaay to much Jello and the camera quality does not seem usable at all.

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