Syma X20S Beginners G Sensor Micro Drone Flight Test Review

This little drone with its G sensor controller should be relatively easy fo fly by younger pilots. Find it here

– It’s inexpensive.
– Small and safe for younger pilots.
– 100 m range, IKR 😉 But it gets real hard to see it at that range.
– G sensor control, altitude hold, and headless mode.
– About 5 1/2 minutes flight time with its 180mah battery.

– Internal battery charged with micro USB cable. Must recharge betwen flights (can’t swap batteries).
– Drone can pick up a bit of accelerometer drift if flying outdoors in the wind. Simply land it and leave it undisturbed for a moment to reset its accelerometers.

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Althaf Sajeeb says:


Richard Darter says:

I actually kind of like the gravity sensor transmitter, just like the ones cheerson uses on a couple new mini copters.

cee gee says:

What happened to the notification squad I didn’t get my shot out

DRONE RC33 says:


Firman Tahyana says:

., it’s hard to play if you dont have any experience.. 😀

Wray Smith says:

lost it ,to small too see

Ti M says:

Not first again lol

ItzDexterFTW YT says:

Notification squad

kujee says:


Gorilla Man says:

Nice and quiet. If it were a little cheaper it would be great. The H002 Hubsan or a whoop would be good but the 100m range is incredible, The controller appears to have lag. is that true? and the flight time is not bad. Thanks.

abghere says:

Hooray! No more senseless shout outs!

Donnie Thacker says:

Thanks for the vid

jonatan rairon says:

Tooooppp syma

Green Silver says:

I see the controller and it’s an instant NO!
Why can’t these companies keep up with the standard and logical 2 sticks?
Ok, it’s a toy but it doesn’t help when flyers want to progress to hobby grade, they have to start learning all over again.

Bobby Fillettcky says:

Why Syma complicating with controllers. :S X20 have weird controller. This X20S again have weird controller. + Syma battery connectors are not common to other manufactures of batteries. This not looks good anymore. 🙁

Nadun Dilshu says:

1st comment

Мужская тема says:

like syma

Guillermo Yaroslavl Verduzco says:

I like x5 and x8, but this new line Syma has looks in lower quality to me and also think they got behind the rest of the brands.

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

Quite a good toy. Flies well, has significant range and cheap. What more can one ask for

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