SwellPro Waterproof SPLASH DRONE Review – Part 3 – Ocean Proof?

Enjoy part 3 of my Splash Drone review. Get the Splash Drone here: https://goo.gl/L5dtSc
Gopro 4 Silver or Black is compatible: http://amzn.to/2hvRMOn

I use Power Director 15 to edit my vids: http://amzn.to/2ftrZ8I

Part 1 with Unbox, Inspection & Setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1oKOypgt-w

Part 2 with Park Flight Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvaqwgHSF-U

They also make a SwellPro Race Drone: https://goo.gl/Jn0Bcd
My SwellPro Race Drone Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_S2ILKgmmI


Skater Shane8 says:

It’s Called waterproof u dumbutt

mrobertson188 says:

I live in florida and own several dji drones but this has my attention for other applications

finpafine says:

This is amazing. Imagine getting footage in a coral reef

Basic Survival says:

hate that fisheye gopro…

HonorableWiz says:

You’re playing with fire except it’s not fire it’s water

Christianjr35 X says:

I want that drone so bad


good video

Roger Hall says:

Fly at your own risk! SwellPro drones leak and there isn’t any warranty. PayPal Buyer protection won’t help you because there isn’t any violation of a warranty that doesn’t exist. I have over $2,000 invested an a SwellPro Auto that I flew for less than 2 hours. During that period a small manufacturing defect (confirmed by Urban Drones, the US distributor), allowed a small amount of salt water intrusion contaminated the electronics.
SwellPro has ignored my claim. They, nor does anyone else, offer a repair service where I could send my dead drone. BUYER BEWARE!! THIS IS NOT AN HONORABLE COMPANY!

KillerWhale73 X says:

where do you buy it and how much does it cost ????

GHØŠT / IRĀQ says:

ابن النعال شكد تلغي

Sor Sor Science07 says:

do you do voice overs?


wow nice you have alot expensive drones it seems like you have money to blow

Andrew Flresck says:

But great video

Kayak Excursions says:

I want one! That thing is awesome!

redstreak 45cat says:

pffft ten miles per hour winds.

Robert Aquino says:

Fantastic demonstration! Impressive battery run time.

OLCtv says:

what’s the flight range?

Solange Kaze says:

I want it

Travel Now Asia Tours says:

where did you buy it?

Paul Tavares says:

do you live on oahu

tokyo japan says:

Was it hard to get it set up to fly?  Is this a good drone for a first timer?



MikeOnTheBox says:

So, it’s a drone made to land on water, but when you are on the water it doesn’t transmit clear image? What’s up with that?

The flip says:

your soo cool

Jared Bourgeois says:

just keep your fingers crossed that a shark or orca doesn’t see it and mistake it for prey.

tokyo japan says:

Great video!!!!

rtsdrums says:

Can you tell me what your using for your Mic and voice recording setup? Your videos have been very helpful thank you.

Its just a dog So Run says:

200th comment


how long battery last

Max Odonovan says:

Great review I’m thinking of buying it

Mark Williams says:

won’t the sea water kill it after awhile all that corrosion saltwater

Mr.Diamond says:

Don’t like the fisheye cam

Andrew Flresck says:

The signal for the camera can’t penetrate the water that is why you get bad videos on your Remote

Green Silver says:

I guess the motor bearings and gimbal are going to take a real beating when any residual ocean salts dries, can you do a new revised flight with it so we can see how durable it is in that respect?

j pace says:

hey Dusty, nice video. very cool

QuantuMlapZiz says:

this is more overpriced than a dji phantom

TheMetalmachine467 says:

wouldn’t it be cool to have a drone that goes underwater as well as in the air

Carol Jean says:

this is an nice drone…. any chance you reviewing the Autel x-star Premium

Brennan Thompson says:

you can see fish swimmin around damn

Bartosz Maurer says:

I have to try this with my phantom 4…..

Max Knight says:

i bet thats not how you clean every drone! that is very awesome, i never been to the ocean, be nice to have a waterproof drone, the website says you can fly it in rain, be good around here, i wish i had this in august of last year when it flooded, i could have got some great shots! I love all your drone videos

Zynergy Training says:

awesome video, what program do you use for picture in picture?

maria morales says:

i like your drone

zircon215 says:

Great video! I bought one of the first Phantoms when it came on the market. No gimbal. I did purchase one later, but didn’t install it. Lost interest. Mainly because I wanted to shoot mostly over or near water (and snow) … and just didn’t fancy losing that much investment. But this has certainly rekindled my interest! Here on the island (Newfoundland) we get a lot of icebergs and humpback whales in the spring time and lots of snow during the winter … and I’d love to have one of these!

A couple of questions: What range can you get with this unit? Did you modify it so you could use the FatShark or did you purchase it with that option? Which version is this, by the way? I think there are four purchase options.

Thanks again for uploading this.

chris ortiz says:

let’s sea!!!

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