SwellPro SPRY WaterProof Race Drone Review – Part 2 – In-Depth Water Test!

Enjoy part 2 of my SwellPro SPRY Waterproof Race Drone Review with this In-Depth Water Test! SPRY HERE https://goo.gl/2oeb5x
FPV Goggles for SPRY https://goo.gl/Nr11xs
Drone Landing Pad https://amzn.to/2MTvZTP

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– Dustin



sorry range test

Anthony Bate says:

The future is here! Imagine 5 years ago if you were told you could have a fully waterproof drone for this price!

Regarding the barometer being used for height control:
I don’t know why the GPS signal couldn’t also be used to track the altitude of the drone. If it can triangulate the 2d position of the drone within a foot or so, you would think those 12 or so satellites spanning the horizon could also be used to triangulate the altitude within a few feet.

It’s not a dig at this drone in particular, but more of a trend with a lot of drones.

From experience I recall the Phantom uses the GPS for altitude and only uses the internal barometer exclusively when in ATTI mode.

Thanks as always.

mrguitman99 says:

Amazing little drone, looks like you are gonna have fun in the ocean with this one. Can’t wait. Looks like you can fly underwater with this one huh?

Dane Iledan says:


Fancy a Bev Mate? says:

Whilst this is a basic drone dji needs to get a fully waterproof drone out for us this would be brilliant for those times when you just needed it to float. Cheers

iflynoosa says:

i would still spray it , motors + battery contacts, with “corrosion x” just in case. its safe on circuit boards + electronics , i completely treated my autel XSP with it, including main control board everything, no issues whatsoever. i tested it first on a little micro drone , craziest thing it was flying underwater


really cool drone. hope there is a depth test!

Keith Douglas says:

The camera was nice and clear but didn’t seem very stabilised maybe it only works at 1080p

Jean-Philippe Razal says:

10:38 Dustin can dance!

J.P. Sawyer says:

If someone randomly walked by you testing in pool they would think man -Dustin really needs to learn how to fly his drone. Crashed it in dang pool! lol Looks like fun and flying around water this is a useful option

Airwolf says:

I’m curious how the signal is getting through the water. Both the Splash Drone that you reviewed several months ago and this one seem to have control while completely submerged. Is the signal analog? Do you lose video reception while under water? With all your RC subs they all had tethers. Is it a depth issue?

I’m curious as to why this drone seems to have a huge stability issue in terms of vertical and horizontal movement. I realize that the berometer is sealed and might have a hard time sending the correct pressure but it also seems to not be stable laterally either. Granted there are no ground sensors but I have other drones like the Yuneec Typhoon which done have ground sensors and they seem to be much more stable. The Splash Drone didn’t seem to be that unstable.

The video did seem to be jitter free but it didn’t seem to compensate for the banking much. Is the video more stabilized in lower resolutions?

Thanks for another fun video. Looking forward to the ocean…

jasonn402 says:

If you put it upside down in the water and push up on the stick, would you have a controllable submarine ?

ripping j says:

Wow that was pretty sweet.

Mike B aka The Drone Ranger says:

Congrats on the 100K Dustin! Great Video, I may have to pick one of these guys up! Looks like it would be a lot of fun on land and sea!

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

Now THAT’S what I call proper turtle mode :D.
Seriously though whilst the quad survives immersion but I’m not sure that the controller should be subjected regularly to more than really heavy rain. _I’m overly cautious at times_

Alan says:

Excellent testing Dustin!! Fantastic waterproof drone!!

Bitmaster2000 says:

When you go for the ocean test:

Race drone, so… speed test please! And can you do manual looping, flips and stuff in the air? Theoretically yes, I suppose, but can you? And how about if you splash it hard upside down into the water from like 30 meters high, is it still waterproof after such a hit? Now that’s hammering. 🙂

Can’t wait man, I like this drone so far, seems fun! Thanks!

Donnie johnson says:

I like the idea of being able too fly a drone while it’s raining

paul doroff says:

A bottom sensing cam would work but I think the sonic sensor would burn out in water

Affordablerc Kirby House says:


GunNtonic says:

If you have condensation, you have water…

MrComfyAustralia says:

Awesome review. Looking at it in acro in the water you can actually fly it underwater by the looks of it

GAproductions says:

this thing is sick

Uwe K says:

Damn! Seems the kickstarter campaign is finished. Great vid!

David Grubb says:

Dude, you are having way too much fun. I love it. Awesome drone. Can’t wait for the ocean underwater drone video. I wonder what you will find?

paul doroff says:

Add 3axis gimble and do like hubsan or parrot for setting changes on the txm and im sold, I dont own a computer to do program changes

Georgewrigley says:

This is just fantastic 🙂
Will be looking out for this one 🙂 cheers.

Alain Baran says:

Starting to save to get one with goggles

solen 1 says:

The digital stabilization is really good. On the spark its really jerky, this you cant really tell its working, in a good way lol

GAproductions says:

is the camera not on a gimbal

TheHawaiianc says:

awwe i wish i can just go off on this drone.. meaning just have fun with it like just rent it for 3-4 days for 60-80$

B10K PlaysGames says:

nice vid dustin!

Todd Speck says:

I want one now! Super cool testing. Stoked to see this .

paul doroff says:

Low battery for the beeping?

Bunker Buster says:

Seems SwellPro is Upping its Game with this little Quad Motors have quite the Balls on them

Solid Aerial Media says:

Hey Dustin. Great video as always. About the drone floating up off the bottom when upside down… I’m pretty sure that’s from loosing signal (RSSI) and surfacing from buoyancy, then reconnecting. 2.4ghz doesn’t do well through water.

David Prentice Ltd says:


Okie-Tom says:

Any feedback from Swellpro why the controller turned off? Neat drone though!

Skorpion Reaper says:

Hi Dustin, another great review mate. I watched the previous unboxing as well. The one thing that will stop me buying one of these is the Camera. Even though it is 4K there is no mechanical or EIS stabilization. So for shooting video I honestly see this Quad as more of a Toy Grade over priced water proof unit to have a bit of fun with. Any Idea why Swell Pro Overlooked this? Otherwise she’d be right up there on my bucket list as I was really looking forward to its release. The Drone seems useless to those who wish to film with it especially equipped with 4K. Cheers

GAproductions says:

shouldn’t the GPS with barometer make it be a lot more stable than its showing to be the especially since its using gps


Thanks Dustin this thing is going to be a blast to use at the beach

Jerry Jones Jr says:

This would be great for those rainy days.

MnPaul says:

Now all you need is a 3D hack for the controller. That way you could power down to the bottom of the pool. No sub required.

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